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Ryan Reaves hit on Hronek

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  1. According to Twitter, this “source” is a Swedish tabloid. Good chance they’re embellishing this story a bit

  2. No Soderblom or Edvinsson in GR tonight. Are they hurt or healthy scratches?

  3. Seriously? I have tickets for tomorrow but haven't gotten any communication, nor seen anything on their social media.

  4. We didn’t get an email about it either. Last email we have tells us when and where to pick up jerseys. We also ordered our tickets 2+ months ago, so maybe it’s a quantity issue?

  5. I don’t even see dick as a swear word tbh. Like yeah, it is a swear word, but it’s a very light one, like crap or piss. Shit is a bit stronger. Fuck is stronger still. The C word is the strongest of them all. Different swear words have different strengths. Dick is on the low end of the scale and is not that harsh of a swear word, while the C word is extremely harsh and is the strongest swear word in existence. Even stronger than fuck. There’s a scale/spectrum. The C word is at the top. It is the worst. That is a well-known fact.

  6. You’re getting “facts” and “opinions” confused again

  7. 6 years of high draft picks. Griffins in last place. Sad.

  8. I know their roster has changed constantly the last 2 seasons, but I still feel like it’s time for coaching change. The team hasn’t looked great under Simon

  9. Keep going with the excuses. They would've have started him if he was sick, they have 3 goalies...

  10. Givani goes to Florida as part of a 3 way deal. I know he wasn’t a staple, but I’ll miss him

  11. can you help me with something? I've been wondering about a very important part in the second book. when the protagonist Control (*spoiler*) watches a VHS about a expedition and suddently THE FRICKING BACKGROUND starts moving.

  12. I’ve heard rumors that might get explained or at least referenced in the 3rd book

  13. It worked your a life saver thanks. It takes 5 seconds to hear two beeps. So don’t give up. My third beep took 15 seconds more. Just wait.

  14. I’d check all the local rink schedules for Stick and Puck times. They can be busy around holiday season but it’s usually a mix of kids and adults just trying to learn the basics

  15. I don’t know if he targeted, but he also didn’t avoid it. Hronek had no idea he was there. Reaves could’ve pulled back a little to line up better and still wiped him out

  16. I would argue Reaves could have blown him up even worse…. He kinda just glided straight into him. Hronek did absolutely nothing to protect himself.

  17. Yeah, just because he could’ve hit him harder doesn’t negate the head contact though. Initial point of contact is straight in Hronek’s face.

  18. There’s 9 games going on right now and they’re all at intermission

  19. And he'll deserve it. Doesn't matter how noble of a crusade he thinks he's on; that kind of passive aggression cannot stand. I bring my cart back every time, but hearing him try to get a rise out of that dude made me want to reach through the screen and throttle him.

  20. People like you are the reason god doesn’t talk to us anymore

  21. That’s on Lindstrom 100%. Can’t blame Ned there when his defenseman’s skate is tied up in his pads. This teams playing like shit for Ned and it makes me sad

  22. So I'm not familiar with the games, although I've obviously heard of them for years (I'm not much a VG guy though if I do play then it's usually turn-based strategy stuff).

  23. I’ll delete this if it’s inappropriate, but is there a good way to sail the high seas on my PS5? Watched Wings games no problem last season in Oregon, but moved to the Yoop this year and now I can’t watch them at all! (ironically, I get every Kraken game, the other team that I watch, on YouTubeTV even though I’m nowhere near the PNW anymore). I feel nickel and dimed already, and I can’t justify $20 a month for another streaming subscription.

  24. Unfortunately no good way to stream on ps5 that I’ve found


  26. So many I Think You Should Leave references. I love it

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