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  1. Did he chase you into New Hanover lol

  2. Carlos from Saints row 2 was my first sad death in a game. Still hits hard when I go back, rip homie

  3. but, and I'm serious here, would that not hurt? I mean headbutting someone with your gentiles doesn't seem like the most effective way to fight

  4. He still said those things, there's no get out of jail free card by saying 'I was just acting bro'.

  5. I totally agree, he's a pos and I hate that people like him or support him. Either way he puts off negative energy and a bunch of offensive terms. If kids look up to him without the knowledge and common sense, which let's be honest adults don't have that no way kids will, then it's gonna make them think that offensive and aggressive shit is normal and okay.

  6. I jumped and immediately checked around me, fuck

  7. I work at a gas station as a 20 year old, I get so many sirs it's making me just feel older, but everytime I hear sir I feel like this imagine lmao

  8. I think he was planning this and waiting for a perfect opportunity to take full custody /s

  9. Nails 🤮, why do so many men not get dirt out of their nails? I am a guy and I always make sure to dig dirt out of my nails when they’re dirty

  10. Probably because he's outside playing in dirt with his dog. His nails are gonna be dirty

  11. One's gearing up for dinner with the in-laws, the other prepping for the apocalypse. Both brave warriors

  12. Horse could be skittish especially to new people who are in crisis. I'm not saying that's the case but there are many factors as to why it was better he guide her I'd assume

  13. Is there a reason you're copying other peoples comments all over the sub?

  14. For real, first time this happened to me I feel special lol

  15. Also when you kill someone, even if they're still alive on the ground, you usually get a screen effect and a hitmarker. You received neither, sorry bud, it's a dead body. If you're so interested in Easter eggs there are vampires in red dead that are supposed to be our link to the supernatural and undead nightmare.

  16. To be fair, it's just a comment, doesn't have any evidence. But he still should've looked it up or something, I myself know nothing about this but just don't like the guy.

  17. I mean, if they’d asked “how do you know he’s said slurs” it would be one thing, but asking how he’s a piece of garbage directly to someone saying that he said slurs presumably means that someone saying slurs isn’t enough to make them bad to you

  18. Yeah I see what you're saying, you're right. Sorry if i seemed in any way offensive

  19. It’s a stagecoach robbery mission with Micah and Bill in like chapter 4

  20. Ah okay. I probably always skipped it cause I didn't wanna spend time with Micah lol

  21. I didn’t want to but I wanted to see if I would end up surrounded by Pinkertons like every other mission. I love chasing the gunfights

  22. One of the best parts of the game is the gunfights imo. No matter how many playthroughs, they always feel like you're right in the shit and under pressure, and then the snap shots with his faces are always amazing or funny.

  23. We have a fundamentally different vision of the kind of world we'd like to live in I guess.

  24. I'm not trying to argue, but especially with how the world is now, spitting in someone's face is considered a felony in many places and is a serious issue (diseases spread). So if someone spat in my face, sorry but I'm not stopping till there on the ground.

  25. Don't know about other consoles but I know when you press the record button on the switch it records the previous 30 seconds of gameplay

  26. Same thing on playstation, you can even adjust it for longer videos

  27. You can also buy them from Krobus. Then you can support your bestie's business and avoid the guilt of killing his brethren yourself!

  28. It's called Void "essence", maybe its a form of liquid that is natural he gets from himself. Like some void sperm

  29. What if they’re in a public/apartment building? I don’t think everyone has access to the control room where the circuit breakers are. You’re done.

  30. Hey we all have moments like that, have an upvote lol

  31. I can see that lone star from a thousand miles away

  32. I agree I only wear Arthur's hat even then and it just adds to the immersion.

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