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  1. Prequel, but NOT the Dragon Campaign. Set it a short time after, in the aftermath. The third or fourth appearance of The Black Monster.

  2. Prequel, but NOT the Dragon Campaign. Set it a short time after, in the aftermath. The third or fourth appearance of The Black Monster.

  3. I like using 'Still' these days so I can wear a full-plate and tower shield, since AC is pretty low in the expansions it's cheap to make a spellsword who can both melee and cast without giving up much of either. I'm actually replaying the campaigns like this right now and

  4. Given how high the RNG likes to roll on non-d20 dice, empower I find comes out above maximize. The real juice for it, though, is that it allows spont casters another level for their best spell. +3 and +4.

  5. Its a bit of a bullshit ability, yes. It's a will saving throw, so anything that you an get to increase such saves will be good.

  6. There is exactly ONE undead typed creature in the Wailing Death that isn't typed as evil, but you shouldn't be able to fight him. But that's also not the bodak in question.

  7. My wisdom is 16. I have no poison or disease. I've put them in my spellbook but they disappear

  8. I'm on Xbox one so there's no way to use any mods. What's the antimsgic area?

  9. I'm HotU act II, a zone below the beholders nest is an antimagic area. I'm not 100% sure if that would interfere with preparing spells, and you are veru underleveled for that zone, but it's in the realm of possibility. If you didn't just fight your way past a BUNCH of beholders though, that's not the issue.

  10. Is the earing a post or a hoop? If it's a post or a bar, then if it fits, it's better than nothing. A hoop may be too curved and thus deform such a fresh hole. Depends on how healed it is. 3 months isn't "new" so even a hoop may be good.

  11. The piercing itself looks right, the jewelry is a fair bit undersized for the aesthetic I prefer, but that can be changed easily once it heals and may not be your aesthetic anyways.

  12. It’s important to remember that it is not that nothing can move faster than light. Rather, that there is a “max speed” for the transmittal of matter/energy/information in the universe, and light in a vacuum can move as fast as that speed. So, since light in a vacuum moves at that speed, it’s called the “speed of light” which obscures this deeper point.

  13. Yeah, with what I've learned from the other answers, I suppose my question was really "Is the speed of light the speed of causality" with the answer being "no."

  14. This is a way that astronomers are trying to get an early warning about

  15. This is pedantry, but I wonder if "warning" isn't the wrong term to use for that system. "Warning" carries connotations of danger, and I assume we are all aware of the media's track record with scientists (and especially astronomers) findings. Maybe "Supernova early alert system" would be better. But that has nothing to do with the really cool content of your comment. Thanks for this.

  16. You're thinking "Stan". I understand the confusion, it's a simple mistake.

  17. So that thermal energy "came from" the liquid water, and the water was liquid in the first place due to energy from the sun.

  18. Maybe not the Sun itself, any source of energy would work (some chemical reaction such as fire, nuclear, even mechanical energy from stirring the water would convert to some thermal energy), but yes. It was already in the water when the ball was floating.

  19. Physics: Given that the speed of light changes based on the medium through which the light travels, can matter or energy move faster than its local light if in some highly refractive or dense medium?

  20. Yes, this most famously happens in nuclear reactors where emitted electrons move through the water at speeds greater than light does. This creates the blue glow you might be familiar with through cherenkov radiation, a phenomenon analogous to a sonic boom.

  21. I thought that was "watching photons slow down". It's actually the beta radiation doing it? How cool.

  22. Icarian Flight is one of the fastest ways to travel, and you get 3 scrolls of it just a three minute walk from the Census Office.

  23. I did command creature on Creeper once to my house in Balmora, broke the whole feckin game somehow lol

  24. Yeah, once I get a helmet, who knows what's under there?

  25. Well enchanting your hammer with drain fatigue spell will work.

  26. Already in the plan. I think blunt is the way to go, but wanted to ask before starting and getting the restartis again.

  27. That 99 in strength, though. Gotta have a no mult level to finish it up

  28. Not really a problem. Sooner or later I'll have to put scattered points into either that one or Luck. All because of that stupid bug...

  29. All factions are best, depending on your playstyle. You’re almost certain not to be able to meet the skill requirements for some of them (you need 90 in a faction’s favored skill to advance to the top rank) without deliberately grinding out a really maxed-out character, as opposed to progressing naturally. All of them have great quests if you like the themes and ideas they represent, so go for what seems interesting or what your character would do. You can join as many or as few as you want, and the final few quests of each faction usually lead you to legendary artifacts.

  30. I could be wrong here, but I'm fairly certain the game never makes the checks for the final rank of any faction, so you only need to meet the rank 8 requirement of one favored skill at 80, two at 30, and the attributes at 34. This is due to the last quest granting the rank up, rather than needing to ask for advancement. With Telvanni, you go one rank requirement lower because their quest line skips the 7th rank entirely (granting 8 instead of 7, and then quest to 9)

  31. Some it does and some it doesn't, I can't remember which ones but I recall needing it for either Hlaalu or Redoran (or even both idk)

  32. Don't think I ever finished either of their lines. Can't seem to apply enough vacuum to keep lips attached to the Empires rump to play them.

  33. A fed up cat wearing a snake for a hat wearing a tiger-frog for a hat?

  34. Uncle Sheo! Your "dog" is in my subconscious again. Please take her home.

  35. Yes, it does. Which is probably for best or overboosted Nerevarines would break their hands after first strike and must beat Dagoth with their bloody stumps 🙂

  36. Like the Black Knight, but actually good in a fight.

  37. The Neverending Story plays in background

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