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  1. Love this sub, but my least favorite thing is this MM focus lately. It's gross that Hillary thinks she and Meghan Markle are alike, and it feeds Hillary's ego that people here are making the same comparison. MM is an actual woman of color who was actually mistreated by the British press. She had difficulty bowing to the demands and restrictions of the Royal family, and I think the majority of American women would too. She actually earned a college degree and established her own career before marrying Prince Harry. None of these things are true of Hillary, and I don't see the comparison. I may be uninformed about MM, but if I wish to know more, I'll visit the sub dedicated to her.

  2. I’ve watched several times and just sent it to my mom 🤣🤣 …it’s comedy GOLD.

  3. For a sec I didn't realize there was a doc about the store H&M. Because it's not the store. 😊 I'm not deep into them because I never gave a flying fuck about the monarchy.

  4. Omg I too thought it was about the store H&M 😆🤣😆

  5. Ah yes, have ML - not even 2 years old yet - try to lift Siete. I wonder if lack of head support runs in Hillary’s family; it would explain a lot.

  6. Sorry I know this is off topic, but looking at these photos made me think (again)- Just how many selfies does this idiotic woman possibly need of herself? I mean she takes how many per day on average….anywhere from 10-30? I’ve never seen someone so in love with themselves. My sister is her exact age (looks 20 years younger) and neither she nor any of her friends take repetitive selfies like this.

  7. I'm so glad I don't have those kinds of friends - but then - I'm not like that either - the worst I will do is say nothing - but don't ask if you don't want the truth and some of my friends are worse than me because it will just shoot out of their mouth whether you want it or not lmao

  8. Haha sometimes those really are the best kind of friends to have, ones who will tell you exactly how it is!

  9. She interrupted him, then corrected him on camera. He HAD to drink it off he was so embarrassed of her. And to top it off - they had zero actual contact with Harry and Megan 😂 no photos, no interview by the MC - NOTHING. They’re both laughing stocks and Alec knows it whereas she is still living in denial.

  10. I still cannot believe she suggested these restaurants💀

  11. What did I miss!? Did Hilaria actually recommend restaurants for Harry and Meghan?

  12. He is like a spoiled brat and when things can't go his way he throws a tantrum

  13. When I heard the part “ghat tu know who you are” Stupid bitch please!!!

  14. When she speaks like that it’s sooooo cringe because everyone knows it’s a total put on! Why doesn’t she realize that? Everyone knows how she really sounds…like a valley girl with vocal fry /baby voice. Yet at times she puts on this ‘tough Spanish mama’ act or idk what to even call it really! It just sounds so dumb. She’s literally a walking SNL skit.

  15. Aaaaaand of course she mentioned they had too many kids… no reaction though… she’s painfully dumb

  16. Right? She couldn’t wait for one of the reporters to jump on that train … yet they didn’t. 😂

  17. Supposedly Meghan offended Alec bc someone from M&H’s camp talked to Alec as if he was Meghan’s driver 😂 edited to add: I’m not sure how factual this is, but I saw several YouTube vids claiming it to be true this morning

  18. 😆🤣😆🤞🏽🤞🏽 oh how I hope this is true!!

  19. Yet sadly she doesn’t realize how laughable she sounds by using the word that many times. 🤣

  20. I had a friend who did this in every photo to “look thinner” …is how she described it.

  21. These kids are living like indoor cats; indoor plants— try life outdoors. Why are they sitting in front of a bed? 9 people in front of a bed for a family pic?

  22. You’re absolutely right. This is not normal on any level.

  23. Yeah no. To each their own of course, but I did not strap my over 2 year old child to the front of my body like that if we went out for a walk anywhere.

  24. I think you’re right. If I had to guess, this is the profile I would come up with. I theorize this guy is in his mid twenties, out of range of the normal college age but close enough to feel out of reach to it. I dont think he went to college and is resentful of those who do. I think he is obsessed with gore and into horror. Probably has a history of drug abuse, enough to make a lot of faulty brain wiring. And certainly developmental trauma. I think this was thrilling for him. I think he believes he is deserving of adoration and wants to punish those who don’t treat him accordingly because he is a narcissist. He doesn’t want to be a member of a club that would have him but he doesn’t want you to have what he doesn’t. I think he felt rejected either socially or sexually and I think he targeted one of the girls, the house location made it easy for him to watch from afar and the rest of the students were collateral. I don’t think it was his first time and if they don’t catch him, it won’t be his last. He targets people he doesn’t believe are worthy in his eyes. I think it’s not about gender, it’s social style or cliques. I think he justifies to himself who he kills, almost like he is righteous. He’s a snob in his own right. He feels misunderstood by everyone adding to his narcissism and it adds to his justification of what he does. I think he is wrestling with it, but surrounding himself with people right now who will shower him with what he wants, attention and approval. And when he is caught, those who knew him will be shocked he was under their noses. I bet he is changing or slightly altering his appearance to feel like somebody else so he can live with himself and probably throwing himself into something as a distraction. I think he is scared for once. He went after a target that he didn’t anticipate the whole country would be looking for him and that was his biggest misstep. I think if he killed before it was people he thought wouldn’t be missed in his cruel judgement of them and I think he may be the new young generation of a serial murders. He is a psychopath.

  25. Exactly. Based on blood contamination from the same knife they can determine that.

  26. Love how she tries to align herself with Meghan. They truly are the same though. Both narcissistic bitches.

  27. Right … I totally agree on the narcissistic bitches part!!!

  28. In the muy muy beginning …. Dec 2020. Not sure how many pepinos there were though, can’t remember!

  29. I joined in December 2020 when led here from dcum. It was the day of a huge blizzard in nyc and I had nothing to do while waiting for my mom to have surgery. Inwasnt allowed into the hospital due to covid, so I just sat in my car and read through all of dcum.

  30. Sorry to hear you couldn’t go in with your mom and hoping she’s okay now! Crazy Covid times we all went through!

  31. Me too! Wasn’t it the day after Christmas or the day after that? LOL 😂.

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