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  1. LXD is not a valid option for Win guest.

  2. We were asked to fixed a toaster, but they did put in a ticket for it.

  3. Heads up for Kings fans, this love fest will not last. After you win the championship this year and sign James Harden in the off-season,

  4. The 49ers won at least. One bright spot for tonight. Sheesh. Horrible down the stretch again.

  5. James Wiseman has a very high upside, unfortunately he is not well suited for the Warriors system. He needs a fresh start and a new environment.

  6. The experiment is over. Need to flip him for a serviceable role player if the Warriors are serious about this season. He is 2 years from being 2 years away.

  7. Tough choice. Can't really go wrong with either. Choosing Tatum because he tends to take better care of his body.

  8. KD started winning once Curry came back. Coincidence?

  9. Good Guy Donovan. Wasn't a fan before. A fan now.

  10. Not quite on the Smiley legend level, but a legend nonetheless.

  11. Phoenix is such a quintessential regular season team and it starts with CP3. He played lights out this game.

  12. Nets have 76ers pick . Idk if the Sixers got the memo.

  13. Actually, if the pick swap isn't triggered, Jazz would get the worst of the Nets/76ers pick,

  14. Entire supply chains are moving out of China as tensions with US rise, and China’s unreliability as a trade partner comes to light. Those that remain will likely face an international market that is increasingly hostile towards Chinese made products, especially when cheap alternatives become available from elsewhere.

  15. I read that a lot, but the numbers do not backup what you claim. Just the other day, BMW announced that they are closing a UK factory and moving it to China.

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