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  1. I think it’s past the point of being a ‘craze’ now, they’re more energy efficient, faster at cooking, smaller, almost everything about them is good i think!

  2. I've had both for ~5 years and use them almost daily. Ok the foreman died so I have the fancy similar Tefal thing.

  3. You just made that up, you haven't posted any source to indicate any of what you said is true.

  4. Also the scale of what's being protested is unprecedented

  5. I'm sure they don't, but history is full of examples where direct action has resulted in a success

  6. In fact there is such a thing as an overreaction, but I don't know what the threshold would be for this government, considering all the things they've already done

  7. I'm thinking it could be a base for a Bubbler water feature. That it is covered in river rocks makes it look more intentional than a sump pump cover or water well cover. Is there an outdoor outlet close by?

  8. Thanks, there's one maybe 5 metres away, but I've googled water feature reservoir and found

  9. OP, are you on a septic system or are you connected to the city sewers.

  10. I'm connected to the city sewers, pretty sure it's not a septic tank!

  11. Yeah, but he deserved it 😂 He was mean to those dogs and got some much needed retribution*

  12. If i could offer you only one piece of advice.... Sunscream would be it. The long term benefits of sunscream have been proved by scientists whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience…I will dispense this advice now.

  13. I would ask the beast with two backs but I'm pretty sure what their opinion would be

  14. She has some weird views. Here she is in 2020:

  15. There should be an inquiry into Long Covid, I agree. I'd prefer it to be as quick as possible though, personally.

  16. Yeah, don't good your breath. Has anyone in government even uttered those words?

  17. Sunak was born in Southampton […] He was educated at Winchester College, studied philosophy, politics and economics at Lincoln College, Oxford, and earned an MBA from Stanford University in California as a Fulbright Scholar.

  18. Yes, its meant to be a tax on the extremely wealthy, not normal middle class people who happened to buy a house 20 years ago.

  19. Normal middle class people who bought a three bed 20 years ago and can today move to a 1 bed and retire with a fortune in addition to their pension, in itself much more generous than their inheritors generation is ever going to see. My heart bleeds for them.

  20. Which is why they don't want us to see the WhatsApp messages that led to the "eat out to help out."

  21. "no one is going to risk getting COVID for 5£ off pizza"

  22. You'll be shocked to learn that the guy now does children's songs under the name "Caspar Babypants"

  23. Because otherwise you say something about a pittweiler not being dangerous because it's not on the list and you get two people telling you that actually it's dangerous even if it's not on a list and another telling you that's not a real breed because the standard is not defined by the something something association

  24. Yep, him being Tory explains it lmao. An anti-lockdown Joe Rogan listening Tory at that.

  25. If only the Tories had been in a position to fix these problems for the last decWAIT

  26. It's surprising. Even a really, really distasteful joke will be forgotten about by the press and public in 24 hours. No one really remembers "let the bodies pile high" anymore.

  27. Probably gloating about the plebs being stuck at home while they get to do cocaine, or something about the queen

  28. Had a friend growing up who’s dad was a photographer for a company that made otc weight loss supplements. Idt it’s much of a secret anymore but the before/after pics are flipped. The model will diet and dehydrate themselves to look more lean. Few weeks of normal living and eating then they take the before pics and add photoshop to really sell it

  29. The dehydrating part makes sense (I once read bodybuilders do it for tournaments), but I don't really see the point in doing the "before" after. Can't they just do it before dehydrating?

  30. Nothing worse than more affordable food.

  31. Yeah, It's horrible, food keeps getting cheaper, I don't know what to do with so many avocados

  32. Really? Food getting cheaper? Where?

  33. It’s intentional and supposed to sound like birds according to the signs we read when we visited a place like this in Japan.

  34. Yes. It's covered under Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

  35. Can you point to the paragraph that says you can drive a 2014 Macan?

  36. Under UK law it is illegal to enter the country without a visa or special permission. This is all covered under the Immigration Act (which applies to asylum seekers).

  37. Yeah? What's the penalty for an asylum seeker for crossing the country without a visa or a special permission?

  38. 'gotta watch those gays you know'

  39. I don't know if your 4% is right, but let's assume it is. My issue is that it isn't the top 4%. It's more like the portion from 86 to 90%.

  40. I imagine there are cheaper things to cut drugs with? The thing is fucking expensive

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