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A Norwegian prison cell

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  1. The Astoria-Megler Bridge and the Zilwaukee Bridge are a couple of odd/notable bridges I've driven.

  2. Well according to their beliefs one could torture, murder, and rape their entire life, but if they asked for forgiveness on their death bed they go to heaven. Meanwhile, someone on the other side of the planet that has done good their whole life, but has never heard of Jesus, would go to hell.

  3. Pretty sure there's a caveat for people who have literally never heard of Jesus but who also are free of sin. But the chance that anybody is free of sin is super duper low, so that's how they getchoo.

  4. You may have paid $89.99 for that movie tape, but it’s yours now! You can watch that movie as many times as you want! Whenever you want! Whatta country!

  5. Nah... I feel like this person is probably into shooting clay. It's very zen and a game against yourself, like golf.

  6. 100%. Here in the US we have a group of crazy religious folk who prevent a common sense policy like this from being implemented at the moment. They believe life is sacred enough to impose their belief on others, regardless of the amount of suffering an individual is going through. I think it basically amounts to legal torture from the Ned Flanders crowd.

  7. There's legal assisted suicide in Washington State.

  8. I love seeing faces in things - me and my wife always share pics back and forth when we find something. Love this one!

  9. I wish I had a better camera, but this is the best ive got. Sorry. The American Bittern in my backyard (same spot) last week also had a crummy pic. You guys seem forgiving and I'm just trying to share my excitement with folks, so please enjoy.

  10. almost all of southeastern washington is dry if not drier than boise.

  11. Nope just Boise. People who want to live in the pacific northwest should move to Boise.

  12. Fishing all day in the sun or throwing horse shoes at a bbq... I like summer.

  13. You had a camera right above your bed?

  14. I mean at some point you just give up all shame and R1O like five times a day despite the camera, right?

  15. I so often quote this and "let's take her for a test toast"

  16. And the 9-person unelected yadda yadda initially ruled to protect abortion rights in Roe v. Wade. So... I mean, we can get pissed when they strike it down, or we can be encouraged that they initially opined as they did. It's perspective. Just because something doesn't go the way you want it to doesn't mean it's broken. And I bet Calla wouldn't like living in Cuba at all.

  17. Didn’t realize any US native songbirds came in stunning colors like this.

  18. 100 years ago we had the Carolina parakeet all over the place. Can you imagine parrots as far north as new england? Crazy, huh. But it was true, only 100 years ago.

  19. Thank you for that rabbit hole stranger!

  20. They cant stop you from ordering a steak and a glass of water.

  21. Man... All of these scans get my nostalgia firing off like crazy. Im glad i was a cognizant kid through all of this stuff.

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