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  1. So you’re dressing up as Flea from RHCP for Halloween. I have no animals

  2. I might have an extra stuffed animal, but what I got I get it to yo mutha.

  3. Thanks brother. Any tips on how to respond to them when they insult you?

  4. I've been out of school and in the working world for a while. Trust me when I tell you that playing the long game is to your advantage.

  5. Thank you for posting this update to our subreddit. We stand behind you.

  6. Whoever swings crap around (besides their own limbs) in a pit is a douche.

  7. Are you looking for love or are you looking for a financially stable provider? The details you are disclosing about this person could indicate one over the other.

  8. I hate gender reveal parties as much as the next person, but isn't that fall heading to sea? It looks like possibly beach sand they're standing on.

  9. Good Rx + Costco is my cheapest find, but it’s also terribly inconvenient

  10. Getting to Harvey West anymore is an unpredictable nightmare.

  11. Your feelings are your own and they are always valid. The same goes for the others that are dining in the same restaurant as you. They are free to silently judge you are you are free to ignore them and enjoy your meal.

  12. I’d be surprised to see any responses here from out of state visitors. This sub seems to be mostly UCSC students with some locals mixed in.

  13. I disagree. Sure there are plenty of students browsing this sub, especially at the beginning of the fall quarter, but search and you will find numerous posts from tourists asking for recommendations.

  14. Maybe so, but I've never seen such a volume and variety of plates so far ahead of move-in weekend. I guess its possible that UCSC has more out of state students this year, but I'm not yet convinced either way these are all just students.

  15. This clumsy asshole is going to wreck one-wheels for whoever enjoys them. Not to mention ruining what was probably someone’s dream in life and all the employees it provides a meaningful existence to.

  16. You know, you don't have to date at all, and that's OK.

  17. Thanks, I hate this terrifying kitch from Craigslist.

  18. Stop beating around the bush and just ask, there’s nothing wrong with being straightforward.

  19. I agree. If he is more direct she'll get the point.

  20. Its been .much worse this last week. Don't even bother to head out to Harvey West unless you have 1+ hours to kill.

  21. I go through the gate, over the fence, down the leg, and out the cuff.

  22. Also, to add to that: don't hit on people at work.

  23. Aside from the adage 'don't sh*t where you eat,' don't hit on people at work.

  24. It means "im just happy you are still talking to me right now, and if you are still interested in me i am still interested in persuing this relationship"

  25. Everyone knows that original pic was photoshopped which makes him look more slim.

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