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  1. Get him on the podcast so they can kiss and make up

  2. Josh szeps did a response to all the frenzy after his appearance on JRE. Pretty good monologue if you ask me. Like the guy and his show. Anyone else give it s listen?

  3. My prediction for the Jordan Peterson thread: More people will post things like "Can't wait to see the haterz go nuts in this one!" than people actually going nuts about anything.

  4. It's entirely possible. I also predict an influx of Peterson's rabid fans.

  5. I love it when people get so mad they go through my post history

  6. It’s sometimes valuable to do research. You could find from my post history that I’m a middle class white male contrarian, and I’ll argue with whomever for funsies.

  7. I just like discussing the podcast

  8. How many weeks until this Rav Arora guy shows up on the podcast

  9. This is like that meme that says Joe suggests drinking engine coolant becuase he's drinking water. Redacted.

  10. Damn, what did he say that triggered you enough to look at his profile account, screenshot it, then post to Reddit?

  11. I don't actually listen to Mr. Rogan's show so I don't know what they are

  12. Oh Rogan said there are only fifty untrained men on the entire planet that could beat him in a fight

  13. It was on the JRE. That society should enforce monogamy, as in make monogamy the cultural norm to help the incels

  14. I've watched it, why don't you tell me what I'm misrepresenting

  15. I think based on this clip we can draw a few conclusions:

  16. I was going to clip the full video but they go off on so many tangents with covid and wokeness that I didn't think it was worth editing so I just posted this part. Basically Mike Lindell had a list of things he wasn't allowed to say on Fox News, James Lindsay was saying this is censorship and bad, Joe was saying that Fox has the right to remove anything that might harm their business and ruin their credibility, which is very ironic considering his views on censorship on Twitter and other platforms.

  17. Don't forget vertically challenged

  18. Where does it say he's a Leninist? He's clearly left wing but didn't know he's a Leninist specifically

  19. But this is the free market... Senile old man

  20. This is what happens when a musician with no talent tries to grift

  21. He was the inspiration, he's got the bess brains for the arts

  22. This is what happens when people don't have male role models in their lives. Sad.

  23. Joe wants Ngannou to hold him like that

  24. Imagine using a CCP app that tracks all your data

  25. You do know that by sharing tiktok videos you're actually promoting the CCP

  26. The origins of his genetic violence

  27. He's brought up the Indus Valley before, but I don't think he's gone into great detail

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