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  1. Haha I’m underaged to gamble lol but my mum does it from time to time and she never wins big amounts. You put so much money into gambling and in a lot of cases walk away with less and you don’t make much profit

  2. You don’t have to scaremonger me. I don’t plan on getting anything done to my body anytime soon but simply wanted to know what other people have had done to their bodies & so far I’ve only read good outcomes. These types of procedures go better then you probably assume.

  3. I just got cheek filler for the first time after being on the fence, and omg it’s 10000% worth it for me! I will never not get filler in my cheeks unless there is some horrible complication (hopefully that never happens). It’s made my self-esteem improve drastically!! I wake up and look in the mirror and feel like my old self again. I was struggling hard with how old I was starting to look and the filler is absolutely worth the money in my instance. I made a post about actually

  4. Wowww the difference! It’s so subtle but so noticeable at the same time (in a natural way). I never knew about cheek filler!

  5. She mentions going to Le Rosey (boarding school in Switzerland) where they all speak French.

  6. While I echo the sentiment that Mindys French is so good bc she already spoke French prior to coming to Paris, I HAVE to say that Emily has been in a full-on immersion language experience and is still TERRIBLE after 7 months. I studied abroad in college in a big class and we all were pretty proficient in new languages after about 2 months of immersion.

  7. Haha yes. I can’t say a whole lot, I’m learning Spanish which I think is significantly easier than French but growing up only speaking English it’s still a challenge. Emily needs to download Duolingo….she’ll be fluent in no time 😂😂

  8. I swear by Plain old micellar water with a cotton pad. Specifically the Garnier brand….not long ago I bought an off brand it and it literally burns my eye area when I rub the mascara off. The micellar water isn’t overly expensive either & you can get travel size ones which are significantly cheaper than a big bottle, so you can trial it and if you think it doesn’t work for you, you haven’t wasted a lot of money! :)


  10. It’s a no from me but I love the combination of colours!

  11. The eyeballs and the faces 😅 but the nail base colours are really nice, like the purple and the greens and the pink!

  12. Your literally a grown ass adult with a husband and your watching a teen show 🤣 what a weirdo

  13. your mommy needs to block reddit. it's not good for you kid. goodbye, hope life works out for ya.

  14. I was as well. I’m not really referring to that specifically. More so the over inflated sense of self that seems to be so in place despite the age. How do you grow when you already know everything? How does that make a good character over time? It’s interesting to me

  15. That’s a really good point. Sorry yeah I went a bit off topic there 😂 it is hard but there’s always room to learn more & especially being a teenager and not actually knowing how to handle mental health, like how it’s portrayed in the show but I think when you get to a certain age you realise the way you coped with your emotions may not of been the healthiest way, so then there’s room to learn about better ways to deal with bad things….if that makes sense. It’s honestly crazy though

  16. You can't just claim to be someone's Dad and waltz into a child's classroom.

  17. Omg fr. At my siblings school you have to be on the list to pick the child up. I’m not but somehow I’m still allowed 😂 I think it’s because my mum has stated I’m the sister so they recognise me

  18. I said 17 cause then it’s still reasonable for ginny to date him, personally 15 and a 17 year old doesn’t see too bad and also ginnys birthday was coming up so she wouldn’t be 15 for long but I feel like if he was to be 18 or 19 it’s a bit out of ginnys bracket and it may not sit right with people

  19. BYE WTF I swear I read Marcus….my brain is actually so fucked lmaoooo, but yes that’s also true…Hunter doesn’t look like a teenager. But also what I said about Marcus is true, haha

  20. Yeah he really is. He reminds me of Hanson from Scary Movie 2.

  21. It's funny how we're so much better at making choices for other people than we are for ourselves.

  22. I know. And if we are in the situations that are in these shows I don’t think we’d be as mature. Half of the time you don’t even realise your in the same boat 😂


  24. YES FRRRRR they are adding fuel to the fire and it’s like JFJFISBFKSNS STOP THISISISISIS

  25. It’s between 5 and 7. If you get good brands of either pen it’s so fricking smooth and glides across the paper. You know it’s going to be a good handwriting day when you have the smoothest ball point pen

  26. Haha I see your point as a fellow British citizen

  27. Possibly jet wash the old ones? Not sure if that would do anything

  28. I would like to think that the 3,300 I have is a lot. I have been using this account for 2 years.

  29. I think that’s quite fair. I’ve had this account for just under a year (329 days) but didn’t actively use it for a while but honestly I’m not bothered about karma personally I mean if I post a post or a comment and it gets upvotes then that’s nice of people but it’s never something I expect. I feel a lot of people post to gain karma but that’s just not me

  30. Sorry I think I disclosed a bit too much about the clown overall oops!

  31. It’s alright also kinda need an extra knowledge about Twisty that you know aside from the fact that he’s a murderer

  32. Oh okay! Yeah he has a backstory but that’s quite far into the season so for the first few episodes he makes an appearance but his screen time is kind of small. Honestly if you wanted to skip his scenes you absolutely could but if u want the back story then more towards the end just keep an eye out for it and stuff.

  33. The point was that she was trying so hard NOT to say it, that she said it. It is a common thing written in shows for comedic effect.

  34. Yeah she thought he was gay, probably something with that! I forgot about this completely 😅

  35. Ohhh true cause she was trying to get Benoit and Julian together….but idk what was the point in saying she herself the word “gay”….the dialogue there is a little weird haha

  36. And Gabriel was single when he hooked up with Emily.

  37. I went into a Zara store a couple days ago and it was FILLED with clothing pieces that Emily would wear…I was absolutely gobsmacked haha

  38. Yes definitely developing BPD it seems... I was like her that age. The self harm, impulsiveness, switching moods like a rollercoaster and extreme fear of abandonment.

  39. Yea. A lot of people said it’s normal teenager hormones but I’m a teenager myself and the way she copes with bad situations, you can tell she’s got something serious going on

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