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Why is Christianity the only religion whose mockery is politically correct and accepted?

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  1. Good question. The dad’s pollen was collected from a long pheno hunt and stored separately for specific hybridzation. None of these are from hermies so I’m pretty protected. I mean occasionally I get a few nanners. But generally it’s not an issue with the hybrid strains I’m making.

  2. I was wondering if the two males that pollinated the plant in the pics are two males of the same cross or two different strains crossed to that gelato

  3. Two completely different pollens and pollination times with clear indication of where one set of seeds ends and the other set of seeds begins. The seeds are separated not only by size but by almost an 1/8 of an inch of distance where the new blossoms are emerging. To make sure anyway I circled a piece of dental floss around the end of the previous pollination level. And I use a paint brush so I’m pretty specific and occasionally I get a couple seeds here in there that are offsite. Considering how much pollen I deal with, it’s amazing I don’t fuck up more often.

  4. That's pretty cool. I'll be curious to see how they finish up.

  5. I'm on my 14th season of outdoor and I was giddy as a kid on Christmas when the seeds came up this year.

  6. I was curious about the labeling of the seeds, my father gifted me some seeds the other day with the same type of labels and was curious as to where he ordered them. Got some AK47, GG#4 and hawaiian purple skunk from that company

  7. Those are just standard sticket labels. You can buy them at office supply stores and the companies that make them have free template software so you can make sticker labels in your word processor and print them at home

  8. Like I said... All you throw is ad hominems and blah blah triggered, blah, blah mad. You're horrible at this.

  9. It's clear that you don't know what ad hominid means. In sorry that you've been living with so much fear. It's easy to do if you let yourself be exposed to modern media these days.

  10. You've said "bye" (or some variation) three times now.

  11. This whole fucking post is advocating the gold standard, are you blind, dumb, high, or all three?

  12. The OP is referring to silver backed money, very clearly stated.

  13. Because they're the overwhelming majority in our culture and it's generally acceptable to mock the majority in our culture while mocking minorities is generally frowned upon

  14. The perpetual money black hole that is the industrial war machine

  15. Is that a conspiracy? Let alone a good one?

  16. Guess it depends what you mean by "good". It is absolutely a relatively small group of people planning actions in secret to accomplish goals that the majority of people would likely oppose and for their own personal benefit. And it's been very successful, both financially and from a power perspective

  17. I don't support that, but I do support equal treatment among parties and I don't consider this equal treatment, I consider this weaponizing the DOJ in order to prevent their biggest political opponent from running against them. Hillary had an unsecured private email server in her basement with classified documents that was completely illegal, she wasn't even the president and she didn't have her house raided. Literally nothing happened to her and that was worse than this and now she is fundraising off the raid.

  18. I mean, he could have just returned the documents he took from the Whitehouse that the national archive is legally obligated to keep and store. He had plenty of time to make copies if that's what he wanted to do.

  19. All of the plants you mentioned are easy to grow from seed and may be native to your area.

  20. People get real sensitive about growing berries from seed for some reason. It's almost as bad as suggesting growing apples from seed.

  21. Seed plants tend to resemble their parents and grandparents. So yes, the offspring of two plants that display the same trait are more likely to display that trait

  22. How many pounds of each are you getting from how many square feet?

  23. Last year my garden was a bust due to life circumstances taking me away from it in the summer. I still got about 15 pounds of dry beans and a dozen or so winter squash. On that same patch the year before (~24' x 36') I got around 60 lbs dry corn, maybe 30 lbs dry beans (my son ate his body weight in green beans before that as well), and more winter squash than I could store.

  24. I got ~35lbs of field corn from a 10x15' plot two years ago (last time I grew it) and about 25 lbs of squash from a 10x8 portion (where I also grew cucumbers that I never weighed). I don't grow dry beans because I just never felt like there was any quality improvement in what I grew versus what I could buy but I think 4 oz per square foot is considered reasonable for bush beans, so 30lbs would be 120square feet. All that would add up to 10x35 or about 40% of the space you gardened in. I'm just not seeing where the advantage is in planting them on top of each other, they just don't seem like they play well together.

  25. I should ask the guy at the farmers market who does dry beans what his yield is like. For corn, no one in my are grows it and the farmers I've talked to go so far as to tell me that you "can't" grow it in our cool wet coastal climate. So I only have my pre 3 sisters results to go off and all of my best corn yields have come out of my 3 sisters plots.

  26. Pizza party runs this country at the moment. Both sides of the aisle

  27. Most government agencies are legally obligated to create and keep physical documents

  28. "4.4% of respondents reported that a member of their household had died from COVID-19, 8.9% said a member had died as a result of Covid vaccination."

  29. Right, officially 0.33% of people in the US died of covid, presumably some of those came from the same household. So these guys managed to find a covid death house at about 15x the rate you would expect?

  30. Yeah but who really wants to live on the run in Russia? Granted we think he fate is better than Assange, but who really knows?

  31. I would pick being ostensibly free to move around and exist in Russia over holed up in a small embassy and then a fucking medieval prison in Britain 100 out of 100 times

  32. Is he free to roam was my question.

  33. Thanks what does claytonia taste like? Is it worth it? I think your region is a bit warmer than here. It's overcast here for months on end. I am planning an August planting as well as a October planting. But I want to be harvesting every few weeks throughout the winter if that's possible?

  34. We are a bit warmer than you (I assume) but it's extremely wet and overcast from mid-late October through february/sometimes March.

  35. thanks, here is an updated version of the list. To double check, please let me know if any of the following are not going to make it in a cold, grey, shady, coastal winter garden? I'm hoping to harvest throughout the winter.

  36. It's because of all the pit haters. What percentage of owned pitbulls attack people? 1%? It's just scared people, which seems to be a theme on this sub

  37. It's much less than 1%. There are hundreds of thousands of pitbulls in the country

  38. 4.5 million apparently. They'll talk about COVID killing people at a much lower rate than they were portraying, but .001% of pitbulls attack people they say they're unpredictable killing machines. Guess it's hard for simple people to see how close they are to the "brainwashed" masses they claim to be mentally superior to

  39. I’m not sure how pollinated it is . I just seen the hermie plant sacs opened just one small branch in a room of 45 5 gals . Saying just finish grow? Still able to produce decent buds ? To wash ? Need some cash back or just kill it now

  40. Oh if you just saw a small herm branch just pull that plant and finish the grow for sure. You will likely have some badly seeded bud right in that area but most of the room should be fine

  41. How pollinated is it? If you've eliminated the pollen producing plant then you can still assess the remaining plants quality and keep a clone of those.

  42. My opinion differs from many. from what I've read the only reason to defoliate would be to reduce pest pressure by increasing airflow. Plants have evolved to translocate mobile nutrients from leaves to fruits when needed. I read somewhere about research done with nasa by the creator of apogee light instruments and in terms of yield he found there to be no such thing as "nutrient sinks" defoliating only ever reduced overall yield. His research had to do with growing in environments like the moon and Mars.Their goal would be to grow as efficiently as possible

  43. I'm not sure who explained cannabis defoliation to you but they either didn't know what they were talking about or you did not understand.

  44. You need to research Zionism and Christian Zionism and the impact of those philosophies on the governments and cultures of the west. That is the philosophy that underpins support for israel

  45. Germany contributed $500 million more than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Why don't the Germans control world healthcare?

  46. But who is really running shit? Bill Gates or the Germans? I mean if Bill Gates' foundation only contributed $751 million but the Germans contributed $1268 million then why does Bill Gates get credit for pushing the vaccines but the Germans don't?

  47. Bill Gates gets highlighted in this community because it's heavily americanized, meaning most people here probably wouldn't even recognize the name of a German politician, plus he's a well known figure and it's easier (and I think more comforting) to point to an "evil person" than it is to point to a destructive system and start to parse where the rot comes from and what can be saved. People are generally happier to just claim that removing one person will solve the problem.

  48. It's not accumulating water from the environment, it's releasing water from inside the plant. The plant does this naturally to balance the amount of water inside it (sort of like peeing). The process is called guttation, and the structures the water is released from are called hydathodes. There's no obvious reason why the hydathodes are in these particular spots, but in most plant species they tend to be at the edges of leaves and at the end of veins.

  49. I don't think this is water that has been released by the plant. This is a common pattern of water droplet accumulation on cannabis leaves when they are sprayed with water or rained on. I have never seen a plant exude them in this way. The guttation (thanks for the new vocabulary word!) That I've observed occurs on the underside of the leaves

  50. Check out commercial restaurant supply places. They sell clear plastic tubs for various prepared foods.

  51. I remember reading that hugelkultur was developed for exceptionally wet conditions; it soaked up all excess water like a sponge. Because of its ability to soak up water and hold it in, it is also useful for areas that receive little precipitation.

  52. Its a traditional practice from the alps. Used to build terraces and create planting areas that stay evenly moist through erratic precipitation.

  53. Is it? Or is it just an idea Sepp Holzer had to use low value slash wood?

  54. If it's his original idea he's a very humble person, because he never claims it as his own.

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