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To arrest teenagers for jaywalking

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  1. If he's too witty for his own good and you can hear him loud and clear as if he's mic'd up, and their faces are showing, this thing is staged.

  2. Everybody's clowning on him for suspiciously staring at it for too long but keep in mind this dude is illiterate as fuck and probably took a while to read the words and have his brain cells click together to form reading comprehension to realize what he just saw

  3. That cop's tight little butthole needs to be obstructed with a penis

  4. Halloween. Other countries are slowly attempting to get in on the action themselves

  5. What an absolute shit for brains. It was an awful merge even without the slowing traffic. AND they just passed you.

  6. Hmm, this looks fucked up. Let me eat it. Exploration in what is edible and not poisonous has definitely required some brave or desperate individuals.

  7. Literally how people in the old times discovered which plants and fungi were poisonous

  8. "We line em up and knock em down, just like tic tac toe"

  9. Filming in a gym is bad enough, but a bathroom is a place where a person should absolutely expect a right to privacy. Would this be illegal?

  10. "what a schmuck" he says to the guy complaining that he's invading everyone's privacy cuz he's too dumb to realize it himself, and then posting it publicly as if people will rally up with him.

  11. This music belongs in Witcher 3, not some shitty edited social media video

  12. But not necessarily in the way it’s used. You can say, “That guy’s putting the rizz on her,” but you’d never say, “That guy’s putting the charisma on her.”

  13. “I know we have agreed that these are fetish videos but there is still a motherfucker out there making this shit and possibly gonna electrocute their damn selves” is my favorite line followed by “you butter not” -edit: typo

  14. The line is the art board indicating the original pattern. Where one side of the pattern ends and where it begins on the other side

  15. God dam, I think all those shit YouTubers that called Hila ugly are straight blind and potentially demented. She smoking hot even before this pic. Keep slaying queen.

  16. To be fair, she dressed very modestly and casual back in the day so she was low hanging fruit for the Skull-Dented ones, and she only started coming out through her fashion journey and support (also having a lot of money helps)

  17. Shout out to all the actors for doing their own fight scenes and some of their own stunts in this episode. Keiwa and Ziin had mixed stuntwork with their stuntmen. Neon, Ace, and Tsumuri's actors did a great job as well. That was wild! Tsumuri can fight??

  18. Instead of spending your time making rock puns you could have spent it remembering the difference between sashimi and nigiri

  19. As a punk yes not all skinheads are Nazis. Especially in SFV area 99% are Hispanic / Filipino / black. There’s actually a club for non racist skinheads called the Trojan Lounge that plays reggae and ska. Obviously I have no clue if these guys are trad skins or boneheads but in LA majority I’ve seen are anti racist. Now OC on the other hand is a whole other story. Nazis fucking everywhere at those shows. I don’t blame anyone for not knowing this though.

  20. I want to add that skinheads have a separate history and lifestyle from the racist neo Nazis and true skinheads actually hate racists. There are great YouTube videos about it.

  21. Wait till you see how hard everyone is going to finger wag Trump in disapproval this time around

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