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  1. jeez even back then she thought everyone needed daily updates....who cares you were turning 30......millions of people do every day

  2. I’m pretty sure its Kentucky Ashley saying she is turning 30 (officially)

  3. I am an avid shopper, can find just about anything and this particular ugly thing, not even google could find.

  4. This ‘building_misery’ person is clearly Kentucky Ashley moonlighting as a Pepino 😅

  5. This is a rough translation of what he says: Leonella, Leonella! the little dogs enough, enough- the little dogs enough 😂😂

  6. If someone wrote this whole scene in a book or in a play as a slice of life of a character, I would say it's too over the top and stereotypical rich guy. Old man doesn't know how to use tech, he's too out of shape to get out of a chair, he looks like a hobo (so he's a tightwad rich guy), and then he yells at a staff member with the five words of Spanish he knows.

  7. They literally pull shit out of their ass to write these articles. The only thing they got right in the word salad was her being glued to her phone 😅

  8. Please please es dirty the stroller 💃🏻

  9. The caption is dripping with sarcasm. Account owner has got to be a pepino trolling the Baldwins.

  10. I just noticed the new reality show ‘fan page’. So disturbing 😂😂😂 vieja sin vergüenza. Equis.

  11. I'm sorry, I missed the part where the baby was handed to a woman who pretended to be pregnant and ignored the woman who nourished the baby growing in their womb.

  12. I think they stopped production on that doll- but if I remember correctly she came w a fake hospital bracelet, slice of pizza and a lace brasserie.

  13. When I was Carmen’s age, my mom would spend hours teaching me how to braid, curl and style my hair. We would watch TV together at night and she would brush out my hair and tell me how pretty it was. We were poor, but she would take me shopping at the fabric store and let me pick out little inexpensive fabric remnants and she would make me headbands with them. If I saw a style I liked in a magazine or on tv, my mom would try to duplicate it on my hair for me. It’s so sad how those kids have such shitty parents who are more concerned with their social media presence than being a positive, meaningful presence in the lives of their children. This neglect will last for generations.

  14. My mom was the same w my sisters and I— so that’s probably why I just find it so odd!

  15. She had a high ponytail in the recent exploitation video. She looks darling.

  16. They put her hair in a ponytail but didn’t actually brush out her hair. Idk why I find it so disturbing 😅

  17. I’m so glad someone posted this 😅😅 I was beside myself when I saw it posted on the fans accounts 😆 I just noticed that marilu’s note says her arrival was a complete surprise 🤣🤣🤣 fucking maniacs.

  18. Is this woman supposed to be Spanish as well? Because her grammar is also off.

  19. I think it’s the Instagram translation that is off— I’ve noticed on both accounts that the Spanish version makes sense but it doesn’t quite translate the same into English 🤔

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