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  2. But would that scale? if you had 100gb of ram, would that handle 50 people or would the engine just start to break

  3. Should be fine, the engine technically supports up to 100 currently.

  4. No respawn, but quick migration. Default migration is 12 hours, so try 6 hours, or 1 hour!


  6. Yes because it is outside


  8. Technically the fake dead mechanic has been in the game since tech demo days. Just seems they have reenabled it for some reason.

  9. I have based up there a few times, it is a little out of the way but lots of useful stuff in there. I actually prefer the self storage south of it. Again out of the way but the high fence is nice.

  10. self storage doesnt look bad but they are divided too much.

  11. There is a unit that is always open and has a bed in it usually live out of that. A lot of people like to take the sledgehammer and pop holes in the walls to make a base out of them too.

  12. I don't think you can do that. But you can download the world files and server settings and host it yourself. Not currently at a computer but it is pretty straight forward.

  13. So I have never played with PLL but from my understanding this

  14. No problem, hope it works out!

  15. Either the server needs to be restarted and have the workshop mods updated or you need to restart steam/resubscribe to the mods. My bet is the server has an out of date mod on it though.

  16. I totally do that solo! With my group, I have been actually posting tasks for people on discord, have a lot of newer players so it seems to help them.

  17. As long as the heli doesn't spot you it will buzz around your location but won't hover over you. The zombies will probably be shuffled but not lured directly to you.

  18. It goes on sale from time to time, around 30% off normally. Probably see it go on sale in the upcoming Autumn or Haloween sales.

  19. Have your friend right click on PZ in steam and go to Properties and then find launch options. Have them type in "-nosteam" and then boot the game. This will launch without the steam framework.

  20. I don't mean to complain but c'mon. If you are going to have a picture that is only German. Make your post only German. The inconsistency is annoying AF.

  21. Considering it is clearly about the time played number which is pretty universal, I'd say it is fine.

  22. Any reason for the lack of dev updates lately? I’m glad to see console getting some love, but it feels like content updates have become nonexistent. Hope everything’s alright.

  23. Weekly Dev Briefings is what I should’ve led off with mentioning. There wasn’t one for quite awhile. Not that I’m super bothered by it, but I did enjoy seeing something every week.

  24. OH ok that makes sense! Didn't even know they did those!

  25. Some really good suggestions here, going to add a few of my own.

  26. I literally just found these cow scratchers last night and got super stoked about them. I hope the cows have an animation to use them in the future!

  27. Nah but walled in pool is plenty safe to afk fish. 99.9% sure it’s like a summer/winter thing.

  28. From my experience it is the Expanded Helicopter Events mod that causes 21. Disable anticheat 21 and you should be good.

  29. The Official discord has modding and mapping sections on it - a lot of modders in the community hang out there

  30. Fear not, there is a mod for endless Winter!

  31. Arent bows like a pain in the ass to learn

  32. Not overly difficult to learn, master yes. Maybe some of the fancier bows are harder to learn I couldn't tell you. Learning to get consistant headshots on a moving target might be difficulty though.

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