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  1. You can also take a look at Shiply if you only need to hire people to move a couple heavy pieces and you are going to do the rest yourself. I was able to have a couple guys pick up a bed frame and mattress and move it three states for me for $350.

  2. wahhh also know that I always try to find freebies that hopefully match your taste the best!!

  3. Interesting that electroporation works on people. I only expected it to work on bacteria, or to be unsafe for humans due to the whole heart and brain thing.

  4. Electroporation is one of the principles by which Dolly the sheep was cloned :) They basically took cell contents that could eventually become the sheep, used electroporation to insert it into a recipient cell, and then implanted that in the surrogate.

  5. There are four main functions of anesthesia to the patient, and a good anesthetic plan will incorporate all of them:

  6. I would take the 2BR rate and split it in half - so $1200.

  7. I agree with this! He is saving money compared to living alone and is likely living in a nicer place than the 2BR rental would be.

  8. NTA! I assumed that the story would be that your niece to carelessly spilled something on it, borrowed it because she thought it was so pretty and accidentally damaged it, etc. She literally purposely decided to ruin it. Actions have consequences.

  9. I would do cream linen textured curtains hung on a black curtain rod close to the ceiling, and add a rug with some deep colors (eg dark red and blue vintage style rug) to anchor the table. I love your dining set and the rattan picks up the light color of the floor, but I think a dark rug under the table for contrast would really bring it together!

  10. Just wanted to mention that I used to have the first rug and it’s great quality and held up well to having cats who would scratch it and shed on it :)

  11. If it’s in the budget, I would get a longer media console so it’s at least as long, but ideally longer, than your TV. There are some affordable ones on Wayfair right now for cyber week that could match the vintage vibe of some of your pieces. I would choose something in a similar wood tone to the piece the TV is on now and choose something slimmer and lower so it doesn’t overpower the small space. Then I would move the existing magazine holder thing from under the TV to under the heater for a little additional storage (or you can place it under the plant in the corner, can’t really see what’s there currently).

  12. It looks like you get great natural light in there! If it were me, I’d start by moving the television to where the heater is and the couch in kind. That way, I’m letting in light as sunbeams on my couch rather than a glare on my screen and not cutting off the view to the outside, if that makes sense. You could center the couch or push the short side against the window or opposite wall.

  13. I don’t know much about wall mounted space heaters but would it be bad for the TV for it to be in front of a heater? Or did you mean putting it to the left of the heater?

  14. I think it would be helpful to see what else is around this area, but maybe a mirror? Or even paint the wall a dark accent color like a dusty dark blue, and do a gallery wall with some gold frames and add a little console table and table lamp.

  15. Agree with rotating the bed to the left wall and adding long curtains to the little windows.

  16. I like the second table better. For me it comes down to the shape of the chairs, actually. I think the first set is more on trend but I think the second is more classic.

  17. Hi! If your open to it, I think you should reverse the placement of the tv and sofa - so center (and mount) the tv on the wall where the small floating shelves/mirror currently are, then have the sofa facing it.

  18. Agree - or possibly the TV on the wall where the white cube shelf is and the couch facing it.

  19. Those emoji pillows underneath are having quite the experience

  20. You are naturally bright and never had to study before to do well, and now you do. There is going to be an adjustment period where you have to learn how you study best. Now, it may be true that vet school isn’t for you. But I think it’s too early to tell. A lot of people go through this adjustment period and many are able to find their preferred study methods and do well in school.

  21. INFO - why does having a nickname prevent your dogs from working?

  22. I don’t think it’s chaotic, but it feels like a lot of the furniture and decor forms a line at the same height (for example, from first to second photo: guitar, chairs, plant, couch, makeup mirror, another couch) and then the art is quite high up with blank space beneath it.

  23. Thank you! I love these suggestions, I’ve actually entertained hanging/mounting the guitars and moving the posters together! I just like having the mirror there because it helps reflect light into the cavernous hallway area. Like the idea of adding more plants tho!

  24. I think the mirror is a cool piece! It may just be the angle of the photo, but I think what is throwing me off is that the wall across is the same green and the mirror doesn’t have a solid frame or anything, so the area of the mirror still ends up looking like a “blank” space on the wall.

  25. Agreed. Definitely not cat claws due to shape and size, and not dog claws due to shape and lack of wear.

  26. It’s a thoracic vertebra, I think from a cow, although more angles and size comparison would be needed to confirm.

  27. Some people are very strongly against crating your tree, but it's really up to the owner I think, the tree seems fine.

  28. As a veterinarian, I can confirm that the tree appears to be very happy. I suspect its owner has been using positive reinforcement training, like using frozen fertilizer treats inside Kong toys.

  29. Vet here - if you were just there to have her leg evaluated, you can absolutely call your vet and let them know what’s going on, let them know you want to make sure it isn’t a reaction to a medication that your cat was given or some other injury that needs to be evaluated (not sure how your kitty injured their leg, but is it possible that they could have injured their face as well?). Your vet may ask you to send photos by email.

  30. Vivy and Link Click are so good!! Also I second Spy Family

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