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  1. Refresh my memory, is this a modern day scoring where you can use multiple paint schemes for each driver?

  2. yes. you can use a variety of point systems or create your own easily.

  3. this is why people need to upload their work to both nnracing and stunod. nnracing is a fine site but this is the second time in under 6 months.

  4. stunod should be up for a longer time, and I am sure there are other places to upload the work to

  5. cup2000 was kinda off. Its a fine mod for those that have nostalgia for the ea thunder games but otherwise someone made a good comparison between the real carbody and the mod and it was just off.

  6. it happens. It is best to ask tho cause it still could take a afternoon work when someone might have already had it done.


  8. my best bet is the nr2003 encyclopedia.

  9. And theyll keep doing it because I don't think the NR2003 community wants to declare war on children and waste their time trying to deal with kids who have never heard the word "no" in their lives.

  10. to be fair, some of them like IDK Player asked for permission and were given it.

  11. doesn't matter. EA will shut codemasters down like they did almost every studio they ever purchased in the last 15 years because a game doesn't sell enough.

  12. I kinda like the newer thumbnails

  13. Am running N2 (96) nicely now so it's all good. My latest worry is how to make a right front last 70 laps at Rockingham lol 😆

  14. you and every crew chief that ran that track XD

  15. Lol - got 55 and the RF was toast. 86 lap race (20% or something). Most got 70ish, Dale predictably gets 86 to win by a few seconds with me closing at around a second a lap.

  16. so i found a download site that might be of interest

  17. that pettyv8 soundpack is the best as of now since that was from an actual gen 4 engine

  18. gimp, or photoshop if you wanna arrrgue lol, cup90 and it looks like a thunderbird so a thunderbird template. get the 99 decal from i think bigevil and make sure to get the rousch/carl edwards version and Pepsi logos from logopedia and the rest is up to you.

  19. I have a strong feeling that 22 on switch will be a miracle to release if it ever does.

  20. we got the file we just need to know how to make it run.


  22. So, if like me you use exe edits, just rename the exe into NR2003.exe and it works.

  23. so, richmond offline race and i messed up with placement of pace car (I was the lead car) and missed pit timing and wound up having to restart with old tires and fuel to keep my track position. I then fortunately saved from a spin on the restart but the caution came out again. I was able to pit and get out with better tires and fuel then the rest of the field. there were a few more wrecks and I was able to get track poisition and never stopped till i got the W while the AI still had one more pit stop left.

  24. so thats why jeff green left

  25. I am guessing Talladega 2004, or even a better track.ini for dega that is a bit more accurate. Either way best of luck.

  26. There was a sound mod that changed the spotter saying "Green green green" into "Boogity boogity boogity lets go racing!" which would be the only way to get anything similar to what is asked. Otherwise no there is no commentary mod nor will there ever be.

  27. home depot store numbers. whatever store had the highest sales the week before got featured on the car. the store i currently work at was on stewarts car at california in ‘07.

  28. i just figured it was the closest home depot to the track

  29. nr2007 exe or nr2005 exe would be cool

  30. Excuse the late response, life kinda took over for a sec. To make up for it I've got a good list of notable standalones including what's requested. Here -

  31. yeah it happened about half a year ago, it returns after like 3 days

  32. hopefully. someone finally did the talladega nights schemes for the 05 cup mod and some of the current year schemes are only on that site as of now

  33. atleast someone does. Dont reupload them unless you created them cause well, yeah. nnracing might be back up in a day or two.

  34. glad the nr2003 encyclopedia archived a ton of cars from that site, and that recent uploads were uploaded in multiple places. Still, sad to see this site go.

  35. they just need to make a 2022 update.

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