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  1. Friend, you're not even wrong. I don't know why you're in such pain, but my heart goes out to you. May you find peace.

  2. If you think that people born and raised in a country feels themselves "captives" just because they experience some discrimination, I'd love to hear your opinion on "captive maghrebi" and other such "captives" in Europe today.

  3. Well, there are no Prisoners of Maghreb like there were

  4. Except that your citation is not really about Jews, but about Soviet peoples with focus on Jews because of more powerful advocacy groups for Jews could bring their plight to attention far more than others. German people in Soviet union come as a great example of even bigger group that was denied access to their ancestral homeland of much less time.

  5. Over the last 20 yeas, the participation of Haredi men in the workforce has risen from 30% to around 50%. The participation rate of Arab women has also increased.

  6. It is an excellent point. Even taking it into consideration, the productivity gap has continued to increase, and the rate of increase with roughly the same trajectory. So their rising participation rates do not even slow down, much less stem, the rising productivity problem.

  7. What exactly do you mean by productivity gap? I would also note that overall Labor force participation in Israel has steadily risen over the past decade and a half. I dont know which sectors the Haredim are working in. I do know that Israel has set up coding bootcamps to help get more arabs and haredim in on high tech, but a country only needs so many coders. I think I read that Israel needs to find another 10k programmers to fill the gap over the next 5 years or so. Even if all that came from the Haredi and arab communities, there would still be more people in need of work.

  8. Gap in GDP per hour worked, compared to other developed countries.

  9. Regardless of how you or I feel about that, the fact is that a huge percentage of the first world's population is going to be either jobless or severely underemployed in the next 30 years. This is a massive problem that needs to be dealt with on an economic and social level regardless of how we feel about the individuals involved.

  10. Your prediction depends on Capitalism remaining a societal axiom. Contribution to economy and contribution to society are very different things.

  11. Is this them finally trying to step ways from religion? This lunar lander should be called a new hope.

  12. Israel is not a religious county. It has no state religion, is not founded on religious principles, and around 30% of the population are atheists.

  13. While you are right in pointing out the extremity of the comparison, it really isn't always a choice. I have been smoking for 12 years and have tried to quit many times. I am currently on day 9 of not smoking. The last 9 days have been utter hell. I'm worthless, my appetite is up and down, I can't sleep, I can't wake up, I feel hungover every morning, I can't keep a conversation going, and driving is very difficult. I can barely even do my job.

  14. Meaning implies an intent, and a consciousness directing that intent. This requires for you to have been purposefully created by some tool-using entity. As far as I can tell, this is not the case - we appear to be the byproducts of physical laws. As such we can have no more meaning than, say, auroras.

  15. You would have to do some creative misreading to conclude that from my words. Oh well :D

  16. Zehut are a very specific flavor of Libertarian. It's Moshe Feiglin's new political vessel, and he's about as far from mainstream as can get. Fascinating person, Feiglin.

  17. Well technically what they are doing in the Westbank can be conceived as ethnic cleansing. I believe all governments are opportunistic and Israel is no different. Every government has to weigh the pros and cons of what it does and the reaction of its neighbours and the international community. If a civil war erupts in say Saudi and tens millions of people are displaced then the Palestinian suffering wouldn't look as big. Similarly I believe that without the Syrian Civil war and Arab springs then Israel would have looked much worse now in the eyes of the world than it currently does.

  18. Weed and mental health issues don't match very well sadly. Keep on rolling tho (heh, pun intended?) :p

  19. Unless you have PTSD, and then it's a literal life saver. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  20. It's still different for everyone. Even for someone with PTSD it could invoke anxiety attacks. But if it works for one to handle symptoms, all the power to them!

  21. I don't have much advice, mostly just wishes of success for you. Am about your age, a highly functioning pothead using cannabis to manage PTSD. Know the pain, alas, of having to choose between suffering the side effects of medication and being a gibbering wreck.

  22. I’m 21 and I’ve never smoked. Mostly because my family is full of stoners and I noticed they weren’t very motivated or accomplished. Am I wrong? Should I try it?

  23. You're not wrong. If your family is full of unmotivated and unaccomplished stoners, you might have a genetic / environmental susceptibility to addiction. Sorry, mate.

  24. Honest question: can sound environmental politics even be combined with an economy based on perpetual growth and constant consumption? It bothers me that everyone's talking about how we should save the environment through electric cars and solar panels, while not addressing the glaring contradiction between the fundamentals of our economy and the needs of the environment.

  25. A perpetually growing economy can indeed be combined with sound environmental policies. Increased efficiency leads to growth with less environmental damage. Theoretically, you could optimize human society to live fulfilling, prosperous, and long lives, while impacting only a tiny fraction of Earth's biosphere.

  26. Surely resources are discovered rather than create? We don't create raw materials, we merely use them.

  27. Resources are whatever we use as resources. Until we invent their use, they're not resources.

  28. Apologies about the nitpicking, but Gaza never was under Jordanian control. It was under Egyptian control, but Egypt wants nothing to do with Gaza.

  29. Your post is factually incorrect.

  30. Factually incorrect how? They give slightly different numbers, with ~60% of the population being defined as religious to some degree. Beyond that, the report you linked is irrelevant to the subject at hand.

  31. It all depends on whether you count the Masortiim as secular.

  32. what would the evidence of destablization be? Trump being president? It sure hurts our image abroad and makes for an annoying period of stupid political squabbles, but he doesnt seem competent enough or ideological enough to fundamentally change american institutions or ease Russia's geopolitical plight.

  33. American society became increasingly polarized in recent decades. There are countless articles about this, and about the detrimental effects of polarization on USA.

  34. Just curious why mods should delete? I’m honestly just trying to further understand this situation and it seems to fall under the category of geopolitics. I’m new to reddit

  35. You're requesting opinions. Opinions are cheap. What is it you seek to understand?

  36. I haven’t seen Bruno. Fill me in.

  37. After 20 years of marriage, I did not notice a change in frequency.

  38. Young people smoking weed? Next you’ll tell me they’re having sex out of wedlock.

  39. Weed is really popular in Israel. ~30% of Israeli adults use it.

  40. Excruciating long periods of boredom punctuated by a few minutes of exciting live target practice.

  41. More like long periods of boredom, punctuated by bureaucratic idiocy. If you're in a combat role, throw in occasional existential dread.

  42. That the same person can be (and often are) extremely smart in some ways and extremely dumb in other ways. Took me decades to figure this one out, and it's still hard to process.

  43. Unfortunately in Israel this is not the case. For either sides.

  44. Lots of Arabs live in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, without any problems.

  45. It's really sad that people genuinely buy the western mainstream propaganda to the extent where they genuinely think that IS is "extreme" or that "their propaganda is mostly gore porn".

  46. Either I do not understand your intention, or I have missed the most basic facts in years of studying Islam and its sects, or your understanding of the subject matter is sorely lacking.

  47. That's why my single use bags are used as garbage bags. I haven't bought a 'true' garbage bag in ~7 years. I only use them when entertaining.

  48. They almost always got away with little or no consequences before.

  49. How does being caught in the act change anything? They were repeatedly caught in the act. Like the act of invading and occupying large chunks of neighboring countries.

  50. Prediction of the future - Israel will fall again into Hamas' hands and attack in Gaza, again, there will be hundreds or more of Palestinian casualties, Hamas will claim they are mostly civilians, most media outlets will report mostly that, Israel will say they are all Hamas members.

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