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The headache I've been having for the last 6 months turns out to be a brain tumour

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  1. How long is the movie that he's saying this now?

  2. Three and a half hours for Dances with Smurfs 2? Jesus Christ, someone needs to rein in Cameron’s ego. There’s no reason for this shit to be that long.

  3. wait till you hear how long Avatar 3 is lol

  4. Abondneded, like food taste across that strip, pitiful.

  5. Are you seriously comparing the 3rd-world nation-transportation level TTC to Japan?!

  6. I've invested every spare dollar and now get satisfaction watching my investment account count down towards zero with every trading day.

  7. Man I feel for people suffering financially, but surrendering a dog after a year or two of enjoying its company is messed up.

  8. In the Islamic story, this was a civilisation well removed from bodies of water, to the point where people ridiculed Noah for building a boat because "why would you need a boat you fucking idiot"

  9. lol 85 years old... this vid is gold, the guy looking at the spy camera "what this? the guy across the street can see it". hahaha "I give him vitamins so he can do my neighbour"... She is hilarious.

  10. The day after i bought new water, i was washing my hands, i noticed the water flow has decreased. I thought theres noway its almost over, “mberih 3abbet”. I go up the roof, check the water cistern, its almost full. Go back down baffled, i get the idea to detach the small filter head on the faucet, and lo and behold you have half of ramlet el bayda right there in my sink. Fetet lbeset el maillot maddet chaise longue, jebet kteb w a3adet chi 30 min akhadet chweyit bronzage, tabbasset chwey bel mayyet, 3melet chateau de sable.. rje3et fatahet el mayy chataftoun w daharet rje3et a3adet bel salon. Such a fun day.

  11. I'm not buying the story, he died because he could not get 50 mil LBP? Chamoun's family are stuffed with money, all of them.

  12. That's interesting. Do we know what's in the container when buying it?

  13. Never heard of something like this, why the Port authority not simply open the container? Is it really profitable?

  14. Shows the extent of the mental health damage they have inherited through intergenerational trauma.

  15. lol OP, you are not permitted to use logic against the Abrahamic religions of insanity. God needs Satan so he/she/it can look good, it's the best PR investment God ever made, hence why God does not eliminate Satan from the equation and allows him to do as he/she/it pleases, also equally important that we can NOT dismiss the idea that God is, in fact, Satan, because if you logically think it over, to be able to create all things, including EVIL, you gotta be one.

  16. Is it possible to have it sent back to its owner from Cyprus?

  17. Absolutely, the owner will fly over there and collect, as long as you pay.

  18. It's hilarious to see people using TINDER for "dating" it's like fucking a hooker for "righteousness".

  19. A million dollars makes a man person stand different, you know.

  20. The “you have no hair sweetie “ visibly enraged him and it’s fucking HILARIOUS!

  21. I laughed HARD when she told him I GET MORE PUSSY THAN YOU and you can see his brain processing that comment: YEP SHE CLEARLY DOES MAN. Fucking hilarious.

  22. You never know, he may find someone with money to waste who is willing to pay twice as much. Look it up online, some of the big corporations are buying up virtual assets (lands) in the metaverse; Gucci, Atari, Wari Music Group and HSBC, to name a few. They spent $$ billions of dollars.

  23. Anytime I see a photo of a cat being held like that, all I hear in the back of my head is a cat voice saying:

  24. Learn to make fucking money on your own without needing to have an employer.

  25. If it's not Lamb Shawerma, it's not worth being called Shawerma.

  26. Djej is chicken, no? Chicken is not Lamb.

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