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Screen printing on a tank top

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  1. Because until you get to the point he is at, having a stable follow-through usually means the rest of the swing was done right.

  2. Important to remember is that most of the pros play in way lower resolution than the stream is shown at. So while he can see into connector etc. on the stream, he will not be able to on his own monitor due to the resolution diff.

  3. I mean, the movie was literally Pocahontas 2.0, scene for scene, even the magic tree.

  4. When I just started playing, I was building a commander deck, and decided id buy a few singles, at the time I think Thousand-Year Storm was around 2€ or so on CM, ended up paying the equivalent on 25€ in my currency, and didn't realise how big the markup was till I came home and mentioned it to a friend.

  5. Er det ikke lidt ligesom at sige at færdselsloven ikke 'forhindre' at folk køre for hurtigt, fordi der stadig er folk der kører for hurtigt.

  6. Det er den samme bog, så det må man da forvente?

  7. Ja, fordi kristendommen har som bekendt ikke forandret sig på nogen måde i sine små 2000 år.

  8. Det var ikke min pointe, men tværtimod at på trods af at det er samme bog formår den på mystisk vis at ændre sig konstant, man læser selektivt hvad man vil af guds ord, så det passer bedst muligt ind i dagens kultur, og lades som om man læste forkert tidligere.

  9. Crit is RNG based, str only increases your healing, vers is an increase to your healing done and taken overall more value than both str and crit in any PvP situation for survivability.

  10. Yet the set bonus only increased the output part of your vers, not the incoming healing or damage taken. So main stat vs. Vers% power is at a conceptual level the exact same thing (disregarding different classes scaling differently with the diff stats), and on top of that u got a bunch of stam.

  11. I unironically think their reasoning for it having charges is a good idea. However it's clear to see it's just way too late in the patch for this to be implemented. It should've came out with the mythic raid. By this time almost, if not everyone, would have their 4-set and be able to experience it firsthand.

  12. Unbelievable experience. From Psycho Mantis reading the memory card to the Colonel telling us to turn off our PS2. Genius!

  13. What's the game you showed in the OP? I remember playing this some time ago, but can't remember what it was called..

  14. when did liquid do it? last tier?

  15. This a million times. If you don't want to swap pantheon then don't run Searing exarch if you can't be fucked to read what mods you take.

  16. But at the same time. They're "Minor" Pantheons, should they really be the difference between life and death?

  17. Forgotten just isn't that fun to play, and was one of the ones I hated the most getting all the checkmarks on. (Discounting tainted laz and j&e)

  18. Screenprinting does not inherently use the CMYK part of the colour spectrum, I'd argue that it's even stronger for printing single or multi-colour prints in the Pantone-Spectrum.

  19. We owned a screen-printing business for years, and all color matching was done in Pantone.

  20. I work for a very large promotion company, and we do not offer any kind of CMYK print on our Screenprints, only Pantones aswell ;)

  21. So it dupes item/speeds up item production? Like factorio red green and blue chips?

  22. It's either Speed Module or Productivity Module for your crafts, you choose which one on the assembler, and the "Modules" are consumed after X amount of uses.

  23. THANK YOU!!! New to this sub. Wouldn't Fire Ice or Spiniform Stalagmite Crystal be better over Sulfuric?

  24. In my opinion, personally, Sulfuric Acid or Organic Crystal Veins are the "Rush" for me. They cut out massive production lines by themselves, even though they have "Limited" uses, they free up resources to focus into other parts of the process until you get to white science and just swap everything (Except Unipolars) to Rares. (Unipolar and Coal I wait till sub 40% Vein Consumption, especially now with Coal being a main component of the speedy-up spray)

  25. Som tidligere buschauffør, det er noget af det bedste. Jeg har oplevet det en gang, men husker stadig tydeligt at jeg lige var mødt ind, og blev kaldt ind på chefens kontor, og fik en skrivelse fra Movia og blev bedt om at læse den højt (Han vidste hvad der stod i den). Det var en passager der havde startet en sag for dejlig behandling mm.

  26. OP probably doesn't know what the icon for SCK is lol

  27. It's the icon for the SCK Proc which allows the monk to oneshot using SCK lol.

  28. Yeah lol the icon is wrong. It doesn't do dmg.

  29. It's the icon for the SCK Proc which allows the monk to oneshot using SCK lol.

  30. Found the WW Monk Main, each post only awards 45% Comment Karma ;D

  31. It was a joke on the fact that you posted your reply 3 times ;)

  32. Can someone explain this (Really 10% of her health)-thing? I don’t understand

  33. The fight is over at 50%, so after 50% of her health u have beaten 100% of the boss. Therefore 1% hp = 2% of the fight's total hp

  34. HyperX is really messed up in software field. My Cloud II`s make my PC BSOD, my Alloy Elite RGB double-taps keys and my Pulsefire Surge stops moving if I open Ngenuity software.

  35. Atleast I got a replacement for my first one, but I'm not so sure what'll happen with this one. Luckily it's only a few months old, and where I live I am entitled to a refund after the first RMA if the same issue persists up to... I think 2 years. So they can't really refuse.

  36. They showed him early on they can extract inputs from replays and detect spikes from slowing down the game. Why he did not shat his pants then is puzzling.

  37. Looks like he DID shit his pants, and figured the best course of action was try to defame Wirtual and get people to hate him, so his video would be instantly decried as an attack on Riolu, and not a thorough investigation.

  38. This could work if your fanbase is full of 8-12 yo's but TM demographic is most likely in their 20s or higher. A fanbase of level-headed adults is much harder to manipulate.

  39. Seems a lot of people still believed him though. On the internet, a lot of these people will treat these streamers like a dad or a teacher, anything they say is truth, regardless of actual fact, they'll defend them far longer than any logical person would deem sensible.

  40. If by streaming your livelihood depends on it then yeah. Poor baby being a second class citizen playing their free to play game. Let me get you a tissue.

  41. Sure, I'll just refund my 2k$ worth of supporter packs etc. bought over the years I've played this game, it's free to play after all, and expecting to be treated the same as everyone else on a league launch makes me a "baby". Free to play == Only streamers matter.

  42. You are intentionally dense. Streamers aren't everyone else, their income is tied to playing the game. Making sure they can earn their living isn't pulling something over on you. You absolute child

  43. Making sure they can't earn their living, by... You know... Not fixing the same problem we had last league?

  44. dont believe poe when they tell you that if you leave queue and rejoin youll instantly get in, it only applies to streamers LULW

  45. We should all start streaming, and get the priority queue.

  46. Tried it with blue boots, the mystic orbs stay (but be careful, the required level stays too; so when you upgrade, the original level needed goes up, so make sure you'll be able to equip it after uptiering it!)

  47. It works on blue/yellow items, since the rolls stay the same. You're simply upgrading the tier.

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