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Alabama trying to use COVID relief funds for new prisons

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  1. Ginger ale, works wonders honestly. Ginger calms the stomach, I always have emergency ginger ale in my fridge lmao. (Note: there is ginger ale with fake ginger in it though so make sure to get Canada Dry or Seagrams not generic. It will always say ‘artificial’ or ‘made with real’ ginger on it somewhere though.)

  2. I’m sorry.. what?? You’re a GM making 35k a year?? What???

  3. This is a recurring event: I can speak “cow.”

  4. Oh my god I went to middle and high school with a kid who could moo perfectly! Now I regret the fact that I never asked him if he spoke to cows before (grew up in the Midwest so it totally could have been a possibility). 😂

  5. That’s actually really interesting to me. Of course I assume he’s had McDonald’s in his life.. but I never would have thought he’d actually eat it you know, now. Idk

  6. I honestly think that if/when this becomes a reality.. people won’t really be getting to ‘visit’ earth like it’s a vacation. It’ll be more like ‘I can go to earth because I’m rich enough’ or.. yeah only rich people get to be on earth and there’s not a chance in hell most people would ever get to have that luxury.

  7. Im from a small town in the Midwest and a girl I went to high school with named her first born (son) Synister… she had another son like two or three years later and named him Chaos. I’m not kidding.

  8. What the hell are those colors

  9. I was in fifth grade, and addicted to Neopets. Somehow through the Neopet chatboards I found (or someone found me) someone who wanted to talk through MSN Messenger. So we swapped screen names or whatever and went to chatting on messenger.

  10. Apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball, hold it over the wart with a bandaid. Wear it for a long as you can, mainly at night due to the smell. It took 7-10 days and my hand warts died.

  11. I saw this work on tiktok!! I’ve been dying to try it for a wart on my face but I lost my job and haven’t been able to buy apple cider vinegar yet.

  12. Just wanted to comment and say you’re not alone. I didn’t file my 2019 OR 2020 taxes and finally got it done a couple weeks ago. You can do this! ❤️

  13. Recipe? 😯 my mom made shepherds pie all the time growing up, I haven’t had it in so long!

  14. My mom’s is use 1 teaspoon each of garlic powder, onion powder, celery salt, black pepper respectfully per pound of hamburger. Mix and brown in skillet. Use Yukon gold potatoes for mashing with milk, butter and salt. I always used corn instead of peas. Layer beef, corn, then potatoes. Bake at 375° for 45 minutes, a higher rack near the heating element for a more crisp top.

  15. Okay.. here’s the thing, I started doing this a couple of years ago. Whenever you /are/ drinking a carbonated beverage out of a plastic bottle… once you open it, don’t fully close it again! If you need to.. just put the cap on and twist it a little but not to a full close. It will be good all the way through. (Unless it’s a 2 liter? But it still works)

  16. Oh my fckn god….. I literally have thought about this happening to me my whole life!!!

  17. Jessa said at one point she hid her math book so she didn't have to do it...literally no one realized for like month or so...

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