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  1. emno says:

    Hi, email/twitter (not via DM) is the usually the best way. Been dealing with lots of life stuff and I don't have CS email reps anymore. Not an excuse for the delay in email replies, but my time has been split many ways and emails unfortunately got neglected. Found your email.

  2. Hi, I saw your reply email and I completely understand that life stuff kept you from replying in the past week. Hope everything goes well for you and I'll send you an address very soon on the email (I gotta ask around for my new address).

  3. Will post an in-depth review to this sub if chosen

  4. emno says:

    There are many already on youtube!

  5. You only just hired your first employee????!!

  6. emno says:

    Shoulda hired much sooner.

  7. emno says:

    Gamesense Clutch, disclaimer I own the company

  8. emno says:

    What mouse do you have? Can you send us a photo of you using a mouse (to see your grip style)?

  9. emno says:

    Hello, sorry the post is deleted?

  10. been a huge fan of the products since the OG radar. actually picked it up on a sale for like $15 and didn't realize how much of a steal it was. Since then I've picked up two radar deskpads and the meta. the clutch would complete the holy trinity. also, it's always fun choppin it up with you about the NBA on twitter. good luck everyone. keep up the great work, Nick.

  11. Congrats! I remember your first post about considering starting the company.

  12. emno says:

    It's been a helluva ride.

  13. First impressions: The back fills my palm really well so it’s very comfortable to hold with my claw grip(my hands are 18.5cm x 9.5cm). The clicks feel really nice, a little stiff but I tend to like my clicks a bit stiffer. The sensor feels great as expected with the 3370 and the positioning feels good. Side buttons feel very well positioned for me and feel pretty nice. The feet feel a bit rough but they probably just need to be broken in. The software I guess isn’t available yet as it’s not on Gamesense’s website. The cable it comes with is probably the best charging cable I’ve had for a mouse, it’s very flexible so if I need to use it while charging it shouldn’t be a problem.

  14. emno says:

    Thanks for the support! Don't forget to remove the plastic film on the feet.

  15. Are you guys planning on doing desmats?

  16. emno says:

    We already have them!

  17. Wait so I've won so do I just email that email with a pic of the dm?

  18. emno says:

    Please follow the DM instructions.

  19. emno says:

    Hey! I’m the founder of Gamesense. We’d love to send you our wired mice to see if it’s a fit for you. Only pay if you like it. Email our support please!

  20. I still need to put in more time with mine, but as someone with a WMO graveyard kicking around in a shoe box somewhere the MVP is extremely similar, definitely the closest thing to it that's ever been released. But it's like a WMO made by someone who's a S2 fan, which isn't an insane truth bomb considering their last mouse. So take a WMO, make it taller and slightly thinner, taper the grips in more and make them slightly V shaped like the S2 and you have the MVP. It feels kind of OEM clone compared to the original but they didn't screw around with the shape too much, it still has the same hump and flare out for your thumb in the back. If it was up to me I would have shaved a mm off the button height of the WMO instead of added to it, but the added height gives more palm contact and feels extremely stable.

  21. emno says:

    Hey! For the feet, did you remove the plastic on it?

  22. emno says:

    The winners have been chosen and DM'd!

  23. emno says:

    Hope everyone is doing well!

  24. emno says:

    Hey, as a fellow mouse wheel clicker, I made the Meta+MVP to have kailh4.0's.

  25. Any shape comparison pics out there?

  26. emno says:

  27. emno says:

    Anytime, thanks for your interest.

  28. Can you do this sub a favor and measure it? Across the base in the center, tallest height of hump, and length?

  29. emno says:

  30. From the pics it always looked like a taller WMO with more curved sides, is that what it feels like? I've been on the fence about it since it's not 1:1.

  31. emno says:

  32. emno says:

    Hello all, the Meta is restocked! The price dropped $10 as we believe it's in a more competitive price range for mice that use 3360. If you have any specific questions let me know!

  33. Congrats on your guys' second mouse!

  34. I thought it was the WMO at first, i was crying tears of joy. Then i realized it was the IMO, that shape is just straight up garbage :(

  35. Hey! Our Gamesense MVP is inspired by the WMO.

  36. On a side note, thanks for the support with the Radar :)

  37. Do they also have rights to sell in the US? With the prices they are selling it's likely people will take that 2-3 week shipping time hit from Aliwayexpress.

  38. I won't get into the specifics of it, but we do not control what the customer wants.

  39. That's good to know, thanks for clearing things up. Btw I'm from the EU.

  40. MVP is 100% our mold.

  41. PMM, that's super clean bro!

  42. The boomslang! Got one too, with the original packaging!

  43. Escaldi your photos are on point.

  44. Gamesense are releasing a WMO inspired mouse soon. In both wired and wireless versions called the “MVP”. I have tried their first mouse, the “Meta”, and it was promising. The company genuinely seems like they care about this stuff. Can’t speak on this new one but it might be worth a shot.

  45. Hey thank you for the kind words. We're trying our best.

  46. Hey thanks for the in-depth first impression review! Thank you for the support.

  47. I prefer that of the two clones just above it! Very close but lower hump and slightly more slanted sides.

  48. This is what we found. The WMO was raised too high.

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