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  1. I love him with DP and Soil. I'm interested to see how he'll pull double duty here.

  2. tbh I'm kinda bummed out they left out the new album tracks in this concert. I love Ryan, but c'mon, they tried to do so much marketing with the recent album, and now they're not playing anything out of it? Kinda lame...

  3. I'm waiting to take a photo of a Tornadus.

  4. Usually I throw them in recycle. Most Marvel Legends art doesn't strike me in anyway. Boxes like MOTU, TMNT and such I'm trying to figure out how I can keep and display without taking up room. Space is one of the top reasons why I open.

  5. Yes. I love Jeremy Adams' run, but I'm all for Wally.

  6. Glad i'm not the only one a little confused by all the negative comments. I personally don't care about all the variants, I didn't collect those as a kid. I just want more of the characters and mutants. Rat King looks fine to me, and with Casey I just hope the pulled his stomach out to the front of his pants.

  7. I get your point, but your examples are Spider-Men. What accessories do you put with them? I know standard 3 pairs of hands, but they don't have anything else. Ben Reilly/Spider-Man Beyond does have some of his corporate gadgets, but that's it.

  8. Green/Black. I'm goofy/funny, but physically adept and good at leading, so I'd make a good 2nd in command.

  9. I'm loving it. I've been wanting a Flash event for years, and Adams is killing it.

  10. Awesome! Kyle is my favorite Lantern. I tend to collect figures instead of statues, but this does look awesome.

  11. Not yet, but i want to. It's on my list.

  12. Love the white Bearmon. I like Bearmon better than Kumamon. More intimidating.

  13. So kumamon digivolves into kumamon, finally confirmed!

  14. Yep. Just a smaller less cool version. Everyone else gets armor and you get turned into a stuffed animal.

  15. Awesome! I remember this! I watched this as a kid on Saturday morning and I went out and bought Ghost Rider comics and figures.

  16. It's not a problem I have ever encountered. Maybe the tabs are a bit worn down?

  17. It might be. I got it 2nd hand from a vintage toy store.

  18. Next time the door is off, have a look at the 2 tabs. It might be that you could put a dab of superglue on the tabs, let it dry for a day and then put the door back in. I have done that on some GI Joe/Action Force vehicles and it solves the problem. If ya wanna post some pics of the door and the door recess I can have a better look and maybe come up with a solution more befitting the situation.

  19. Ok cool thanks. I appreciate the help. I'll do that when I get home from work today.

  20. Nonpoint is one of my fav bands ever and this is one of my fav songs by them.

  21. 2003 Sewer Lair Playset. Had it years ago MISB then sold it and regretted it.

  22. Oh cool! Unfortunately I was in high school when that show was on, so I didn't get anything. I'm going to vintage toy stores now and picking them up with my kids.

  23. Or chill in general. The book has always had high and low points. Enjoy it for what it is.

  24. I love how no matter what someone's thoughts or opinions are, there is always someone to tell them they're wrong.

  25. My only problem with X-Men is there is so much. It feels very overwhelming to me.

  26. I have been cutting those out and wondering what to do with them. That is awesome! Great idea!

  27. I do like that they're making this figure, but the previous one they made was comic accurate as well. Not sure what you mean by "finally". I guess it's been a year since they debuted this costume.

  28. They just want Peter to be the focus. The only other one allowed now is Miles. Apparently the Beyond arch was a favor to someone working there who likes him, but the directive came down that the status couldn't last and they had to make him a villain.

  29. Yeah, ive seen some in gamestop and some local toystores. The ones selling on toywiz arent bad prices, I would go with those.

  30. Thanks, thats awesome. I'll check those for sure.

  31. I liked the show in general, but I hate what they did to Knuckles. He's supposed to be a bit niave and one track minded.....not stupid.

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