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  1. Tbf he’d probably be asking Frenchie. The certified lap dog and drug god

  2. Black conservatives don’t exist /s

  3. Nah, on Facebook you just laugh react stupid opinions

  4. RIP a real legend. A real voice from my childhood.

  5. Tory is easily the most overrated rapper of our generation. Basic ass flow and sound. He did body Joyner on the Litty remix imo though

  6. He has no Substance, and when a rapper roasts him about it. He has the kid jumped? That's pathetic

  7. Facts. They’ll suck his dick because he’s become some “symbol” like Andrew Tate

  8. Thats how it should be done everywhere, the bodies fully decompose into the soil and its very sustainable unlike burning bodies or using coffins.

  9. Not to mention it saves the family the stress of paying for a casket

  10. I actually hate that it’s being upvoted. I don’t even think thats what he is doing. It’s probably just the way he looks. I can’t believe people pick people apart that badly..

  11. Disgusting that this shit is considered normal. Imagine coming on Reddit to find this posted about you.

  12. Finally Rich not on there. This sub sucks.

  13. His mom told him to be productive today, now he’s angry.

  14. Maybe the Fruit of the Loom one? Unless someone can correct me on that

  15. Na I think fans are as responsible as Kanye for enabling his behaviour calling him a genius whenever he had a contarion point. He is just a result of the failing American and hip hop culture.

  16. Don’t blame other people for the actions of a grown man. There’s another problem with American society, it’s always someone else’s fault too.

  17. In my experience, antibiotics only work until you get used to them

  18. And that type of thinking is exactly why the Japanese were put in internment camps during WWII

  19. Four runs of what lol -noob death wizard in hunt of gloomy eye breeders

  20. This why creators don’t like doing face reveals. Bc of insecure folks like y’all.

  21. This is posted in this sub atleast 3 times a week. Take this bullshit to the

  22. You can get the Harpy pet in the super deceversary pack rn. Otherwise I can lend you mine

  23. Unironically my favorite character in the show

  24. What is this? Does this mean I can get Lord of Night on my death? Since I won it on my storm when Loremaster dropped spells?

  25. Hmmm but then you’re missing out on the blade from the pet that stacks with normal storm blade

  26. Facts 35% is better than 6%. I guess it depends on how much you plan on hitting

  27. 35% with an opportunity cost of a turn though, that's pretty important. There's a lot more options to use instead and max fights are usually pretty fast.

  28. Wouldn’t it be more effective to add maybe a shield piercing to take the place of the lowest damage boost?

  29. i love berserk haha, but i can understand why someone wouldn’t want it and the health boost ain’t worth it either

  30. Is there ever any point to using Berserk instead of Frenzy besides level?

  31. Damn you’re goated for this

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