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  1. The US can easily become #1 Oil producer in the world if it wanted too. The answer is just that. We need to produce more oil. That is the only short answer for this, as a permanent alternative to oil and gas is not in the near future. As much as everyone wants to hope that we will move away from oil and gas soon, you will sadly be disappointed because it will not happen. Our Children's children will likely still be living in a world ran by oil and gas. That is just the truth of it.

  2. Wow, you think you pretty much know all the ehx pedals…I’ve never seen this one before

  3. What’s boost 2? Is that a blend of boost and one of the fuzzes? I knew about 1.5 but this is new to me

  4. Hey Patrick, big time fan. I consider you to be in the lineage of the great “3 chord rock” artists, with guys like Bruce, lou reed, etc. - big, massive rock chord sounds with catchy hooks, essentially what “pop rock” should be in a perfect world. I see you working to create the greatest rock songs inside this format. It’s a sweeping generalization that will never be 100% true, but it can be a fun way to think and talk about your music - I can view the TA records as variations of this “perfect rock song” formula - the monitor got epic with it in a maximalist way, an obelisk got real direct and sort of punk with it, local business is the most pure version of this idea(and my current fave), etc.

  5. You are correct that my late cousin was a wonderful guy who could light up any room he entered, and I appreciate you saying so. We miss him, we love him, his memory nourishes us to this day, and always will.

  6. I’m not a les Paul guy but this is gorgeous and I bet it plays insane

  7. Does anyone know if it's okay to put stuff in my reusable bag and then take it all out and checkout and put it back in? I'm tried of trying to carry everything but ShopRite is always a bit of a clusterfuck and I don't want to navigate it with a gigantic cart.

  8. I think it’s posted that they don’t want you to do that, but honestly I can’t see anyone ever giving a fuck. I do it all the time

  9. Good.... luck? The store that I am at, generally the cashier checking you out yells at you that you can't take the basket and to put it under the open spot toward the beginning of the belt. I guess they deal with theft a lot.

  10. I mean yeah if anyone ever said anything, I’d be cool about it

  11. Would love to hear you make full use of this in a jam or live, there’s a lot of crazy sounds here

  12. Hopefully that will be soon! Got some potential gigs lined up in my area, just waiting for confirmation…

  13. The harmonic tremolo is a real eyebrow raiser, very cool $99 pedal, especially with the regular/harmonic switch. Obviously not gonna be as feature laden as something like the nightwire but as someone who was never super curious about this effect in general, the price point and mode switch kind of has me thinking about it. And yeah it’s not logical - I know a used night wire isn’t thaaaat much more expensive

  14. Shorthand for the untap symbol that originally appeared in Lorwyn block iirc

  15. Yeah, we haven't seen the untap symbol at all since Shadowmoor and Eventide released, with one exception as far as my Gatherer results tell me: [[Farmstead Gleaner]], an uncommon in Modern Horizons printed in 2019.

  16. oh yeah i'm familiar with the untap symbol just not the abbreviation

  17. $120k down on a $600k house with a 2.25% property tax, 6% interest on a mortgage, and $500 monthly debt would need to make about $165k a year to qualify. That's of course the bare minimum, and we know other costs are much higher in this state so it's probably unrealistic to think any family could thrive in that scenario so your point still stands.

  18. Fuck yeah. How hard do you think the overload would be to build for someone so has never built a pedal before, but has changed pickups and replaced a selector switch on a guitar?

  19. The top of the desk where my monitor sits is 60” wide and the lower section where my laptop and keyboard sit is 58.5”.

  20. Sick thanks! And yeah I gotcha. Were your measurements otherwise in line with the other guys' little doodle?

  21. I believe his picture says the total height is 37.5 but I made mine to be 38”. I didn’t use his idea of making a frame out of 2x4’s to create the legs but I think it’s a great idea and keeps it simple.

  22. true, the comment i was replying to was directly responding to the card image though

  23. Do we have another military base where that happens? Is it still happening at Picatinny these days or did I imagine it happened there?

  24. living in Mt Arlington we get emails from the town when Picatinny is testing, but it's never clear what they're testing. i can't say i've ever noticed any noises

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