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  1. Well, to be clear sky is one of the heavens.

  2. They lived and wrote hundreds of years before the 1054 Schism, and over a thousand years before the Reformation.

  3. Not much really. There were some church fathers who I believe led the church astray. Many atrocities came about because of their writings. They have promoted racism, slavery, holy wars, inquisitions, homophobia, etc.

  4. Self diagnosis requires a lot of research. But everyone is different. And yeah, every autistic is different.

  5. It doesn't matter, the property will just be a reference to the other prop that already exists in memory.

  6. Pick data types that best support your code ignoring resource constraints. Later, after you have a working program, see how much memory you are using, if (and only if) your system is running out of memory, then look at optimizing for space. Don't spend time and effort optimizing something until you see it failing due to lack of resources.

  7. Im gonna go with God. Since the apple gave Adam and Eve knowledge of good and evil, this means that prior to eating the apple they lacked this knowledge and thus could not have known that disobeying God was bad.

  8. But they couldn’t have understood that disobeying god was bad without having eaten the apple first, it’s a bit of a catch 22, they where basically automatons. God said not to eat it so adam said “ok” then the next being said to eat it so adam said “ok” and ate it.

  9. So, you are suggesting that God created idiots.

  10. Yes this question was asked. It was asked about 2,000 years ago and you can read the answer in Mark 12:23-31.

  11. When I was younger, when I used to think about the abuse I suffered and the problems it caused me, I would always go "well at least I have parents who love me" or "at least I have a roof over my head" and what it did was reinforce that I shouldn't be feeling upset about my situation because I still had some things to be thankful for. Thats what I mean by invalidating feelings.

  12. Oh. I think I see the problem. You said 'at least'. This is tying in your situation with the thanksgiving. And that's the mistake.

  13. Thank you for trying to help I really, really appreciate it!

  14. Of course. We all have our paths to follow and areas to grow into. I'll pray for you.

  15. From the comments I’ve read it’s a toss up between nsrvue and esv, I just have one question. How come nsrv changes the pronouns to neutral? Is it to be more accurate or is it just to be inclusive or something?

  16. Oh don't settle on one translation. That's a mistake. The Bible is meant to be studied not just read. Take about 3 translations.

  17. Well, I would say love is a decision, and love is also a feeling. The problem is people make too small decisions.

  18. The sheer dimensions of the Biblical Noah's ark would make holding that many animals plausible, maybe.

  19. Fella, they literally got all of them from Divine Intervention.

  20. Yeah. That's what the story says, supposedly in Genesis 7:9, but not every translation says this. Many don't. That's pretty hard to believe literally if you don't scope it down. Especially when you consider things that impede the animals from walking to the ark like oceans. And if God just placed them at the ark from across the ocean, why would He have Noah build the ark in the first place is He is going to lift the animals anyway? So yeah, not the world we know. The story is missing details. It really seems to be a synopsis of stories. Like God decided to blot out man. But then Noah found favor with God. It's missing how God changed His mind because there was an obvious change of intent. God was going to wipe out all the animals too, but He changed His mind on that and we don't know the thought process there either.

  21. That's the best. It will make your brain cells hurt.

  22. I just love that the main engine of Orion's service module is an old Shuttle Orbiter's OMS engine. A piece of the STS is going to fly around the moon. I think that's awesome.

  23. Oh I hated these updates on Windows. Mine became so long it was unbearable. So I switched over to Debian.

  24. I would expect inventory to act as a (very special) container, with objects entering it with any contained objects still within. Stacked objects would enter individually assumed to be taken in a safe order. If I had, say, a camera inside a backpack I was carrying I would expect TAKE CAMERA to result in eg “You remove the camera from the backpack.” Following that I would expect the camera to join the backpack at the top level of inventory.

  25. Okay. I guess that makes the most sense. Thanks.

  26. It doesn't matter, none of that matters. Genocide is STILL genocide no matter WHO is commiting it. Even if that is the case how can we determine which genocide is justified since so many colonizers and armies have committed atrocities in the name of God? The answer: none! Because it's wrong. And quite frankly, a God who claims to be all loving yet commits atrocities against humanity, is a filthy hypocrite who I would want nothing to do with. Thank goodness the God we follow is nothing like that, because love does not commit atrocities.

  27. Soooo you're saying if a mother who says she loves her son yet is constantly physically and emotionally abusing him, she not a hypocrite? Is she not a manipulator or a liar? Would you really call this behavior loving? Jesus would often compare God as a loving human father, if we hold these standards of good morality to human parents, how can we not hold these standards to God as well? And you completely ignored what I wrote before about colonization and war. If biblical genocide is justified, then does that mean the Spanish Inquisitions and colonizations of the Americas, the genocide of Indigenous tribes? The Tutsi genocide and every single bad thing to ever happen is good? Just because the people who did those things "for" God therefore it's "good?" I am Latina, I am a descendant of the Mexica tribe, who were killed, enslaved and raped by European Spaniards. And they did all these things in the name of God. All these years later and I'm still trying to decolonize myself. And who are you to say I don't know God? Who do you think you are? I have gone to church for the first 20 years of my life. I got baptised when I was 18. When I first started to deconstruct 3 years ago. How about the time when God told me that he would never abandon me when I was scared because trump became president? Or when he helped guide me through wilderness? All of my sisters left the church because they've been hurt so much by harmful theologies like a genocidal God. I am the only one left who decided to follow Jesus because of all he has done for me. And because I know he loves me and everybody else too. I'm not going to reply to your comments anymore since your only response to my comment was to boldly claim something about me, a stranger rather than talk about our differences in beliefs. I hope and pray that you'll one day change your mind about this topic. Truly I know trying to justify these horrible things in the bible sucks and is emotionally and mentally draining, I know I'VE been there. It's okay to question the bible, it's okay to question the church. It's okay to question everything. Have a nice one

  28. I don't know what mind games you are playing. But colonization has nothing to do with ancient Israel.

  29. I’ve read this four times and I still cannot decipher what it is supposed to mean. He wants to stalk people on social media to prevent shootings? What?

  30. It's more a rule of thumb to do nothing in excess.

  31. Most XP-Pen tablets have Linux drivers, but take a look at the

  32. I use XP-Pen. It works great with my Debian and Krita.

  33. Woke is just a word recently used by the extreme right, aka fascists, to try to shame everyone one else.

  34. Never said I held to OT. I had a point in bringing up OT I’ll get to in a bit. And no I don’t hate any LGBTQ I have many LGBTQ coworkers some that I’ve even gone and hung out with outside of work but they aren’t Christian so I don’t talk to them about that subject as scripture states it’s none of our business what non Christians do.

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