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[Highlight] Coby White leaves Embiids ankles in pieces

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

I needed this today

A golden splash of respect

When laughter meets percussion

Shower them with laughs

A glowing commendation for all to see

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

  1. idk, big cat bringing up famous people he knows is like Gob bringing up the cost of his suits

  2. You’re gonna say that to the podcaster with Aaron Rodgers’ phone number in his phone? COME ON

  3. The whole thing is ass, Yo!88 is almost in that same realm but y’all don’t wanna hear that

  4. That album is like to pimp a butterfly to this bro

  5. this might be the worst project out of my favorite artists

  6. For real nobody I listen to as much as Pi’erre had a tape like this

  7. it's nowhere near as bad as what he says about laporta though

  8. That’s because Barca have more things Tebas can comment on

  9. Greatest 5 bucks you’ve ever spent. Imagine buying a beer for the same price as a prime jairzinho 😂

  10. Except sometimes it does. Brook Lopez leads the league in blocks and shot contests, and obviously those correlate to defensive impact

  11. You can’t measure someone stopping a person from even attempting a shot without a block or steal that way

  12. It is if you need high rated fodder, especially if you have lots of TOTW untradeables. Expect lots of duplicates, though (which is not an issue if you are doing Cruyff or another big SBC).

  13. It's definitely the way to go if doing Cruyff. It let's you turn low rated fodder into the high rated fodder that's needed. The 2x83 is great too.

  14. Dude yesterday I got Benzema/Courtois from back to back 83x2 to help me finish my last 89 squad, I was speechless

  15. I think it could’ve been good but Bill just not telling Ryen and then getting Ryen to be confused at first and then make no arguments because he wasn’t ready was the bad part. It was a good idea by Bill though not gonna lie

  16. I just have an 88 and two 86s left I’ll be joining you soon, maybe around content if I get blessed with great 82x20s

  17. Kyrie has done incredible things off the court and been very charitable. That being said, I certainly would never say I stand for “everything he does” or “the way he uses his platform”

  18. For comparison over his last 8 games Giannis has 97 FTA

  19. Hard to explain simple things to the willfully stupid but imagine how much better Brooks would be if he didn't have abjectly rancid vibes. How much more he would be paid.

  20. Lmao “hard to explain simple things to the wilfully stupid” and then just is wrong

  21. Yeah, Brooks totally has great vibes, you nailed it.

  22. My point is brooks’ “vibes” have no impact on his paycheck lol he wouldn’t be paid more if he just shut up

  23. I might’ve lied it might be sossboy I can’t decide between the two

  24. Easily 2nd best he can actually rap ken Carson is just garbage to me. Don’t get me wrong I like some songs by him but he’s not good

  25. Did you hear Thursday’s Russillo pod? The editing was terrible. I normally don’t care but there were so many mistakes and when it’s your actual job and it consistently happens it just gets annoying. I love Kyle and wouldn’t want him to be off the pod but clearly someone else needs to edit these

  26. He isn’t an editor anymore but he does have responsibility as well

  27. That’s really interesting, never heard of this

  28. Chucks gonna say he got surgery to avoid being served 😂

  29. And chavo never said cw3 is in 2 weeks 😭 he dropping a single on 3/31

  30. Lead single for CW3 you right so 3 weeks until CW3

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