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  1. In class? How old are you? You do realise Sniper Elite is an adults only game right?

  2. This person has way too much time on his hand to be thinking about this shit.

  3. This is grossly oversimplified. Needier students are more expensive to support - more specialised staff, more special educational needs testing and support, more free breakfasts and lunches, and so on.

  4. Not a teacher, I just lurk here bc I find educational systems interesting, so I'm not sure what you mean by needier students. That said, my observation during school is that you can have all the specialized staff, all the free breakfast and lunch, all the resources in the world available, but if the student/parent(s) don't have the will to use them, all bets are off.

  5. I try this constantly with my husband but he insists on touching.

  6. There’s a mass exodus of teachers and nurses from our workforce too. We treat vital aspects of our society as expendable eventually they’ll start treating us the same way.

  7. This is why private schools are the way to go imo. I get why teachers hate working in public schools, especially teachers who actually want to do their jobs. That's why for employment, I'm hoping the market creates opportunities for those good teachers (left and right). At private schools, you tend to have families that are more invested in education, you tend to have better discipline, and you have administrators that actually want to run things well, as opposed those that simply want to pass the time and get the pension.

  8. Lizzy's Lion. Story about a girl who has a pet lion "with a big bad roar" and the lion eats a would-be robber who tries to steal Lizzy's toys.

  9. Saw someone with a cool hat while I was on a hiking trail. Told him I liked his hat.

  10. I work in a reasonably time intensive field (financial services) and I really like my job, so it doesn't feel like it's a lot of work most of the time.

  11. Forrest Gump. Good mix of funny and sweet. I always laugh at the Watergate scene.

  12. A decline in social institutions has left us without a sense of purpose outside ourselves.

  13. Nah. Took me a few years - I was in an adjacent field before my dream job though.

  14. I agree with this. School blows. I like working. I have more free time now and I make money.

  15. I actually agree with this - what ends up happening is people just take easy courses and don't end up learning anything.

  16. Thanks! I think for women we are conditioned that way from childhood. It’s very hard to get over and get out of our heads. Growing up I can’t tell you how many times I was told to make a man “wait” “earn it”. So after having sex I always get very anxious about the relationship, does he like me, will he stick around, etc. Your comment helps a lot!

  17. So in my experience what you were told was partially right and partially wrong. No, don't use sex as a reward/withhold as a punishment. However, I have seen countless times where a girl thinks a guy is really into her, but in reality he's only hanging around because they're sleeping together, then he eventually moves on when he finds someone else, and she gets heartbroken.

  18. I think men in particular should watch more movies like Schindler's List. War movies that are mainly about the atrocities, the cost of war and life long scars they leave.

  19. Would add to this list Miasto 44. It's a Polish film about the Warsaw uprising. Excellent war movie that doesn't glorify war at all.

  20. And preferably home schooling your children. Or putting them in a non-public school.

  21. As someone who was homeschooled, went to public school, and went to private school, I will easily say that private school is the way to go to teach your kids.

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