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  1. Put it in a deer stand or duck blind for PEAK lols.

  2. Fantastic product, I quite recommend. Paid more on amazon a few months ago, good price.

  3. Why can you find AP rounds for 50bmg but I can't find any AP rounds for .308? :c

  4. Never fuck with a man who's unafraid to fight naked with a tomahawk and a flashbang.

  5. I actually need this. May or may not have impulse bought an ugly Christmas print dangler for my pc.


  7. Questionable opinion, interested to see how it works out in the long run

  8. Holy shit. I just bought a 17 slide from kmtactical(? I don't actually remember, too much turkey) for like 10 bones more. Gaston needs to chill the fuck out with inflation on parts

  9. Which one of you degen vendors is gonna be the one to make all our dreams come true and run a special weekend sale sometime with code MBUSSY

  10. Hey Farva, what's the name of that place you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the Mozzarella sticks?

  11. I think that's the carrier I got when I did a noob mistake. Still have the carrier. I haven't run it hardcore for training or anything, and it's certainly abbrasive on the nips if you run it shirtless, but tbh it's not a bad carrier imo. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, maybe ar500's niche is carriers.

  12. Yeah I'm feeling the noob part. Plan on training in it and getting better in the future

  13. Throw some ceramics in there and you're probably fine to run with it tbh. Unless there's some massive flaw in stitching or something I'm too fucking dense to notice, it really doesn't strike me as appalingly worse than any low-tier carrier. I'd put it low-mid personally, it's not a Crye or anything, but there's much worse shit on the market.

  14. Welp not sure what i just bought but i bought it!

  15. ELI5 - just starting to look at NFA stuff, looking probably at suppressors first. I still have to do a Form 4 for each item I want to buy, but having this trust allows me to... will items down to posterity, and loan them out to people I denote in the trust? Is there any limit on how many items it covers, and does it cover all NFA items?

  16. To be fair, there is sperm in pre-cum. It is possible to be conceived without the occurence of any orgasms, technically.

  17. Honestly wish I were good with wood like that. I'd LOVE to make myself a walnut or cherry set with a dong.

  18. You wouldnt believe how many people have told me to quit tell me im shit and to kill myself It takes a long time and im not perfect yet Just takes time I enjoy doing it or i would have quit a while ago

  19. Internet trolls are just attention whores bro. Tune em out. Nobody gets perfect at anything on accident, it takes time and effort. If you love it, keep working at it, you'll be swimming in handmade swag while they're still drowning in tears.

  20. Got one from officer store over the summer for less. 5 mags, gun's in great shape. Came with the box and like 4 or 5 mags. Mine had some meaty ass rubber Hogue grips, swapped out for oem slims and it feels much better. I have plenty big hands, but I would NOT like to meet the mf who had it before me.

  21. I’m not too familiar with this dealer. Does anyone know about Gavin’s sexual activity?

  22. Gavin is more active sexually than Karens at your local Kohl's this morning.

  23. Wow. I didn't know "International day for the elimination of violence against women" can be worse

  24. I much prefer the international day for the elimination of and violence against women

  25. Involuntary celibate. Not fucking because no one will fuck them, not by choice of not fucking.

  26. That would be quite the interesting circumstance to find oneself in.

  27. I've had probably half a dozen of different models and none really had a noticeable click, but they should stay in place by friction.

  28. Thank you. I wish I had that many haha. Started buying folders though. They do seem to stay in place, they pop up about a millimeter sometimes but seems ok. Probably my least used tool. Again thanks for the feedback

  29. I said "had" ;) not quite as responsible as I should be. Probably only have 2 or 3 laying around to carry now, and they're not all proper Victorinox SAKs. Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. There's a totally real chance you'll find someone, just be upfront. Don't waste anyone else's time if you don't want your time wasted. Keep it classy, but being direct is the answer.

  31. I still haven't seen another better than the kygunco that had the 22lr/wmr combo a couple weeks ago.

  32. Saw one vendor post on the BF megathread, I think it's like $749. $799 - $50 off if I recall.

  33. For a gun newbie's first AR, any thoughts on which of these three might be best?

  34. I'm a fan of my Ruger 556. I think the general consensus most people agree on is that it's above the other two you mentioned. Plenty of people have hate to throw at each one, plenty of people stand by each one.

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