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  1. The colder is is the slower it will degrade. The better it’s stored the slower it will degrade. Vac seal + freezer is by far the best long term storage.

  2. Ive had one since day one and cant think of a single issue and honestly cant even think of any posts of people having issues whatsoever.

  3. People forget Giannis did what he did on a knee that was Hyperextended so badly it probably wouldve ended 99% of players season, but nah this dude goes and drops 50 in a closeout while averaging 35/13/5 on 61%FG with nearly 2blks a game. It was the most impressive finals performance i can think of, i couldnt even be mad all i could do was tip it.

  4. Shit I’ve been doing 10u. I’m new to it. Should i not ?

  5. 10u is Probably a bit of overkill unless your trying to refine for THCa. 90% of what I press I use 37u but I also mostly press 70u and larger hash. In the case of OP bin sift and keif tends to be on the smaller side in the 40u range so I suggest the 25u just to be a little extra safe for broken heads and small containments that might pass thru the 37u but for the most part the 37u would still preform perfectly fine. If I were you I’d jump up to 25u at least

  6. Im gonna be pheno hunting more than a few females and thinking about snagging one of these to wash each pheno cuz hand stirring that many batches feels insane.

  7. I wash about a 1/4 lb at a time, right now I’m running some of last years harvest for a friend, so it was definitely dry.

  8. Right on that’s exactly what I was hoping you’d say. Appreciate the response gives me a good idea for planning

  9. IDK the chart would indicate its easier to win 700 than lose 700 lol

  10. Talk to me when your Franchise has lost 800 games

  11. When i have ive been disappointed with the final product but in the manner of trying all things i gave it a shot a few times. To me the only reason to do this type of aggitation is only if your needing it to be homogenous in order to package it the day of pressing the rosin which is bushleague as fuck IMO. I much prefer getting it into the jar as quickly as possible with as little agitation as possible. I then cold cure over the following days followed by a light whipping / Mashing to make it homogenous.

  12. Honestly cant be worse than Kliff was... Cardinals Country LETS FLY

  13. New Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Brian Flores is currently involved in a lawsuit against the NFL For racial bias by the AZ Cardinals against Steve Wilkes is a wild headline lol

  14. Always respected the player, cant stand the man. It was a sad but easy to choice to just stop watching as a whole when he came on full time.

  15. It was a tough year but im still confident Kyler will hold that title for the cardinals when all is set and done. I standby Kliffs coaching made him worse and some time with a proper NFL coach is all he needs

  16. I could care less we deserve any shit that comes our way for losing but its a bit odd to label it road to the finals when they didnt make the finals lol

  17. I mean its the skin color that is the dead give away and what gives everyone the confidence to call a future king a bastard... The only reason i feel like the hair is so focused on is cuz it was the key piece in GOT for Ned finding out (Not gonna say in case you havent watched yet)

  18. You’re assuming Herbert is picked 1st overall in 2019. Kyler Murray was the top prospect in that class.

  19. Yeah there was zero chance we wouldve taken Herbert #1 overall. It was either Rosen+Bosa or Kyler. So he still wouldve ended up #6 overall in New York instead of LA

  20. More than fine, it will technically never go bad in the freezer as long as it stays frozen. It will darken the older it gets as the trichomes naturally age but that process is slowed drastically by the freezing temps / if it was vac sealed but it does still take place. It might be incrementally darker today than it would've been back in October but overall the difference would ne negligible, certainly not enough to throw it out imo.

  21. After coming from and throughly enjoying the Fire and Blood audio book i figured id get the GOT series. First off I was blown away they only had one option for the reader, i assumed he must be like the morgan freeman of audio books. Man what a disservice that series is getting by having him as the only reader, and not to say they need to delete his work just offer a few other options, maybe a females perspective, or someone who actually cares to pronounce the names correctly

  22. This definitely wasnt tweeted by a man with Broncos Bias

  23. The science museum trip was always my favorite field trip of the year, but man starting to think i might've been short sided if this is what kids nowadays get to do

  24. If you’re waiting for a good player that likes the cardinals…

  25. Youll end up with Andy Isabella

  26. Now I have zero reason to finally fix having two accounts under the same email for some reason

  27. I ended up creating a new email and new account cuz of it im honestly glad to hear i wasnt the only one

  28. Less people is probably what this world needs. What they are really scared of is whos gonna support all the fucking boomers

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