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  1. I remember the day Don't download this song came out. Within a few hours, and you guessed it, it had download sites everywhere. Weird Al was cool with it, but I remember his record company not so much big fans of what was going on.

  2. Why does this image get reposted here every other day ? Mods asleep ?

  3. The key is putting enough forks in there and counting on one of them reaching escape velocity

  4. Or a few Hot Pockets. The heat from the inside lava/cheese mixture could simply melt the satellites.

  5. Shark bites are crap. The fittings are super expensive, they have a tendency to leak and you can't reuse them as they loose their teeth/grip each time to take them off.

  6. To sum up the food quality that Sheetz:

  7. Close current account, open new account with new debit card. Simple and effective.

  8. I'm guessing some employee just quit on the spot.

  9. Based on the address of the receipt, it looks like you bought it at the Aria Las Vegas. Aria is a MGM hotel, and is known for the higher end lifestyle. Yeah it's bullshit that they charge inflated prices, but thankfully you have options next time. About a 10-minute walk from that hotel is a Walgreens that's open 24 hours a day. Much better prices can be found there.

  10. With all of the MVNO carriers out there, there is absolutely zero reason to stick with any of the legacy carriers anymore. Been with Mint Mobile for going on 4 years now and absolutely love their coverage and pricing.

  11. I’ve been to all of them and Franklin is the best imo.

  12. I'm not going to disagree with you that Franklin's is the best, but the problem with Franklin's is that it has become so popular that the wait is just not ideal for most people. I can swing by Lockhart and both Blacks and Smitty's would have less then a 20 minute wait for some pretty serious eats. Granted it may not be the best, but it's a trade off then standing in a 2-4 hour line for lunch.

  13. Such a carefree time in Venice compared to the shit show that Venice has turned into.

  14. Ichiran ! I refuse to pay the $25 or whatever they are now charging at their New York locations. Can't wait to visit again when Japan finally reopens back up.

  15. Yeah, not legal to do the work yourself. 230v tends to sting a little when amateurs screw it up.

  16. This looks like a dealer lockbox used to store keys when not needed. Normally when the keys are locked in the box, the dealership would use a handheld reader that they place over the device that would open up a trap door with the keys. The wiring is used to power the device. I'm surprised they would sell you the car with the lockbox still attached. I would suggest you get it removed soon though as some states would fine you for it as it blocks the windshield.

  17. Been to Blacks in Lockhart. The entire Blacks family makes some serious Q.

  18. Guess they’re a South Park fan

  19. They are. A side of Naan bread is only Tree Fiddy.

  20. That's money in the bank, that's what that is.

  21. There's always money in the banana stand.

  22. If anyone is selling something expensive always do it at a police station parking lot. It's easier for both parties.

  23. Better to go inside the station so the police are there in case anything happens. Plus they have cameras in case the buyer pays in counterfeit bills.

  24. Yeah, he may have been required to disclose this information when the house sold depending on how the house was sold. You should review your paperwork and consider consulting with an attorney.

  25. That's going to make family gatherings interesting 😂

  26. They're typically around 5 to $10 higher than what the face value of the bills are.

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