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Priti Patel gets a dose of freak out

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  1. I'm pro-weed but hate being forced to smell it 24/7 in my own garden

  2. It's not such a bad smell though, nowhere near as bad as cigarettes

  3. A) it says "could" B) you can compare to other countries

  4. My son eats the eyes first. ....should I be worried about him? xD

  5. From what I've read recently you may want to stay away from the head (unfortunately since It's the best part)

  6. Looks like powdery mildew, some sort of slime mold (the bubbles) if that wasn't from you, possible mealybug residue on the bottom of top right leaf in picture 1... dunno who the big, black bug is. Lots of yikes!

  7. Thanks, the big bug fell on this leaf when I was taking the picture. Most of the plant is affected by the powdery stuff, but it has not extended to the other plant in the container, I'm tempted to just cut it

  8. “People should be encouraged to” is a whole lot different to “bring back” which suggests bringing in mandates. Misleading headline.

  9. Cuáles son las habilidades que tiene un profesional? Eres capaz de hacerlos beberse un vaso de agua?

  10. Si, después de once años entrenando, se les puede hacer beber lo que quieras

  11. Russia gave money to his Brexit campaign, which he was happy to take. Doesn’t make him a stooge, but he was happy to work with Putin when it helped him.

  12. Russia has been the last decade bankrolling anyone with a chance to destabilise an EU country (or, even better, the EU itself). Brexit obviously does that.

  13. Creo que piensa uqe la inmigración es extremadamente benficiosa, siempre y cuando sea gente que viene a labrarse un futuro respetando a los lugareños y puedan hacerse hueco en el mercado laboral

  14. "la población autóctona es extremadamente beneficiosa siempre que sea gente que se quiere labrar un futuro y no robar y aprovecharse de las ayudas"

  15. Pues no sé, a mí mantener a Felipe o a Sofía me jode lo mismo, la verdad

  16. Right wing? You mean the party that paid everyone in the country their full salary for months on end without them working?

  17. The country that paid companies the payroll part of their expenses so they wouldn't go bust, you mean. Then gave billions away to the people who felt secure enough in their finances to buy a home (often a second one) while the economy is on life support. Then decided to increase the national insurance instead of tax.

  18. A region with many different countries, and many different public policies; which one(s) are you referring to specifically?

  19. Accord to some light internet searching, there is no difference between cane and beet sugar chemically, although processing methods may make cane sugar not vegetarian/vegan.

  20. I'm sure it's not all pure sugar, right?

  21. Let's assemble a balanced at of experts to get a balanced view

  22. Cord light on the toilet. Which has "burning" and "freezing" taps.

  23. I don't know, why is anyone a cunt? Was he always a cunt or did he become one? Did marrying into money help? So many questions

  24. Youre spot on. The question is why do apparently so few people realise this?

  25. Lots of money is invested in hiding it

  26. Isn't noodle just the general term and pasta the Italian style?

  27. Spaghetti, lasagne, penne, all sorts of noodles are all pasta. That + whatever you want to add to make it tasty is a pasta dish. There's no debate!

  28. Oh wow she’s pulling a Drake? I haven’t listened to her new music but that’s kind of cringe haha

  29. Her previous album was in fake Andalusian, so nothing new there. Can't wait to hear what she'll fake next.

  30. About two weeks ago Rosalia was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live a live TV comedy show here in NYC. Her two songs live were incomprehensible.

  31. They are incomprehensible in the album as well

  32. En mi tierra te ponen esta tapa y se la tiras a la cara

  33. Wording poll questions is a science as well; there's lots of ways to interpret this question depending on where you're from and many other factors

  34. The Omircon sub-variants are as different from one another as Alpha is from Delta, and it's still new enough that we're just starting to see it dominate in South Korea, Europe, and China. If you want to argue semantics that's fine but it doesn't add anything useful to the conversation.

  35. Any idea why they're not given a new letter?

  36. It's an argument the Government can't win though. It is clear the overwhelming message both domestically and internationally is get back to normal. We know the current strain is causing far less death and serious illness and the evidence seems to suggest the virus is unlikely to mutate into anything more serious as we go forward.

  37. It's actually pronounced chickén kiev

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