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  1. Erased my disk yesterday to sell my MacBook Air 2012 as a fresh one and encountered multiple issues where I couldn't select the disk to install the OS.

  2. You've to check if the disk is correctly partitioned. You can do it on Disk Utility, via Recovery Mode (it's an option listed in the menu bar, if I'm not wrong). You should see a recovery partition (do not erase it!) and the main one.

  3. I watched your video, when I go into Disk Utility and I try to do anything with the disks (Erase, Partition, First aid, etc), it says couldn't unmount disk.

  4. If you look deeper into YouTube I'm pretty sure you gonna find someone who found a workaround for your problem.

  5. I think that 3x5 is the one that inspired me the most. It also makes me feel nostalgic about something... A case of misplaced nostalgia, I guess.

  6. I think about it often and it has helped me be truly present in those little moments you want to wrap up forever. 📸

  7. I had to look for a workaround for my Aqara door sensor in order to mount it to my entrance door: I glued a small piece of wood to compensate the distance from the frame. It's easy and you quickly get used to it.

  8. Rn I can't see myself switching to a foldable. I think that the palm form factor is perfect for a smartphone – this is something we learnt from >30 years of PDAs. By saying this, I know that foldables are useful and they have a lot of sense... Just, not my piece of cake. Frankly, I'm also hoping for a small smartphone (iPhone 5S like) with high-end specs.

  9. This kind of shots excite me but also makes me feel sad

  10. You can find one on eBay for less, but this is in an incredibile good shape!

  11. For 40 bucks it is a steal! I liked this MacBook a lot, but glossy parts used to scratch too easily, and the rubber bottom used to get dirty af.

  12. oh this one isn’t the A1342 with the rubber bottom haha. It’s actually plastic and still has a removable battery. Mine came a bit dirty (and had black marks) but that wiped off after some cleaning. Overall after a cheap SSD install, it’s pretty usable and I enjoy it a lot + the battery still has 95% health. Serves me well for the past 5 months and it became my favorite laptop tbh

  13. Right, that the older one. Still a steal :D

  14. To be fair that one had an extremely forward thinking design back when it released. Give it a bigger trackpad and hide the Apple logo and almost nobody would be able to tell that the design is more than 20 years old (well, aside of the other features that are not a thing anymore like a PC Card slot and a DVD drive)

  15. Same for the iBook (post clamshell models): white polycarbonate wrapped in clear plastics, making it modern but coherent with Apple's translucent design language – including first three versions of Mac OS...

  16. I don't think the aqua design language stood the test of time.

  17. I respect your pov. In my opinion, if the iBook G4 had a 16:10 display it'd look newer than a Titanium G4 – and the fact that Apple revamped PowerBook's design after less than a couple of years, while iBook's design lasted till late-2005, proves that it was "modern looking". Also, don't forget polycarbonate MacBook: it lasted till 2010/11, if I'm not wrong.

  18. Simplenote works well for my needs: it's cross platform (I use macOS + Android versions), it's not under Google's ownership, has a lot of options.

  19. They need to plug this into the Leaning Tower of Pisa and fix it

  20. Funny thing is I actually live in Pisa, so I could give it try.

  21. Left and right, sorta up and sorta down, really up and really down and then just regular ol up and down

  22. Looks like you're a strong reader. Love that books-wall!

  23. You can create an automation so that any Aqara device available in the IF (Triggers) section sends standard or custom text notification. You set notification part in the THEN part of the automation.

  24. Is this gonna work if I'm away from home/disconnected from Wi-Fi? Do I need a Google Nest Mini or something like that?

  25. If you are using an Aqara account and I think you have to do it on Android then you have remote access automatically enabled for all Aqara hubs and devices, so you don't need any additional integrations for that

  26. Jackpot! It'd be wonderful! I'm gonna check if it works as soon as I set it up. Thanks dude

  27. Forse scendono di valore quelle di omicidi/casi famosi tipo Erba, Perugia e così via. Per cose minori probabilmente non lo saprai mai.

  28. Eh già.. Lo penso anch'io. La casa di Meredith Kercher è da tempo riabitata... E, tuttavia, la stanza di Meredith è sigillata. Direi che è indicativo dei compromessi dell'acquistare una ex-scena del crimine

  29. Avere allucinazioni è diverso da avere una fervida immaginazione però.

  30. Come no! Infatti parlavo di immaginazione... Immaginarsi, figurarsi; mai "vedere".

  31. For a song about flying and a lot of hand gestures.

  32. It definitely has something to do with what my fingers are like. If they're sweaty, I get no issues.

  33. You could try enabling "Touch sensitivity" in Display's settings... It might help

  34. I'm loving my Huawei Freebuds 4i. They go for around 100 €, but I was lucky to get em for 47 €. I think they're incredibily well made: great build and sound quality. ANC is AirPod Pro-level and "awareness" mode works as you expect. Huawei AI Life app is complete and pleasant to use.

  35. Well I don't know if it's OC or not, but I do something similar or even stranger: I relax looking for old abandoned tower cranes on Google Street View; sometimes I have to go back to 2008 to find something. Then, when spot something interesting, I take a screenshot and it goes into my "Old cranes" folder so I can categorize em.

  36. It is relaxing and fun, yes sir.

  37. Same for A71. Friends with A31 and A52 are sporting One UI 4.1, while A71 is stuck to 3 + april security patches.

  38. Il recentemente scomparso Calasso potrebbe rientrare nei requisiti che hai posto. Ho trovato "Le nozze di Cadmo e Armonia" brillante e poacevolmente "complesso". Guardando poco oltre Calasso, la sua grande Adelphi ha pubblicato, quest'anno, "Fuoco all'anima. Dialoghi con Domenico Porzio", un librino in cui il grande Porzio dibatte con Leonardo Sciascia su questioni varie; interessante e piacevole; "complesso" come stai cercando tu...

  39. Seek medical help, so you can make sure you're not affected by any health condition. Secondly, you have to remember you're not alone; I've been through this too and I'm still trying to completely get rid of it... but I know is not feasible right now, because I'm stressed out by a lot of problems and thoughts. You could try approaching meditation (mindfulness): focusing on your breath and your inner feelings could be extremely helpful when you'll feel "andrenalinic" again.

  40. You could try making more space under your desk. Also, having drawers attached at the bottom of your desk make it looks chunkier. Still, it's a pretty minimalist setup!

  41. I do have April security patches, but I still haven't received One UI 4/Android 12. In my case, I think it depends on my carrier (I have a branded CSC... which I'd like to change into a generic one, but no way I can use Odin)

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