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  1. I think if he dissolved this parliament he’d massively gain popularity. We’ve seen the polls that show the tories are haemorrhaging support

  2. I'd like to think that most people would know that an unelected tyrant (in the case that would happen) would be much worse than an awful government.

  3. I was being a bit tongue in cheek with this. I wasn’t seriously suggesting he should do this. Just that if he ever were to dissolve parliament this is probably the time people would be most likely to go “yeah probably for the best”

  4. Fair play. It is a scary thought though.

  5. And the only flagship with 2016 bezels in 2022. Premium price tag needs premium looks.

  6. efbo says:

    Bezels, or more precisely the chin, are great for one handed usability.

  7. Don't forget to chang your comment to include Ken Jeong.

  8. Redditors oversimplifying things, classic. They don't sell anesthetisia in your local grocery store

  9. They also don't have evil looking wireless phone cloning apps on the App Store.

  10. But you can make one unlike anesthesia. Making an app revolves are only using knowledge. Whereas anesthesia required lots of knowledge and physical resources hard to obtain. You could literally download a decent script online. Obviously not as advanced but hiring a developer is easier.

  11. I love that you're trying to apply real world stuff to the MCU and also massively overestimating what you can do on iOS and underestimating the security of an iPhone.

  12. Forza 5, check hood reflections, imo one of the best.

  13. That doesn't apply to OP's question as that doesn't have ray tracing unless you're in photo mode.

  14. That feels a pretty blatant misnomer then, or is it just me? X original certainly implies to me made by X

  15. If Netflix is the way to originally watch it in a particular region then I think it's fair to call it an original.

  16. Better Call Saul is my favorite show, but it isn't Netflix original. It's from AMC

  17. Sony makes it and Netflix distributes it in lots of places. In those places it's a Netflix original as much as it's an AMC show in the US.

  18. You know what game helped me with discovering the 3s? Fucking Spider-Man 1 on PS2. Took me weeks as a 6 year old to figure that shit out

  19. That's the game that always comes to mind for me when this is brought up. I never figured it out.

  20. FES not having party controls is a nice change of pace compared to the other games. It allowed me to get better at the series and adapt how I play.

  21. If you don't use an adblocker then you're likely used to it. I'm not talking to clickbait sites that make you click page by page and you get ads for each page and some in between. Even most decent sites have a reasonable number of ads and sponsored links. Oh yeah, a standard Google search gives you ads and sponsored links that you have to be careful about not hitting. There's never a risk when using an ad blocker because you simply don't get those. To me that's actually the biggest risk with boomer parents. They still don't always spot the ads and sponsored links and ad blockers change that completely.

  22. There's a lot of it to talk about and lots of people can talk about it. If you have nothing else to talk about it can be a pretty endless topic.

  23. Surely it means there are strobe effects in the film and they want people to be warned about them.

  24. The thing is that it isn't there for the screenings before Friday.

  25. People have speculated that Troy Baker is playing David, since he's the only main character who's casting hasn't been announced. And considering Neil said both Troy and Ashley have "much more than just a cameo", it seems pretty likely!

  26. If that is the case I hope that they don't spoil it before he appears.

  27. Who knows what he'll do though. Him saying that he won't do this gives me hope that he actually will.

  28. I used to love playing Tetris and Mr Runner on my Pebble in school lol.

  29. Tbh the physical design looks nice but it's the body to screen ratio what I'm complaining about

  30. I think it looks better than I'd it went to the edge. It still looks like a piece of tech but it looks more like a watch than it would without a bezel.

  31. I don't get it, what changed with the newer versions? If you don't want to, you can just drop the remote and cast like you would with an old chromecast?

  32. As I put above you have to cast twice to get YouTube to open. I have not and continue to not have that problem with regular Chromecasts. There's also the issue of the being duplicate apps, some of which perform better when casting and some perform better when using the remote (Twitch is a big offender) for this and then you have features being neglected from the cast version. I don't know if it does now but I always use the remote for Disney+ because back when it first came out if you casted there was no HDR. If this was a true Chromecast stuff like that wouldn't be missing from casting. There's also the issue of others using the device and messing with your recommendations on stuff. This has been mitigated a bit with the introduction of profiles but they're a pain to change when you just want to watch something and people I live with don't change.

  33. In game mode the ui is fine. I will say though the ui for the steam deck controls in desktop mode are not good.

  34. This was updated in the beta yesterday.

  35. Just pop them all in an FA Cup style tournament with no seeds or anything. Use that as the qualifiers for the World Cup. Gets rid of the reason for matches disrupting the season.

  36. That's a really nice red colour.

  37. I really dislike the new style of Chromecast. It always forgets that it's a Chromecast and is primarily an Android TV device. Sometimes you will have to cast multiple times to get videos to actually play and sometimes the casting version of an app won't let you use all of the features of that service. It should be called Google TV with Cast. I wish Google focused on the more traditional Chromecast.

  38. ChromeOS is actually a really nice OS. It's definitely the future of Linux for the mainstream. (Other than SteamOS of course)

  39. If it wasn't for gaming I'd use ChromeOS full time. It's just so much less rubbish for when you just want to use Twitter, Reddit and YouTube.

  40. With steam coming to Chrome that should also get solved, especially with proton layer.

  41. Unfortunately Proton doesn't solve everything. I'm still dualbooting Windows on my Steam Deck to use Game Pass.

  42. Even one of the best canon novels

  43. Yep. I've said elsewhere in this thread but I absolutely flew through it.

  44. The thing is ps2 persona 3 and 4 combat is unbearable to play these days and atlus knows that. P3P and p4 golden have much better combat with their newer features that ease the endless grinding from the ps2 versions so much.

  45. I went 5 -> 4G -> 3 FES -> 5R and I really enjoyed the lack of part controls. It was a nice change of pace at that point. It also made me better at the series as you couldn't rely on the same tactics all of the time. I was a lot better when I went back to playing Royal.

  46. Two of this one 😫 lol

  47. This is great. With Android 13, the icons can (up to the developer) auto-theme based on the background. I may give this a shot to see what it ends up looking like. Thanks!

  48. That's the reason I made the greater good one. I wanted to make everything red lol. I ended up using

  49. But since it's in the context of Wolfie, it looked like you imported the font from Wolfie...

  50. Doesn't seem like it has a touchscreen. I could sacrifice the convertibility for the repairability and expansion options not $999 with no touchscreen is madness.

  51. Ok, absolutely genuine question: on a clamshell laptop, what do you actually use a touchscreen to do?

  52. Sometimes you can't be bothered using the trackpad and it's easier and quicker to tap something on the touchscreen. It's just second nature when lying in bed or something.

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