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What is clearly a myth but is deep-rooted in our society?

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Nurse in El Paso, TX speaks out about the horrible situation she experienced

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  1. Thanks I liked the color too

  2. I don’t remember what time but it mostly just sprinkled.

  3. It was by the Donna Anna International Airport

  4. Have you ever wondered where are all these people going?

  5. America is the greatest country in the world.

  6. 1- it's your cake, make it how you want. When he makes a cake for you, he can make it how he likes. He might just be trying to be helpful but the fact you felt the need to mention he said it makes me think it hurt your feelings enough to do so, which makes me sad because this cake makes me happy and it looks absolutely delicious and full of love

  7. It’s a perfect cake if he doesn’t like it he can make one for himself. All that matters is that you like it!!

  8. They're all very cute! Whats your favorite frosting to use thus far?

  9. Butter is my favorite so far!

  10. They're all so beautiful. The 2nd one is so smooth and professional looking. Can you please share what piping nozzle you used for the 2nd cake?

  11. Thank you! I used a 902 tip.

  12. Her name is coconutkitty143 on insta shes not old.

  13. I was also a teen mom had my first baby at 18, moved in with my boyfriend and almost dropped out of high school. I don't want to take sides its a hard situation. And the reality is the only person you can count on is yourself, as fucked up as that may sound. People will say they will help and be there for you because to them its the right thing so say, but when its time for them to help they will not be there for you. This happened to me almost every time or when I did get help people only did it out of obligation not because they cared. I feel for you because you are just starting out but don't rely on other people too much.

  14. Where did you get the couch?

  15. I mean, I'm happy that you're happy, but I don't understand the fuss about these boxes. Maybe Schär is not commonly available where you live?

  16. They are available where we live but it’s hard to find and not all the products are available here.

  17. No change. After being on it a few weeks I realized how whacked out I had been feeling, and the Lexapro reset me if that makes sense. My first week off I did feel a little like I was on shaky ground, probably more mental than anything. But good after that.

  18. Last question I promise how long did you take them?

  19. No it’s garlic and Rosemary mashed potatoes.

  20. I live in El Paso and I can say it’s bad. They can’t even agree on doing another shutdown. We are suppose to have a curfew and now they said no more curfew. Honestly no one knows what the fuck is going on. Our city representatives and the state would rather save our economy than save lives.

  21. Im starting to think they are using the traveling nurses and auxiliary medical staff that the state and fed are using instead of using there own premenate staff as a cost savings strategy. I've heard second hand that they are cutting some nursing and techs hours despite the Hospitals being over flowing, how much is bs I don't know (the people I hear this from tend to be the "oh its not that big of a deal" type)

  22. Yes I agree with you! I know it’s hard and it sucks to stay home all the time but we need this lockdown. And I cannot figure out while everyone is fighting it. Yes I know we are all struggling but I’d rather be alive.

  23. Sooooo dimensional! Do you have any tips and tricks for layering your ornaments in a specific way?

  24. I just try to combine different sizes and textures on the ornaments. I also like glitter because when the lights are on those ornaments stand out more. I also do not like the traditional tree toppers so I always make up my own.

  25. Right by the time I took everything out of the garage, set it up and cleaned up it was 4 hours lol.

  26. Thanks I’ll post a pic once I’m done

  27. Is the attorney general really fighting the judges order on the shut down?

  28. Yes I was just reading about this.

  29. First and foremost, the community has to care. This is going to sound harsh, but no amount of rules or restrictions are going to help unless people make the conscious and consistent decision to follow them. People across the country are severely underestimating the risk/evidence of community spread and thinking extremely short term. It's terrible, but I can feel myself becoming more and more desensitized to the deaths. That ambivalence is a direct result of 6+ months of pretty solid home isolation (I do something small about once a month so I don't completely lose it) combined with watching people go about their lives like nothing has changed. It is absolutely dumbfounding. I can't even get mad anymore.

  30. I currently live in El Paso and the local news reported that the governor does not think we need another shut down. A lot of businesses are not enforcing safety regulations and going for essentials is a nightmare. Stores are not limiting the number of people who go in so it’s been very busy almost every where you go. Plus restaurants and some gyms are almost full to capacity when it’s only suppose to be 50% capacity. Honestly I don’t feel our city is doing enough. They are just doing enough to say something is getting done.

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