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  1. Hire my husband to drive you! He does Taxi driving! DM me if you're interested 😊

  2. OP check out N Catalina street which is off of Empire right near Talaria. I saw a for rent sign for a building with subterranean parking and it has 3,2,and 1 bedrooms available. Some of the places don't advertise online so drive around the streets and look for signs. The buildings may not be brand new but they're usually managed by private landlords or smaller companies with usually an on-site property manager and decent rent with rent control possibilities.

  3. SNP LA Clinic in Mission Hills location is about 15 minutes north. They only treat acute illnesses (minor infections/injuries) and minor surgeries as well as spay/neuters, but they keep a list of low cost local vets if your pet needs more

  4. Not gonna lie, as an actor if I never had to audition again that sounds like absolute heaven.

  5. Asian super markets sometimes have good deals on fresh seafood.

  6. I'd talk to your gynecologist/doctor about it. I know anxiety is a symptom but it shouldn't be severe enough to negatively impact your life.

  7. I have similar episodes to the one you described. What's helped is my husband is either reminding me to ground myself (Stop, count to 10 out loud, and deep belly breathing from the diaphragm, and repeat as needed until it stops. You can Google deep yoga breathing for stress management if you're unfamiliar) or he's grabbing me water asking what I need. Hugs help too if your partner needs touch but ask first since touch can be triggering. If the breathing and counting doesn't work, look up common grounding techniques for anxiety attacks and trial and error them with your partner.

  8. Woah my mother in law did the same thing today to my husband 😤 ugh I feel your pain

  9. My husband ruined Christmas by getting into an argument with the golden child sister and setting off both of his parents. I get scolded for calling my mom and niece/nephew whom I'm thousands of miles away from. The worst is we don't have the money for this trip and took it because my MIL has chemo last year and lived and it was the first chance we got to celebrate Christmas after COVID all together....welp...after this Christmas folks can fly to us or deal. I'm no longer allowing family dysfunction to rein over my holidays. When we're home I'm having a banging NYE with my cats and dog.

  10. I stopped giving a shit about the royal family on July 4, 1776.

  11. I used to do this too. It's a normal anxiety response. I used to have to put on "eye of the tiger" on my headphones and force feed myself a sandwich so I didn't pass out.

  12. I think most people just assume parents are normal and want kids parents to be in the know and receive consequences.

  13. Yeah which is not the case for all children. Children from dysfunctional homes get verbally or physically abused for it. I still think I'm stupid because of stuff my dad would say to me after he saw those dang math tests.

  14. For your height and weight, you are at what some consider a healthy BMI. Any skinnier and you'd be underweight. Your partner sounds extremely immature. I'd fight back with "I'm actually healthy, and unless you're my doctor you have no right to comment on my body"

  15. Yes, he can travel. I have done so multiple times in the last 15 months. He needs his passport, expired green card and the receipt notice (which should also mention an 18 or 24 month extension)

  16. Thank you! Sadly I can't find the original notice of action and I only have the biometric notice of action. Would that also work?

  17. Crap, guess I start digging. Does the original Notice of Action have that extension notice on it?

  18. Chaba Spa on San Fernando is a pretty solid deal if you like Thai Massages!

  19. I was walking back from an appointment through a neighborhood to a metro station nearby to get back home. A man pulled up along side me in a car and said "hey do you need a ride" and I said "no thank you" and he said "is it because I'm black?" (I'm white BTW) and I said "it's because I don't know who you are and I don't get into cars with people I don't know"...he said "fck you b!tch" and drove away. I walked extra quick to the metro and got home safely, but I was on edge the whole way home. It's the sad reality we face as female bodied people. Always make sure your phone is charged and make people know where you are if you're going somewhere new. Hugs! I'm sorry this happened to you.

  20. Pretty much been said but I don't want to ruin my body and age myself more. I like being able to pass as I am 5 years younger.

  21. Planet Fitness Burbank/NoHo parking lot is right next to the landing strip of the Burbank airport!

  22. I find that movement works better for me. Tai Chi especially gets me relaxed af.

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