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  1. Does that mean cue ball touches 8 ball, 8 ball goes in without scratching, and neither touches anything other than each other and rails?

  2. If you knock in an opponents ball while shooting the 8 you loose. If you scratch while shooting the 8 you loose. If the 8 ball kisses a ball on the way to the pocket you loose.

  3. I know I kept loosing because I would run the table and then hooked myself on the 8. Its easy to do when your opponent has 7 balls on the table.

  4. - Oakville Ontario Store as well. I bought my cues from them. Quite happy dealing with them.

  5. There were a few trainees driving with instructors today. Probably slower because their new.

  6. Legitimately could not finish watching cause it gets so bad so quickly

  7. It's worth it. The cringe intensifies until she calls him an asshole then it ends.

  8. "clever cartoon about a topical and contovertial topic that with get me karma on reddit."

  9. It's not frowned upon to celebrate. But every pool player knows that celebrating gets you fired up and makes it harder to shoot. At the Mosconi, cup players will celebrate early but only when they have a 9 ball they make 100 out of 100 times. I think this guy was fired up he made the shot and the spin he added was having the desired effect. But the cue ball drifted to a rail making the shot a little trickier.

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