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  1. What do you mean "attempts"? He succeeded but didn't jump, he more Ragdolled out

  2. I don't think so. The brakes are actively closed and the air is used to "release" the breaks, instead of the other way around. For safety's sake, if the air fails, the wheels lock and each wheels brake is independent of the other.

  3. I think they were looking at their phone and didn't notice the out of control car until impact.

  4. Why in the heck would you risk crashing just to look at your phone?

  5. Dammit mang...why is it never some hot bitches with big tiddehs?

  6. I'm sorry, and they're STILL wear fuckin masks???

  7. That man who put his hand on the front sabotaged each and everything.

  8. Is that the little piggy that went to the (meat) market?

  9. Prolly smells like armpit and ass crack on the bus

  10. This is why I DON'T support death penalty. That's too easy, keep this fuck alive and hurt him every day just like his victims will feel pain from what he did everyday.

  11. No man, just fucking no. Nope. Nope Nope...not one person wants to see a dude on a stripper pole. Nopity nope nope...

  12. I watched in slow motion. I bet I'm the only one...

  13. I can't stand that stupid thing iphones do when screen recording.


  15. The more of these fight videos I watch the more I realize that the throw tactic works VERY well.

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