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  1. You didn't post the code which may or may not be the problem. To find out, Marketwatch alerts have the same limitations as do Conditional Orders. You can try using your study for an alert. If you get the alert at the expected condition then the study will also signal for a Conditional order as expected.

  2. Thank you for the advice, I just edited the post and copied the code.

  3. There is an indicator called “comparison” on ToS that literally allows you to overlay a chart for any ticker over the chart you’re looking at.

  4. Awesome! Figured out to set it up last night. Thank you!

  5. I appreciate you really detailing out the information. I really like how you quit by noon, gives time for other parts of life to get done. I will most definitely try your example.

  6. Ill PM you with some channels and people that I follow who have helped me improve over the last 3 years. Definitely good people and solid info

  7. I loathed getting on the galaxy map excited for my next planned adventure and clicked on the system and it zoomed in but instead of showing the traveling images and the planets, it blooped back to my face and forced me to listen to Admiral Hackett tell me how I had to clean another mess the Alliance or the human race created. Great Memories!!!

  8. Many old white people who were alive during the Jim Crow era in teenage years and beyond. The ones who watched black people be murdered, beaten, or raped. The people who heard acquaintances, friends and family brag about doing any of those actions before and never reported it. And those who actively participated in murdering people of color. We would need to open a whole other large prison for all these people.

  9. The Untold History of the United States, a documentary by Oliver Stone has a an episode that talks about how shitty Reagan presidency was on this country. It didn’t start with him but it really got going with him.

  10. Out of the 5 games I can think of that David Cage has made, Heavy Rain is the best in my opinion. So if you liked DBH, the other two will dazzle you haha.

  11. One of my favorite Superman stories of all time

  12. When I saw this, Baby Doll was the first one that came to mind. It shows BTAS ability to create a fresh plot, character creation, animation, and theme.

  13. I hope Hell laid fury on those men in the Batak massacre. They deserve to be in the same place in Hell as the Japanese at the rape of Nanking and nazis in the holocaust.

  14. Darth Revan! Unlike Darth Vader and the Empire, he converted so many Jedi to the dark side instead of annihilating them. Smart and tactful fighter.

  15. No, you’ll desyncronize the animus because lute players are “innocents”!

  16. Now that is Superman! Caring for Earthlings no matter how normal or fantastic. This reminds me of when Batman in JLU waited with Ace while she was dying.

  17. AC 2, Black Flag, Odyssey (I could spend forever in Elysium DLC).

  18. It's weird only if you watch the cartoon episodes. Not many people care about those though (me included), a lot of people only care about real movies and live actions with actors.

  19. The cartoons have started to have some connections to the live action shows, ( Han Solo movie) especially rebels which is I think is better than clone wars.

  20. Loved 1, survivalist story with hint of tomb raider. 2 improved on 1 in every way except story. 3 was fun to play if you ignored story and characters.

  21. I would say Asylum like everyone else and on easy mode. I can see someone being pushed away from video games if there are frustrating controls/combat.

  22. I always liked how powerful he was in the Dini/Timmverse. He wasn’t god strong like he is Kingdom Come but he isn’t just jumping instead of flying. He has to wear a spacesuit and use a ship to travel at light speed. He can lift heavy things but it takes work.

  23. Awww, I love ME 1. It spent so much time teaching us about the universe and history so we could love the other two more and we all still crave more even with the Andromeda hiccup!

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