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  1. And yet, as a big fan of BMTH, I'm dot not enjoy Bad Omens. Can't say why but it doesn't work for me. A bit, but not the same at all

  2. Well, the special early bird price ended and they are now regular prices.... did anyone order one?

  3. I did, I made a sub for it if you wanna track progression and all !

  4. Nice, I am kicking myself not buying at the early bird price. I will follow the channel.

  5. It's kind of a bet, i made that on a whim (if that's how we say it ?)

  6. you’re so original and cool for not liking ronnie radke cause other people told you not to

  7. All his songs are about his haters, his Twitter and TikTok is nothing but him arguing with people.

  8. Yes, that's the problem. I mean, I love how he tries and reinvent things but, lyrics... This is sad, he could really be "bigger".

  9. If it starts with LTN it's landmark I guess ahah, Omni is the tracking tool

  10. My tracking is all numbers. But I’m also located in the US for reference.

  11. Oh thanks mate ! Just repaired my S5, it seemed to be hair in the radar motor !

  12. Time Dilation is pretty far from 1st Eternity. Depends on how much you play but I guess it might take at least a couple weeks.

  13. That's what I thought! I play a lot really, like all the time.

  14. Yes, getting your slowest challenge time under 2 seconds will help a lot.

  15. I'm actually at this point to, i made a calculation and it seems it will take me approximatively 5 hours to reach 1e8, is it normal ? Or have a made a misconfiguration ?

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