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  1. Disclaimer - I'm a cancer survivor, and not a medical professional. This I only my experience. I urge you to see your doctor for the proper tests/diagnosis, whatever the cause for your symptoms.

  2. Unfortunately, 99% of correct answers would lead to a temporary suspension or ban from this sub and possibly this platform all together.

  3. I assume Rice Crispies (3 white dudes) are ok, definitely no Froot Loops or Lucky Charms (rainbows are political)

  4. I'd assume Cornflakes are the standard (you know, to prevent all the masturbation).

  5. If you haven't tried it, I'd suggest trying some street epistemology to examine this. It's a useful tool for evaluating your beliefs and helping figure out what you truly think/feel. It seems like you're a bit on the fence with it, which is why I suggested it. I'm not an expert in SE, but if you want someone to try it with you, you are welcome to message me.

  6. holy fuck their is a paywall, that's more un-anarchist then using empirical data. /s

  7. OP's a fraud possibly not even a real person. There's some talk on atheist/skeptic areas, whenever he's mentioned, about him making utterly unreadable and pseudo-intellectual tripe. From what I can gather in researching the "real" person behind this persona, he sounds like Jordan B Peterson, but less understandable, less educated, and more into erotic poetry. It's a bizarre combination.

  8. Nah. Why would expect people who's only real training is on how to lie effectively to get what their superiors want, to not do exactly that? Cops are liars and even their testimony shouldn't be allowed in courts.

  9. I saw a nurse do this with her contact lens that she dropped on the hospital floor.

  10. Thus is only OK if you have rgp lenses. I was actually told by multiple eye doctors that your spit is safer than water (or even saline) if you don't have conditioning soution on hand to use. It's basically that the harder lenses are more likely to cause eye damage if you don't have the proper solution on hand and one pops out.

  11. Well she made a decision to b outside your home. Enjoy your victory. /s

  12. NTA Regardless of how people feel about sleeping together out of wedlock, it's the OP home, not her stepdaughters. If she doesn't like it, she can march her Azz to her mothers. Is the stepmother old fashioned? Maybe, but it's still her house, and she ought to be able to set her own rules. Her SD calling her an AH would have just cemented it for me.

  13. She's an AH because they didn't tell the stepdaughter before arriving at their home. Imo, they knew the stepdaughter wouldn't stay if told and intentionally kept it from her. This stepmom is absolutely YTA not just for that, but also because she is blaming the stepdaughter (who was 6!) for them not forming a bond. She clearly treats his daughter differently and it shows in just this post alone - a place where she is clearly trying to make herself look the best. I wonder what the daughter would tell us if we heard her side?

  14. He took those shots and was still able to walk. Dl you really think a taser would have done anything? People have a history of resisting tasers especially when drunk or on drugs

  15. People with a mental illness should not be hurt or shot, period. They (the cops) knew this man had a psychotic break with reality and still chose to shoot and kill him. That's not okay imo. We need to do better and realize that situation could happen to any of us. It isn't okay to just kill people who desperately need medical intervention. This is a state-sponsored public execution of a mentally ill person imo.

  16. We’ll put you in a room with someone during a psychotic break, how about that?

  17. I've already been in that position multiple times. It's how I know there are ways to handle these people and not exacerbate the situation. There is a way to get them help, and a trained professional in mental health (ie not a damn cop) would know what to do. It's why it's becoming more common around the US for mental health professionals to work with cops (ie be called in to assist and determine where to bring a person) when these situations arise.

  18. I'm now Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective. Sounds fun!

  19. My dad also had my older brother and I paint both our home and the unattached garage by ourselves when I was 7 and my brother was 14 (brother was given the privilege of doing the higher portions on a ladder, while I did only ground level work). I literally had cut my Achilles tendon and was in a cast the entire time we did this - or I would also have been given a ladder to help with the rest.

  20. My husband (of 10 years + 5 years before) has ocd also. I just want to tell you that isn't okay. Abuse is abuse. I can almost relate in a way as my daughter and I do try to avoid certain actions that might trigger his anxieties (and thereby cause a compulsion), but it's more along the lines of not bringing people that cause him anxiety to our home (like a teen friend that is disrespectful) or helping him remember to make drs appointments. But we all communicate a lot. My husband hates feeling like his thoughts are controlling him rather than the other way around and very much wants medical help.

  21. I’d pay good money to hear more comedy this great, let me make a quick stop at the atm machine

  22. I have a two daughters, 5 year gap. So I would hope she might do one evening a fortnight with 3 days notice and if she said “no sorry, I’m doing x that evening” then I would respect it 100% - It isn’t her responsibility to raise her sibling.

  23. I have a 20 yo daughter and a kitten (plus adult cats). Because the kitten needs extra feedings, Ive asked my kid to come over and kitty-sit for one evening every month or so. I usually give at least 2 weeks notice. And though I don't pay her, she gets free stuff from us (we do give her money sometimes). - also if she said no, I'd work it out. I offer it to her because getting an evening with a baby cat can be fun without feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of buying stuff/food and vet bills, etc.

  24. I never understood this when I worked retail, you have all day to come get your "meds" and yet you wait till the last minute to show up. If it was truly important you should've arrived at 8 or 9am when they opened.

  25. In my area, the pharmacies are nuts lately. The lines are sometimes 3+ hours to just ask them to fill a script, let alone actually picking it up. They won't answer phone calls. Oh and if you show up when they open, you'll be told that it'll be 2pm or later before they can even look at your prescription because they have orders from the previous day to fill first + shipments to put away. And then you have to come back and do the 3+ hr wait to pick them up. It's insane. I've never seen or heard of anything like it. There's lat least 20 pharmacies like this in my town alone. I don't know if it's just a staff shortage or what.

  26. Not to mention the fact that the phrase "under god" wasn't added until the 1950s. The whole pushing a god thing in a nation that's supposed to separate church and state really irks me. It's just one of the reasons I told my kid to she didn't ever have to participate in that crap if she didn't want to.

  27. Mandy!!! Dawg, Face/Off is heinous. “I’m not Castor Trooyyyy!!!”

  28. Oh thank glob. I thought I was the only one who thought Face Off was just crap. Even though I didn't hate Cage in it, Travolta ruins every movie he's in imo. I can't stand that movie.

  29. Treating everyone, even addicts as drug seeking is ignoring their actual jobs - which is to figure out what caused the patient to seek medical intervention.

  30. Your whole reply is fantastic and I absolutely know your pain- fibro with rib subluxations here amd a partner with EDS.

  31. This was lovely, thank you. Your reply also reminded me of something about for-profit medicine and rehab that probably needs to be included: just like the numerous "troubled teen" centers throughout the US, rehab centers are not what they seem. They are not necessarily run by trained medical staff/therapists, and more often an extremely expensive group therapy center. These places most often expect a person to often have been through withdrawal or at least the worst of it before you can come in. And when they don't, bad things happen (there are numerous cases of staff not recognizing someone in need of emergency care).

  32. My husband uses video games a lot. We often like stuff we can coop cause it seems to get us both into the enjoyment and focus on working together. If you do coop, play with someone like myself who will automatically choose weapons/play styles that require different resources so you don't have to compete for them.

  33. I find witches and cults to be creepy. But don’t limit to that if you have good suggestions.

  34. If you like witches and want a movie that I adore, try The Wretched. (I know it's on Hulu).

  35. What sucks is when people present this as a choice between fascist and antifa. It’s not. I hate fascism and I hate socialism, and I will stand against a teacher who pushes either.

  36. What's your definition of socialism then? It seems to me a lot of people who say what you just did are either fascists in disguise or don't have a clue what socialism is.

  37. Ive had a long piece of hair stuck behind my upper eyelid. Was so confused how it got there

  38. Same here, but I have curly hair so it looked like a tiny spiral against my eye. When I pulled it out, it did look very similar to this (I had to drag one end towards my inner eye and then try to grab it). And omfg the relief was instantaneous and immense.

  39. Hahaha, obviously that was autocorrect. No matter how hard I try, rgp is hard one to get it to not change. It often likes to change it to 'reflect' too, but I think I've gotten that to stop.

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