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  1. I don't know if you can do each eye a different size, but the Soulsborne character creators have been responsible for some of the most horrifying shit I've ever seen.

  2. You also need a "Perverted-Justice" level of predator catchers to help. They had a bunch of volunteers. "Tetrad Core" was like 1 mom as the volunteer if i'm right? I don't remember seeing a bunch of them. It was just that one woman who wore the body armor. Sure, we make fun of Frag, Del & Xavier & they were pretty crappy about turning in evidence but they sure knew how to spot check predators in making them show up creating our favorite memes. It helped because Xavier is a grandmaster catfish. a police unit as decoys doesn't work as far as memes go because they're direct & straight to the point. There is no Xavier in the Takedown G.H.O.S.T police unit.

  3. Yeah but “this is one of those good news bad news situations, John” is one the best Hansen lines in the whole franchise

  4. The NJ sting was peak PEAK Hansen/TCaP. Everything else was uphill to that, and downhill from there. Turtleneck Hansen on the beach delivering zingers. Cleanest best pleasure. Prove me wrong.

  5. I assessed the threat. Gave him an ocular patdown, clocked a knife in his boot.

  6. Chris Moore claimed to be rich from his work in movies, I'm fairly sure Robert Lyons was also rich.

  7. The Forest, you can toggle off cannibals if you want to, so that it's just you and the wildlife.

  8. Yeah, a 13 year old girl sees a carrot or a cucumber and her absolute first instict would be to just immediately grab a knife and cut it.

  9. Better Stripper is my favourite example of this. CBC literally funded Kenny going around hanging out with strippers lmao

  10. I'm not sure what happened exactly, but I'm pretty sure he did in fact put his book up for sale online. IIRC there are some hilarious reviews somewhere online from people who actually bought the book and read it🤣

  11. He published Taken Abroad, which was his awful novel. I don't know if his prison manifesto was published but it's definitely somewhere online to read

  12. Putting aside his behavior, he’s just so crass. Calling beasts jugs, always talking about his pecker and cawkhead, proudly homophobic and casually racist. What a charmer; no doubt every woman in Maine is falling at his feet (and contracting cordyceps from the proximity)

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