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  1. The total sum that Lily got is double what OP and her husband contributed because Lily’s dad contributed the other half of said sum. Rose wanted the same total sum as Lily but turned it down when OP’s contribution turned out to only be half of that. Rose “didn’t get the same amount as Lily” because she overheard OP discussing the total sum amount, not the singular contribution amount (which was, again, only half of the total amount)

  2. The problem with everyone going to college is that it devalues the education. If every single person graduates college with an MBA or a doctorate you just have an overeducated workforce filled with doctors flipping burgers to survive.

  3. It’s like a paradox somewhat, if everyone goes to college, then the value of a college degree goes down.

  4. I just see this whole situation has dreadfully sad. The way he insults the first guy shows that he’s hurting and probably has some mental issues that need urgent addressing. The fact that he stood there mute while the cops were addressing him shows he wasn’t all there. Overall, his antics throughout the video are bizarre and childish. I’m just surprised by the somewhat large police presence at the end of the video.

  5. “Poor kids are just as smart as white kids”

  6. I heard a story on NPR a while ago that said the census bureau is now having issues because people are declaring themselves “mixed race” because they are taking those home ancestry DNA tests and getting back that they are 2% American Indian or 3% West African even though they are lily white and couldn’t name an ancestor who is anything different.

  7. Technically, they are mixed race, however, minute.

  8. "N-Guy" haven't read anything more braindead than this. You say no one takes an issue when you say it then why don't you say it around black people oh wai-

  9. That guy is seriously braindead. Such an asinine comment, he typed all that up and probably did not have the mental capacity to understand what he implied

  10. Why was he so offended by that word? Does he identify as an N word?

  11. Death is an unlikely outcome dragging someone against their will through the street in your car? Interesting. I think every prosecutor in the modern world would disagree with you.

  12. Of course, death is a likely outcome. Is the previous commenter an idiot. Force is equal to mass x accleration. If someone is moving at such high speeds and they come across a barrier or an another moving car, how is death not a likely outcome?

  13. How are you able to get that much loot? Do you have to look very hard to find a base?

  14. Central Asians. The people of Central Asia, a blend of European and Asian looking peoples.

  15. I thought the same thing. Why worry about something that doesn’t even matter?

  16. Race being a social construct doesn’t make it any less real. It affects people daily lives. If race isn’t a salient characteristics in your life, congratulations. However, for some people, race is something that they are cognizant of

  17. Are you really 5'4? The difference between when you were 125lbs and 177lb is such a massive difference, that it almost makes you look like a completely different person. What motivated you to gain so much weight?

  18. Same thing, make your own fucking map.

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