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  1. Damn! Happy surprise at the till or had it even been tagged at that price on the shelf ?

  2. Nice selection… hard to see details on bottles. I’d go with a dram of IB Bowmore and Laphroaig.

  3. It’s often the experience more than the taste for 25+ year old whisky, in my opinion/experience.

  4. Thanks, that’s about what I figured. Should we try and taste it as it’s not worth selling?

  5. Yeah, definitely worth the tasting experience. I haven’t had a 50s bottling but a dram from the 60s was so different to what is bottled today.

  6. It actually does have an age statement: it’s 13 years old. Not to worry, though; I’m sure it’s already sold out by now.

  7. I heard it was ~60$ cheaper in more eastern provinces. Either this price or that… still doesn’t feel like a good value.

  8. We get a few drops in BC throughout the year and they might sell out, but it takes time and I’ve seen some super dusty SRs. We don’t have the same volume of competition, is what I figure.

  9. This was a splurge for me a few years back (new role) and I think it was worth it—but I had the opportunity to try it first… it’s a tough value proposition, even after having a few drams from my own bottle.

  10. Not a big fan of bowmore’ ob. They are too balanced for me. Bowmore definitely carries some identity from Suntory. I think it also have something to do with how to Suntory’s branding strategy of differentiating bowmore and laphroaig.

  11. Yeah that’s an interesting point about the differentiation! I hope Laphroaig is left out of this car branding and fancy bottle nonsense….

  12. Somewhere in the neighbourhood of every 1-3 months I check on the cork of our open bottles.

  13. My word, where is that first pic taken with the makes-me-nervous top shelf?

  14. I imagine a large amount of hover around that Blanton form in the minutes before it ended!

  15. Shelter Point (Canadian whisky) is my go to. Label comes clean off, glass & rubber stopper. Works great!

  16. Not OP but this was very good at MSRP. Wouldn’t touch it now…

  17. I’ve never really seen them, nope. Peat-in-progress at Legacy once, I think.

  18. Your options might be dictated by where you live. If you want the legal route you might be limited (and not possible for open bottles).

  19. I've been on Dragon Legend for the past month or so. However this last week since I'm nearing bottle kill, I've been enjoying the latest HP RNLI LIFEBOAT bottle (61.5%). It's a much softer dram on the pallette (hints of vanilla and light smoke) than the first RNLI bottle IMO

  20. Nice! I was a big fan of 10-Year and then recently worked through a couple Dark Origins but they are hard to find now (being discontinued).

  21. Yes! Only one sample though… I remember liking it but didn’t take any notes. 😄

  22. If you haven’t sure, then you’ll save $66 next time!

  23. Back in 2017 or 2018 there was Stagg Jr for ~50$ on the shelf in Oregon.

  24. I bought a bottle of Laphroaig 30 from an Idaho state liquor store a few months back and saw the fill level was noticeably lower than another unopened Laphroaig I had on hand (first photo). When I returned to the liquor store, there was another Laphroaig 30 for sale (second photo) with a fill level similar to mine. At this point, I assumed that Laphroaig must fill bottles of older whisky to exactly 750ml and just eyeball the fill for more common releases.

  25. The bottle I’ve had my paws on has a very similar fill level and it was purchased in Canada. (I don’t have a great photo, but it’s similar enough!)

  26. But that price! Yikes! Does that make it the second most expensive 18-Year (at BCL) after Macallan?

  27. To be fair, when I was last in the US, it was practically impossible to find this anywhere for less than $200 USD, and some places were charging as much as $250.

  28. Yeah the pricing v demand totally makes sense. Unfortunate is all. I can’t see myself justifying this price for my budget.

  29. Super excited to try the frog PX, I’m also a huge Benriach fan, so I’ve been looking forward to grabbing this on too!

  30. Enjoy! That PX Cask is delicious …and IMO better than PX Cairdeas. (Careful who you say that to…)

  31. I found it to be very approachable. Lots of different angles to like. Possibly a gateway bottle.

  32. I dont see much hate, but I also wouldnt call it spectacular. Its quite tasty but sort of a let down with as much hype as I see for it. I would love to try a Nulu toasted to have something to compare it to.

  33. Yeah I also haven’t heard of hate. I feel like it’s moderately hyped but I don’t see instant shelf clears or completely terrible pricing, so does t get that secondary/tate hate as much as others. But what do I know!

  34. Realllly wish more places did this across the country! It helped prove to me price != quality a few years back.

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