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  1. There’s a product called the Ink Miser sold by Goulet (and I’m sure others) that is designed for just this purpose.

  2. I guess I have a Mont Blanc fetish lol. These pics turned me on a little!

  3. As someone who suffers from mental illness myself, I can tell you that alcohol certainly exacerbated those issues. It took a few years after I got sober to sort out what was alcoholism and what was mental illness unrelated to alcoholism. My advice: go to AA meetings and get good mental health care, and you’ll double your chances of getting better. Just don’t worry about the true definition of alcoholism; it’s just a distraction. AA can help you. Go to meetings.

  4. Chips/coins are given for different lengths of sobriety. Not every meeting gives them, and there are probably some regional differences. In my meetings, we give a welcome chip for anyone present for the first time, then 30-60-90 days, and six months. Those are all plastic. Then there are metal coins for whole years. There’s also a tradition some people practice of the “hope chip.” That would be if somebody has 30 days, I give them the 60 day chip I received at that milestone, as a concrete symbol of hope that they will get there too. A lot of us keep a chip on our keychain to remind us of both the gifts and challenges of recovery.

  5. Thanks for explaining. I just figured combine a tick i already have with twirling coins with one that tied in here haha

  6. A therapist once told me, the more they pay you, the more shit you have to eat.

  7. Come to a meeting. It helps. Meetings are full of people who understand and share your experience. We’ve found a way to recover, and we’re happy to show you.

  8. One of my cooking mentors told me, “If somebody says they don’t like garlic, I just mince it finer.”

  9. Yeah, that’s a different thing, of course. He was talking about people who think they don’t like garlic but actually eat it and enjoy it all the time without realizing it.

  10. Everybody loves levivot! You can add applesauce and sour cream if you like.

  11. I see them glancing at the card/digital record and checking the name against my driver’s license. I don’t see them taking the time to check dates.

  12. I mean sure you could probably find a use for it. Maybe a nice round potato kugel? But do you really need one?

  13. Maybe the messianic “Jews” would like to have it.

  14. It’s nice of you to think of this. I don’t think a text or a small gift would be out of place. I can’t think of anything other than a crucifix or a Christian Bible that would be offensive lol. Hanukkah is related to lights and oil and fried foods. So a candle, a box of doughnuts, or a little bottle of very good olive oil would all be appropriate to signify the holiday. But I’m sure any gift would be welcome.

  15. That’s really interesting history! Thanks for adding that.

  16. These are very good points. I appreciate the conversation!

  17. You may wanna invest in some noise canceling earphones. May I suggest these Bose...😌

  18. Most of my neighbors with fruit trees just leave it there. Ugh!

  19. When I told my (practicing Christian) sister, she said “Of course you’re converting. You’ve been moving in that direction your entire life.” Her evidence was that I argued with our Sunday School teachers about the meaning of Bible passages—at age 5, and I’ve never stopped questioning.

  20. This is all very important history to know. But history doesn’t define the significance of the holiday to Jews today.

  21. I agree that these identity politics are very painful and needlessly divisive.

  22. I’m resolving to spend the first couple of hours today with my head buried in the sand in denial of all reality.

  23. Why limit it to the first couple hours? Let’s make it an all-day thing!

  24. I’m not ready to accept the consequences of that, I’m afraid.

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