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  1. I mean what was the end game here? Eventually you were going to be found out when everyone on your route complains that they did not get their packages

  2. Probable something like: "I don't like driving to that location so...dump it is!" or, "Shift's almost over, better drop these off somewhere..."

  3. Dear @xxMrMassiveCumshots12, our records indicate that you owe VISA $2,000.00. Please retweet to confirm that you have received this. #PayUP

  4. Putin is scared because he fucked up the handling of Covid even worse than Trump. He knows the economy is in trouble, and he doesn't feel like getting overthrown. If he can stir up a micro-war, it will keep his people occupied and unified for a bit longer.

  5. It seems like a huge waste of money and resources moving that many troops around just for popularity's sake.

  6. Like a catastrophic pandem...nevermind...

  7. I honestly believe that even if there was an alien invasion, or a virus that made your junk fall off, people would not unite as one.

  8. Folks, just a reminder that being on the jet is not the same as committing the same crimes as Epstein. Chris Tucker is on that list and I can't really see him doing that.

  9. Nobody ever suspected Bill Cosby of being a rapist either, so...

  10. Paid CCP users tasked with upvoting and promoting positive articles and downvoting things they don't like.

  11. Save the children (unless the pedophile was friends with Donald Trump)

  12. There's a scam that's been happening that goes like this. Scammer rents an AirBNB for a week or so. Scammer pretends to be the owner and shows it as a rental unit during that week. Scammer insists on upfront payment, and then evaporates.

  13. Yeah, probably best to be safe and do a search on AirBnB for the area that the unit is in. If it shows the one they looked at, report and move on.

  14. Excellent reading material on the new variant here:

  15. Thanks for that. It's nice to read something that isn't a hyperbole-laced news article.

  16. Someone took my nose as a kid, and never returned it.

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