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  1. 19 kids dead. 2 teacher gunned down. One spouse died of grief. Cops harassing parents while their kids were being slaughtered.

  2. This country is diseased and rotting. The politicians only care about power and money.

  3. What car are you guys using to beat the GR1 races? I can’t seem to do the Daytona one, haven’t tried the others.

  4. Red Bull x2019 worked for me. Hard tires, 6 fuel, shift as soon as you see red and 0-stop the race.

  5. 9 times outta 10 it’s an electric toothbrush but...every once in awhile... it’s a dildo of course we don’t imply ownership always a dildo.. never your dildo

  6. The new Toyota hyper car sucks ass lol. It turns like the titanic.

  7. Yeah i just tried it, fuxk man this thing is bad, maybe need a proper tune or something

  8. 100% not worth the 3,000,000 to anyone still on the fence about it.

  9. Absurdism sounds fun. Are there clubs, or well known groups?

  10. Law enforcement also apparently waited outside the school for roughly 40 minutes before going in after him.

  11. Congressman Gonzales was on the air yesterday, praising law enforcement, calling them the true victims in this tragedy, and dodging gun control questions by saying he’s “a man of faith.”

  12. Put tape on the fingers. Problem solved (except for your newly dyed discs).

  13. He was asking for it, swimming in that part of the sea being all blue and shit.

  14. Most are somewhat in hiring freezes right now. Work life balance is very group/division/project dependent. Security is good and the work/environment for me was fun. Worked on r&d for meta for a few years and did product development for apple on a few different devices.

  15. I don't think I've ever shot a heist where he looked this red.

  16. You send people with tools there to mine the resources needed to build it, then you build it there. Be imaginative.

  17. That was exactly my point. That’s a lot of machinery and infrastructure to send to the moon.

  18. Wish I knew that was an option at first. I noped out of a removal of all four a cost of $1700. A year later when one of them was causing pain it turns out I can just walk in, pay $100 and they stab me with numbing juice then pluck it out. A few minutes of discomfort is not worth a thousand bucks+.

  19. I lost A LOT of blood when I had my wisdom teeth removed (I know because I wasn't able to stand up without blacking out for several hours after the procedure). Not sure I'd want to be conscious while having that amount of blood pouring out of my mouth and down my throat while doing my best to breath through my nose.

  20. Texas’ solution to this problem, including all republicans, is MORE guns.

  21. A healthy human can produce about 1.2 HP for a brief period. Does your dad really think 1.2 HP is going to move 5 tons? He’d be completely exhausted before he even got the boat moving. Like the other commenter said, your dad will be 100% at the mercy of the wind.

  22. This can be good news because it would lower the hardware requirements for processes that require a lot of computing. Cloud gaming here we come

  23. Latency will always be the bottleneck in cloud gaming, not the computing hardware.

  24. Is a latency bottleneck of say 10ms a problem for cloud gaming?

  25. It can be. Using racing sims as an example, a perfect lap is often frame-perfect so a 0.01s delay for every input would be hugely detrimental if you’re in that top 0.5%.

  26. You can get the withdrawal penalty waived if it falls under certain circumstances. However, with a Roth IRA you can withdrawal the contributions you have made with no penalty. It is the earnings that are subject to a withdrawal penalty.

  27. How are the two kept separate? Is it just that you can withdraw UP TO your maximum contribution and anything over that (the earnings I guess?) gets taxed? Sorry if that’s a dumb question, still trying to figure this stuff out.

  28. I had a cat that used to sleep in a small trash can. He was so fond of it, my dad used it to transport him to and from the vet as a kitten. The vet even wrote his name on the trash can. 18 years later, even though my baby boy isn’t with me anymore, I still have the trash can with his name on it.

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