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  1. Die Bundesliga is pretty interesting! This season is different

  2. Bundesliga is pretty interesting this season!

  3. They love picking stuff out of their asses.

  4. Overrated and letting his boyhood club down wow.

  5. The timeline is wrong, Liverpool went um 0-1

  6. Malo Gusto joins Chelsea, signing until the summer of 2030, and will return to Lyon on loan for the remainder of the 2022/23 season.

  7. Any idea on the fee ? Yesterday thread was around 26mil+ fees

  8. According to Fabrizio Romano €30m fee plus add-ons

  9. What a performance!!! Incredibly good in the 4th

  10. I appreciate your feedback. I didn‘t look for such clinics in Germany yet but I will check that.

  11. In Deutschland ist es ziemlich schwer TRT zu bekommen…

  12. Crazy how Union won the last 5 matches against Hertha

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