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  1. That sux... I think I've gone through the rolodex with out spending a dime. The only thing left on my bucket list is a MFF threesome. And It might happen soon... That's where reddit comes in lol.

  2. Check out reddit subs for hook ups instead of the backpages for hookers is basically what im saying. There are plenty of kink sites and dating sites that cater to kinky hook ups, better than prostitutes. just sayin.

  3. I did one of these studies and took a bad reaction, whatever they gave me caused my third testicle to swell massively.

  4. You don’t even want to know what happened to my fourth

  5. I’ve never kissed someone at nearly 18 and I’m afraid of messing it up if the opportunity arises

  6. I don’t know career path I want to take and I have to decide on Uni courses by september

  7. Trans people that transition should still compete in their gendered sports before the transitioned. Stuff like the Lia Thomas case is just not fair for women in sports, as although he may have transitioned, he still has the muscular advantages of a male.

  8. Wifi is horrible. No chance you can run an Ethernet cable out a window or anything?

  9. Think of a giant square, my router is in the top right and my pc is in the bottom left. It’s just not possible

  10. Potentially. Depends on how noisy the circuit is. Why not just hardwire or buy a repeater?

  11. I have and use a booster thats exactly halfway which is inconsistent but if I tried wifi on its own it’s a lot worse

  12. It's not. It's pretty well paid. But it's like one day every now and again , not a great side hustle.

  13. Yeah I’m not looking for a side hustle, just something like this is good right now

  14. Seen this noti pop up and thought it was about Jamie Dornan

  15. I won a Blazer once, which is pretty good compared to the replies here

  16. There are hundreds of vehicles in the game, use literally any of them, you use the 1 vehicle where I shoot first ask questions later, not my fault if you get shot while on it.

  17. Tell him to get off his mk2 and drive literally any other vehicle in the game out of the thousands that exist, he picked the single worst one that I always shoot first

  18. Thats racism to vehicles basically. You definitely passive mode after killing an afk player

  19. Suppose Jonathan Kleck is gonna rise out of the ashes?

  20. So I can sit. Its better for getting the most out, and I have stormtrooper aim.

  21. My xbox one is gathering dust, All my mates were shifting consoles and I didn’t want to feel left out, might hopefully get a series s at some point, really want to try flight simulator of all games

  22. I think from secondary school up they do wear them on the bus and in class etc, but right you’re right younger kids don’t have to wear them

  23. Can confirm that everyone in secondary school has to wear them inside the buildings and classes

  24. Kevin Hart should not have mentioned Booga Sugar to me

  25. If you believe you or someone feels sick ever week maybe just for a few days look for mold in there household bacteria or poisonous paint with led or a hazardous substance there exposed too. Don't forget to get vitamins and look after mind and body.

  26. There’s black mould above my shower but I’ll take a real good look around the house tomorrow, thanks for the idea

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