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  1. Forse scendono di valore quelle di omicidi/casi famosi tipo Erba, Perugia e così via. Per cose minori probabilmente non lo saprai mai.

  2. Eh già.. Lo penso anch'io. La casa di Meredith Kercher è da tempo riabitata... E, tuttavia, la stanza di Meredith è sigillata. Direi che è indicativo dei compromessi dell'acquistare una ex-scena del crimine

  3. Avere allucinazioni è diverso da avere una fervida immaginazione però.

  4. Come no! Infatti parlavo di immaginazione... Immaginarsi, figurarsi; mai "vedere".

  5. Luckily since you got your booster 3 weeks ago you have basically the lowest risk of a severe outcome as possible. Good luck and rest up!

  6. No way redditers in this sub will ever accept this. I asked something about my third jab, a few months ago, and got a lot of sordid replies from no vaxes.

  7. For a song about flying and a lot of hand gestures.

  8. It definitely has something to do with what my fingers are like. If they're sweaty, I get no issues.

  9. You could try enabling "Touch sensitivity" in Display's settings... It might help

  10. I'm loving my Huawei Freebuds 4i. They go for around 100 €, but I was lucky to get em for 47 €. I think they're incredibily well made: great build and sound quality. ANC is AirPod Pro-level and "awareness" mode works as you expect. Huawei AI Life app is complete and pleasant to use.

  11. Well I don't know if it's OC or not, but I do something similar or even stranger: I relax looking for old abandoned tower cranes on Google Street View; sometimes I have to go back to 2008 to find something. Then, when spot something interesting, I take a screenshot and it goes into my "Old cranes" folder so I can categorize em.

  12. It is relaxing and fun, yes sir.

  13. Same for A71. Friends with A31 and A52 are sporting One UI 4.1, while A71 is stuck to 3 + april security patches.

  14. Il recentemente scomparso Calasso potrebbe rientrare nei requisiti che hai posto. Ho trovato "Le nozze di Cadmo e Armonia" brillante e poacevolmente "complesso". Guardando poco oltre Calasso, la sua grande Adelphi ha pubblicato, quest'anno, "Fuoco all'anima. Dialoghi con Domenico Porzio", un librino in cui il grande Porzio dibatte con Leonardo Sciascia su questioni varie; interessante e piacevole; "complesso" come stai cercando tu...

  15. Seek medical help, so you can make sure you're not affected by any health condition. Secondly, you have to remember you're not alone; I've been through this too and I'm still trying to completely get rid of it... but I know is not feasible right now, because I'm stressed out by a lot of problems and thoughts. You could try approaching meditation (mindfulness): focusing on your breath and your inner feelings could be extremely helpful when you'll feel "andrenalinic" again.

  16. You could try making more space under your desk. Also, having drawers attached at the bottom of your desk make it looks chunkier. Still, it's a pretty minimalist setup!

  17. I do have April security patches, but I still haven't received One UI 4/Android 12. In my case, I think it depends on my carrier (I have a branded CSC... which I'd like to change into a generic one, but no way I can use Odin)

  18. Distance. My wife moved 10 hours away for a job. We are moving back together this summer though thank God. Distance suuuucks.

  19. I feel you. My gf is gonna leave for Paris this summer. I'm pretty miserable now...

  20. My dong is out-of-service for the moment, but my gf supports me alot. I hope to get well soon.

  21. Don't get me wrong but I think I might understand his feelings. He wanted to try a threesome because of curiosity: he thought he'd have enjoyed sex with a third person – a girl. But then, when he faced your enjoyment, your excitement and your complicity with the other guy you were having sex with, in his mind it stopped being "just sex with a third person" and transformed into jealousy, cause he started intending the other guy as a threat to your love, to your relationship. I mean... It's relatable, I wouldn't blame him.

  22. Is that tower crane an FM 1250?

  23. Amazing. FM factory is near where I live (here in Italy). FMs probably are the most used cranes here, with the 1035 model being particularly prominent...

  24. Is it comfortable to use mac's display in this arrangement?

  25. Sorry for the month-late reply. Yes, I think it works the best for my needs!

  26. for those that come a year later, like me, here is an updated link:

  27. Studying privacy? I see tor, thunderbird and firefox.

  28. Excellent observer! It's just that I care a lot about privacy. If someone ask me to prompt personal informations, I'm free to decide whether or not to do so; but when companies constantly steal data without you even noticing, hell I run for cover.

  29. It might be the flat cable that connects display to the logic board. It's a common problem on 2016 MacBook Pros. My Mac was affected too: the issue occurred 4 years after the purchase and I've had the chance to have my entire laptop replaced for free.

  30. I'm using Safari 15 on Big Sur 11.6. It's full of bugs and glitches; it crashes when using certain shortcuts (cmd+L, cmd+M, etc.) or when dragging a window from my laptop display to the external monitor. Also, when using it with the new compact tabs design enabled, I can see a useful "three dots" icon that contains an option to reload the page without content blockers; when switching to the previous tab view, the icon goes away.

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