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TIL that owls cannot move their eyes. This is because their eyes are not balls, but cylinders that are held in place by bones called sclerotic rings. This is also the reason that owls have evolved to be able to rotate their head 270 degrees left and right, and 90 degrees up and down.

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  1. Could it be to facilitate opening jars - the pads grip the jar and the handle is for torque

  2. It’s beyond ridiculous how doctors do not take women seriously when it comes to health. They just assume you have a low pain tolerance or are making things up.

  3. My doc (Canadian) said it’s totally fine for me to have sushi if I’m so inclined (I’m not - vegetarian) because of where we live (coastal city). I’m sure her advice would have been different if I lived somewhere away from the ocean though!

  4. That’s interesting that living in a coastal city should matter. I don’t know what the law is in Canada, though. In the US, it is against FDA regulations to sell sushi made from fish that hasn’t been frozen first. Fresh fish essentially all have parasites which need to be killed first by cooking or freezing.

  5. I think a plant would be a great idea! I also think if you could switch out (or modify) your curtains so that the rod goes in a pocket on the back of the curtains rather than the hanging loops, and hem the bottom so it just barely touches the floor, it will draw your eye up a little bit more. You could also add opaque curtains to frame either side of the sheet curtains.

  6. Agreed! I was going to suggest moving the rod higher up the wall but not sure if OP is renting / allowed to do that

  7. I like number 1 a bit more, but all three are gorgeous on you!

  8. Is there a reason you’re against both of you keeping your respective last names? That’s what we are doing. Wasn’t even a question for me. I love his family, I like his last name well enough, but I earned my degree with and am known professionally by this name, so I am keeping it. That doesn’t mean we will be any less of a family / partners.

  9. There's a lot going on in my original post, so I didn't express it very well: I'm actually not a fan of my maiden name either! I swear I'm not usually this judgemental; we're just incredibly unfortunately named (but him much worse than me, sadly).

  10. It sounds like you are feeling some pressure from his family to take his name, but that you don’t like his last name. In my opinion, if you have reasons why you don’t want to take his last name (don’t like the name itself; don’t want to subscribe to the patriarchy) then that is a good enough reason. You don’t have to feel guilty. It doesn’t make you less of a partner or make you both less of a new family.

  11. Veterinarian here. This is cerclage wire. For spiral or long oblique fractures, cerclage wire can be placed around the bone to stabilize it. She probably also has an intramedullary pin in her tibia. From the way the bone has remodeled over some of the wire, this repair happened years ago. I also can’t tell from the photo whether some of the wire is missing or whether the bone grew over it.

  12. Veterinarian here. Principles of Animal Communication by Bradbury and Vehrencamp is an awesome book. Not much primate stuff if I remember correctly but a lot of really interesting behavior nonetheless.

  13. I liked the first one more but when you pointed out the MOH shoulders the second one is sooooo much more flattering.

  14. 8-10 years? My cats have the same sushi toy :)

  15. Also a veterinarian. I came here to say some variation of this. In patients that present to the hospital with clinical signs, 75% of cavitated splenic masses are malignant. Even a splenic mass that is “benign” in the sense that it will not metastasize, can still result in life threatening hemorrhage.

  16. Hello, are you still selling the Groudon SP superpak, and if so, how much are you asking? Thanks!

  17. i8m says:

    Hey dromaeovet, I shipped out both superpaks 2 days ago, have yet to update the thread, sorry.

  18. No worries, thank you for replying and for the info!!

  19. Veterinarian here. The distribution of her grooming in this case is most likely a sign of stress / anxiety. I would recommend making an appointment with your vet to discuss!

  20. As a veterinarian, I am so sorry you had such a bad experience with this vet. Based on your other comments, it sounds like your cat was surprised and scared, and more gentle handling would have definitely gone a long way with her. With positive reinforcement, even cats that are initially apprehensive of the vet can do well with gentle handling. There are also other options, like anti-anxiety medications that can be given at home to facilitate the visit.

  21. A nice related one is that you can see the side of the back of their eyeball through the ear hole. Google "owl eye seen through ear" (some may find it icky, but to me it mostly just looks odd).

  22. The sheet of bone in between owl eyes is also so thin, if you shine a light obliquely onto one eye and directed at that bone, the light can stimulate the retina of the opposite eye and cause the pupil to constrict.

  23. To expand upon this, all most mammals have the same number of bones,

  24. Veterinarian here. It is not accurate to say that all mammals have the same number of bones. Most mammals have 7 cervical vertebrae, but not all; manatees and sloths don’t follow this rule, for example. Cervical and thoracic vertebrae are variable in number depending on species. Animals with different tail lengths will have variable numbers of caudal vertebrae. Only some mammals have clavicles. Odd-toed ungulates like horses and tapirs lack the bones of a number of digits, although they have vestigial metacarpals/metatarsals for those digits (as in the diagram you showed). Animals are pretty anatomically diverse!

  25. NTA. And it’s weird that she insisted on having crab soup made by you if you’ve never made it for her, or ever, before.

  26. I would contact the schools you applied to and ask if they do an application review for students who were not accepted. They may be able to give you specific areas to work on.

  27. I would be into it! Agree with everyone saying to go with vegetable dishes rather than vegan foods meant to substitute meat / dairy. Also, I would be very clear with signage and have nut free options, so that nobody accidentally eats something with like cashew cheese and has an allergic reaction.

  28. I picked my own ring out, my husband gave me a surprise proposal and I was surprised and extremely excited to have my perfect ring that I love so much finally on my finger.

  29. I only wear it when I go out or if I know I’m working at my desk all day. If I have a normal workday or if I’m doing chores, I leave it at home or I wear it on a ring necklace that I have. It’s a sort of U-shaped pendant that allows the ring to be threaded on without removing the necklace. Super handy!

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