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  1. Dude, you didn't mess up, no one really knows what another person is thinking in that type of situation, You did what you knew you could do. None of this shit is your fault. Now, what was the most violent thing she said her boyfriend did?

  2. I tried to remember a lot of it. She said he pulled her hair , would yell , throw shit , and that he chose where she could drive. When she could leave the house. That he practically kept her keys.

  3. Then it's safe to assume she's okay for now, She is very resourceful based on the card taping and planned about the car.

  4. If you want to help me with this some more just send me a message. I have to be honest I don’t think I have the ability to drop this. I think I have to check the rooftop again.

  5. It sounds like she may be in an abusive relationship. It is common for women in an abusive relationship to be very ambivalent about leaving the relationship. They may be looking for a "rescuer" one moment and be afraid to leave the next moment, or not even want to leave any more.

  6. I guess I sadly found her too attractive for that. And on top of it , what good is it if I stand by while someone is in physical danger? If no one ever helps her she could be in that situation her whole life

  7. It is important for you to recognize that you are responsible for your life and not for hers.

  8. You’re totally right. Thank you.

  9. If you want to go hand out some food you can check out Food Not Bombs and get involved. Or you can Go to Bye and Bye on NE Alberta. They put out free bread each morning. Obviously be mindful of how much you take and how often. They've been doing this for years and so there are people who go there to feed themselves. There are many free food drop offs around the whole of Portland.

  10. Damn thanks for all the info man you went above and beyond!

  11. If you lived in portland haha

  12. I’ve been there. It’s amazing how someone whose life was so intertwined with yours can just flip a switch one day and feel nothing for you. The things that helped for me were (1) time, (2) relationship with/sleeping with someone else and (3) change of scenery. Change of scenery is a hard one I realize. I moved to a new city. If you can’t do that, maybe you could change apartments, get new roommates, something.

  13. I cannot explain to you how badly what you’ve described feels

  14. I have all of that except for the ability to find someone else. I rarely meet women and when I do it never works out.

  15. You just want to be seen. You feel invisible. I know it’s all too real. I get that you want people to see you for what you know you can be. But first you have to be able to see yourself that way. There is only one person you spend every second of the day with and that is yourself. All those other people, you only hear what they think about you when you’re around them. But you hear what you think about yourself EVERY SECOND inside of your mind. Keep losing weight that’s a good first step and it gives you something to do. I don’t know who you are but I am proud that you are at least trying to work on yourself. You can do it and you’re always free to message me. I’d love to see if you start to feel better.

  16. Get outside, by yourself if you must. Find some trails near you and be out in nature.

  17. I mean going outside isn’t hard. I’m not saying you’re wrong but I have no interest in nature. I’d still be alone just looking at grass.

  18. I get it, it seems overwhelming and pointless. And I'm not going to say that you're wrong either for how you feel. Depression is one hell of an illness.

  19. Bless you. I’m not sure most of this is right for me but hey you listened and tried to give some advice. Those kids have someone good raising them.

  20. ADHD is hard to live with. I have it. But no it isn’t an excuse to be rude. Sometimes with ADHD people can be impulsive and say things in the spur of the moment. But that eventually wears off and they have time to think. Not apologizing to you when she is wrong is not a sign of ADHD it’s a sign of immaturity.

  21. Batman is the only right answer

  22. 20 is still young and it’s fine to be a virgin at 20.

  23. I don’t think you should have requested that follow. However don’t worry. Someone finds you attractive rejoice :)

  24. Chloe Grace Moretz, Daisy Ridley, Jennifer Lawrence, Rhonda Arouse me... Oops I'm mean Rousy

  25. Heath Ledger! He was so good as the joker! Just a pity that he seems to have retired from movies since then :/

  26. The way porn has created incels

  27. Conservatives are just old people doing a bit of gatekeeping

  28. There is no political stance, no opinion about any thing at all which I will say that I can never agree with.

  29. When would genocide ever be okay?

  30. It’ll happen. They don’t think there’s something wrong with you, they just want you to be happy and think a relationship is the way to make that happen

  31. Well it hasn’t happened for all 4 of my adult years and even 3 of my highschool years despite me trying. I honestly see me going into my 30s single as well. I hope not. An entire decade would crush me

  32. Haha ! Yeah maybe if you were 20 years old in the 80s or 90s

  33. Probably this day my granddad drove me home from my job at a pool in a country club in our golf cart. I was allowed to leave if it rained or thundered , and I hated the job so I told him to come pick me up when I heard thunder . By the time he had come in his little golf cart it was raining hard as hell and his clothes were totally ruined . He still drove me home and even though he was upset I ruined his clothes because of how eager I was to not work , we laughed about it the whole way back and it meant a lot to me that he put up with it . I miss him so much !

  34. I had sex in a manhole once. Like those sewer things? Yeah I was a teenager and banging at home wasn’t an option.

  35. By far allowing someone to take me for granted

  36. I often think about my very rare lucid dreams. There were quite a few and each one was an experience for sure.

  37. Prevention is always better than trying to cure. Best to avoid forming dreams in the first place.

  38. You think people shouldn’t have dreams?

  39. Are they useful in some way? It looks to me like they just cause misery as people rail against the disparity between what they dream vs their actual life.

  40. They give people purpose. Something to strive towards. And even if most don’t achieve them , some do.

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