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  1. When a friend turned 21, several of us went in to buy him a 21 year old bottle of scotch which he graciously offered to share with the group. As I'd not developed a taste for it - all liquor tasted like malicious intent to me at the time - I dumped my shot into mountain dew. I wouldn't get another opportunity to try a 21 year old scotch again for more than a decade.

  2. I’m sure it’s not any consolation, but Mountain Dew was originally created to be a whiskey mixer, so you did use the best option.

  3. This is what I’m saying! I do totally get if you do experience pain from the angles, but a lot of people just shot +23 their first round and then decided it was the worst. Even one of my irl buddies was like that.

  4. Welcome! I loved Werewolves Within it is not well known enough!

  5. why does he look like he codes silly websites and games on Python in-between working for major companies as a hobby

  6. I actually feel like that’s the perfect vibe for Afton. Super overworked creative/businessman/family man.

  7. Penis Parker is just not a clever nickname imo. After that it was hard to ever take Flash seriously as a bully let alone a popular bully that is shorter more out of shape and has the same hobbies as Peter.

  8. Can tell you 9/10 bullies I knew growing up were shorter and more out of shape than me and were way to dumb to think of something as clever as “Penis Parker”

  9. Hey Dad! (Yes even ENG, he watched it all the time w/ me)

  10. I get the idea, but I wished they’d been more subtle about it

  11. How? IMO it worked fine in the movie, especially with the tongue thing as an added little hint.

  12. They showed him in the first few minutes of the movie, working directly with Voldemort, when it was supposed to just be Voldemort and Wormtail

  13. You’re really talking about it as a fan of the books and someone whose seen the movies a ton. Someone who hasn’t read the books and is watching the movie for the first time is not going to realize the Moody plot or the tongue flicking. Those are things you realize on rewatch. Showing Jr earlier in the movie and hinting at the Crouch’s relationship during the flashback make up for not being able to go into their full backstory. So many “huge problems” with the movies are just logistical issues of putting a huge book into a 2 hour movie.

  14. I mean Martin has built a world so complex it has collapsed beneath its own weight. If you don’t care about plot Malazan has a lot of devices. If it’s strictly the magic system that’s absolutely what Sanderson is known for. And Tolkien was obvious rich and rife with history.

  15. Martin’s world isn’t that complex, the relationships and characters are. It’s not collapsing beneath its own weight, it’s decaying as Martin will work on anything but finishing ASOIAF. As he left it in ADWD, he could finish it out strong, but the peak of its popularity has come and gone and the show left a bad taste in many people’s mouths so I think it has to be a masterpiece to justify the wait and fix the problems the show caused.

  16. well his lawyer will say that regardless because that's his job. Still we should wait and see what happens, but its not looking good since they must have evidence of physical assault to arrest him. She claimed he choked her so they would be able to tell.

  17. The police do not need physical evidence to make an arrest.

  18. I advise everyone to get good at 3 of the weapon types so you can use any of them when you level up

  19. Here's a pro tip: Choose compassion over revenge, it makes a lot of difference in your story.

  20. Except for the blood fever quest, the one time it encourages making the crueler action.

  21. Yeah but we know what happens thats the problem, its what 200-300 prior to the phantom menance, we know what happens counts for nothing

  22. So you don’t like that it’s 200-300 years before PM because you know what’s gonna happen, but then you want a show about explaining how we got to where we are?

  23. I hope they have shows that fill in the plot gaps and enrich the sequels in the way The Clone Wars did for the prequel trilogy.

  24. Yeah, same! While TFA wasn’t perfect, it had some potential, and I think shows really expand on the strengths and explain some of the weaknesses and inconsistencies.

  25. Separate post for confirmation: This is Joker 2. New photos of Gaga as Harley Quinn surfaced and Gotham PD is shown to have the same symbol.

  26. Joker for sure. The classic car and that Gotham logo fit in really well with the setting of Joker. Too early for The Batman 2, but could be a flashback in the Penguin show. Still, Joker is much more likely.

  27. Mystic Force is probably the most underrated, and I can’t believe the amount of hate it gets. Is it flawed? Yes, absolutely. Nick is an unbearable protagonist, the majority of the villains are not good, and the season finale isn’t that great. However, there is a lot of great stuff to be found. The rest of the supporting cast is really strong and carry a lot of the season with each of their own episodes. Vida’s vampire arc and dark wish are some of the best highest peaks in franchise without a doubt. It may not be great, but it is far from being bad. It is a gem of a season,

  28. I’ve always loved cheesy TV fantasy and the costumes look fantastic for the series, this was one of the top 3 I was thinking of watching

  29. I had a pink LSR action figure from a garage sale or something and it took me so long to figure out what series it was from, but I always found the costumes unique. I should check It out

  30. Out of the 3 Tom Spiderman films it was the best. I didn't love the first or second because it lacked any real consequences for the main character, that and the first films themes are very muddled.

  31. Second film literally has Peter give the villain the main weapon because of his ignorance and then those weapons are used to commit a deadly terrorist attack. Then his identity is revealed. Those are some fucking consequences. That’s actually one thing I’m conflicted about NWH. While I do like that there were some consequences for Peter being forgotten again, I wish he would have just had do actually deal with the consequences of being unmasked. It’s a unique story we’ve never seen fully played out. Even in the comics if the identity has been revealed, it’s quickly undone. They chose to just do that again.

  32. His identity being revealed happens at the end of the film, it's never really engaged with in the second film, that's why I said the third because it is actually dealing with several consequences including threads left behind by the second film.

  33. I mean that’s how trilogies work. Empire Strikes back leaves a lot of its consequences for the end and finishes those plot lines in the third entry. Not saying FFH is equal to that, just another example of the middle entry of a series leaving a lot of the punch for the finale. personally, I feel that they kinda squandered the chance to explore an identity reveal further and kinda just did a cop out. At least they did have the courage make it more difficult than everything going back to normal. I am also excited to see where Peter’s story could go now that he’s anonymous and (hopefully) more street-level

  34. They wanted to add a pointless burning of the Burrow scene instead. Then in the next movie, the house was back like nothing happened to it at all. Like you're all fucking witches and wizards! Use a spell to put the fire out! Instead, let's just sit here and stare at it while it burns down. Also, did they forgot about the secret keeper spell? How did the Death Eaters even break the secret in the first place? That scene was the worst.

  35. I do totally agree. I like the scene on its own, but like you said, it brings up so many questions when you think about it for more than a second. The whole reason the director did it was to convey how powerful the Death Eaters were getting. But I think having Arthur attacked at the ministry(or burrow if they wanted) and then seeing what Bellatrix did at Saint Mungos does the same thing in a more subdued way

  36. The first half of the first Cap movie is top tier MCU, the second half is pretty basic

  37. Interesting. I find the beginning a rather generic but heartfelt origin story. But the second half is a really awesome superhero/WW2 romp. The train scene and the scenes when cap actually starts fighting in WW2 are some of my favorites.

  38. Yes but this metric is pointless. There were no Superman movies between IV and Returns. But there has been MoS since returns. Even if you didn’t like MoS it’s a Superman movie. Like you can say that IV is more true to the character or that Reeve is a better Superman, but that doesn’t make up for how outright awful Quest for Peace is.

  39. I delivered some food and a drink once that was a leave at door. I had already sent the photo and completed the order and hopped back in my car when I watched the wind blow the drink over and directly into the food. I felt so bad, but there was nothing I could do at that point but say sorry when the guy came out.

  40. First. Second is bad. There probably is a better Shazam 2 poster out there and they chose that bad one for the main one. Happens a lot.

  41. 100% my theater is using one where he’s on an electric scooter doing the shaka sign. On the other hand there’s 100% a more generic superhero poster of Shazam 1. Every movie has 5 or so official posters but the main one is usually the generic “main characters around an important symbol or object” it’s outgrown CBMs and now you see it for everything.

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