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  1. A 12 volt cigarette lighter can't run a hot plate

  2. Good on that lady for having confidence, however those bouncing boobs right after tho mmm 🤤

  3. There was probably more plastic in the two blondes than in that prosthetic leg

  4. And where did both these sets of folks go to after this shoot?

  5. Agreed, developers here seem to disagree since they build fucking apartments on any vacant land now. It sucks what the valley has become, but people actually enjoy this.

  6. Yeah man this is a new account I made cause I locked myself out of my actual one but I’ve been here since Bordeaux started showing up

  7. Dude the worst part is people describe it as legal weed right to your doorstep... who doesn't salivate at the thought of that? And why not be more subtle about it but no.

  8. I'm of the belief that "He who seeks, shall find" call me stingy or mean whatever but just giving everyone access to something like this really isn't the smartest thing to do.

  9. Those are Bluetooth cranial headphone glasses, not the safest. Dude can’t hear for shit cause he’s listening to his music through his temples

  10. If I had to hear the song when I read OPs post you have too as well

  11. Is it me, or does this guy give a slight resemblance to Jon lovitz? Or am I wrong?

  12. I remember that game vs the Jets a few years ago when Brady was blocking (a reverse play) - and none of the Jets players touched him.

  13. Uhhh again? is he going to call his own bluff... again?

  14. They're 0.8g. Idk why they put 0.5 on it, it just makes it confusing.

  15. Yeah thats what I'm thinking, as soon as I pulled the distillate out I had the carts warm too and I filled exactly 1.0 ml into that 0.5 ml cart... I was like what kinda Magic is that lmao

  16. I mean if the carts are truly 0.5ml then only 0.5ml of wax should fit in it. The only thing I can think is that maybe you heated your wax too long and it became very runny and maybe you lost some in the process. I'm not sure bro.

  17. I didn't lose anything because I sucked up the distillate after it was warm enough to draw into the syringe, I drew exact 1.0 ml and fed it into the 0.5 ml cart. My guess is some oil soaked the cart immediately since I primed them... idk 🤷‍♂️.

  18. Now 2 of the biggest douchbag teams will be in the superbowl.

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